The FULL ZIPPED UP Truth about Belly Fat (Soft V Hard Belly Fat) Part 1…

Why do some people have soft belly fat and some hard bellies?

What are these fats caused by? and what makes one type of fat for one and one type for an other?


I have been on a quest for many years to discover the answers to this question. I noticed bellies, everyone’s belly fascinated me and each one told a story. I had become obsessed with my belly and why it was there, and why even with sport and diets she did not budge, yet at other times she disappeared from view. So what was she showing me?. I tried to notice what I was doing differently that created this belly for me, when a friend could have no belly at all or another friend could have a hard and solid belly.


What I discovered was fascinating, and as I became aware of the game at play here I got to see and understand the WHY which leads on to the how to handle the belly. I looked into the metaphysics of the belly and only got that it was a form of protection and that it came from anger at undernourishment.


Further research made me aware that hard belly fat is actually fat held under the abdominal muscles and around the organs, known as visceral fat. Where as soft belly fat is an accumulation between the skin and the abdominal wall. These rings that we can hold onto like spare tyres away from the body.


Hard belly fat is associated with the body area of the upper belly and therefore the energy center of the 3rd Chakra and the association with personal power. There is a huge connection between our personal power and our emotions and thoughts.


To get a clearer view on what is causing Hard Belly fat and the feelings and emotions related to the third Chakra, take a look at the list and guage for yourself how much power you have in each area, take each one and mark out of 10, 1 being low and 10 being high.

  • power of will
  • authority
  • self-respect
  • self-appreciation / – love
  • ability to act
  • ability to face a crisis
  • the courage to take risks
  • character strength
  • ambition
  • controlling [everything in] one’s living environment
  • generosity vs. egoism
  • taking responsibility
  • criticism
  • fighting for one’s rights
  • (… you´ve got the feeling)


If you have marked yourself at the higher end, you are likely to be over activated in this chakra and areas of your personal power. Meaning that the chakra is doing way to much in this area. A low mark brings you into the category of under-activated and in need for protection. Part 2 will explain more about this type of energy and the soft layers of belly fat that it produces.


A highly activated 3rd Chakra and high score on the above list can translate into, a person who would be described as having a character of : A self-respect ending in fierce egoism. A power of will which becomes dictatorial. A character strength too strong or unforgiving. The impossibility to listen (and obey!) to others. Impossibility to accept having done a mistake.


This energy type is basically a masculine, Yang energy and is overly pushy and acts in a forceful way and are needing power and authority and who want to be in charge and the boss.

It is difficult to get rid of this type of belly fat but not impossible, this does not go away with diets, a change in perception and habit and the ability to let go of the need to be in control, which would mean taking on the attitude of more acceptance of other people telling them what to do.


How to Realise Your Hard Belly Fat….


Releasing Hard Belly Fat, will mean that you are ready willing and soon able to change your feelings and alter your responses to things like, “ This could just be me” as apposed to “This is certainly not me”


Taking advice, listening to an others opinion, recognising imperfections in yourself, this may hurt your pride at first, but consider the benefits on your health and that your belly fat is a symptom that is really just telling you how life could all be easier and simpler.


Consider that you could have a longer healthier quality of life and not be making everything so hard for yourself. ( Do you see the link )

Try an alternative route and alter your responses, keeping this up as an experience for 40 days and see what happens. By becoming acutely aware of your thoughts and your responses to others. You will be changing yourself on a molecular structure and altering yourself on a cellular basis from the inside out.

I’d love to work with you so you can finally experience freedom from food and what is creating and holding onto fat in your body. You deserve to be free from food obsession, belly embarrassment and worry. Know that it’s entirely possible! LET’S CHAT so you can stop worrying and start living your life to the fullest in a body that is flexible and energetic!

Fiona X


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