The FULL ZIPPED UP Truth about Belly Fat (Soft V Hard Belly Fat) Part 2 ; SOFT BELLY FAT

I was belly obsessed, I felt for years that there was a hidden secret behind the way that the body presented her physical symptoms to me, and for me it was mostly all about the belly. This led me to be a Body Whisperer and be interested in the real, metaphysical and spiritual causes of my soft belly fat.

I wanted to know in detail what was stopping and blocking me from losing the weight, and the belly in particular, and what I was allowing to influence me that prevented me to get rid of these extra kilos, or that would support my body to release and stop my body calling back these Kilos that were painstakingly lost during a phase of dieting.


And I found my answers. Be warned STOP reading now unless you are ready to do the practice and the work involved, that provide a solution to the permanent chemical connection between emotions and body.

Nobel prize writer Dr. Candace Pert gave her research, described in the book Molecules of Emotions, proving the link between our emotions and the body. This research offers a clue for the hidden mechanism behind the ancient science of the connection of our physical body and our thoughts and emotions and linked to our energy centres chakras.

As an intuitive and keen to understand why certain people gain weiught in certain areas it fascinated me when I discovered that when we feel weak and vulnerable , unsafe in certain areas of our lives, The energy centre ( Chakra ) protects us with a shield of fat for example the shield of fat on the bottom and hips would often represent the valued held by the first chakra, which is located in the perineum linked to our connection with our tribe, our family and environment.

The Third Chakra located in our solar plexus, governs our personal power, which has us needing more protection around the belly and solar plexus areas.


The body decides to create Hard or soft belly fat depending on our use of personal power. The reason we would create hard fat as apposed to soft fat on our belly, is from an excess of power and an inability to lose power, the Soft belly fat is created from a lack of power, giving ourselves away, being too soft, giving in and losing power with weak personal boundaries.


Our Flabby Bellies and The Related Behavior Attributed To Soft Belly Fat

It can be said that the soft belly fat is created by an excess of being soft and a softness, for example: an inability or insufficiency in being able to exert the personal power, in situations like:

  • not standing for oneself
  • lack of self-confidence
  • lack of self-discipline
  • fearing exerting authority
  • lack of courage
  • inability to draw clear boundaries
  • inability to focus on one task
  • fear to take responsibilities
  • lack of autonomy
  • lack of will of power
  • self-pity, imaging oneself as being a victim
  • fears of being rejected
  • fear to seem ridiculous (can we include here the fears about asking directions?)
  • fear of making mistakes
  • all fears connected to our looks (including fears about overweight, about aging, or getting bald)
  • fears about others discovering our secrets
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of losing control, of giving up any kind of power

This is far from a complete list but you get the idea of how giving away our power will influence our bodies protecting us and creating fat, and belly fat.

Flabby fatty bellies are not created over night they are from a habit of being too soft and allowing others, situations and circumstances to get the better of us. We have to take responsibility and see what we have created ourselves, attracting fat that sticks to us and keeps sticking until we tighten up our thoughts, feelings and being able to digest our own emotions and stand up for ourselves.

It takes time for the energy from one weak or victim and power-less thought adds itself to the energy of another similar weak thought. Negative low vibration energy attaches itself to like matter and f-so on and so forth. The soft belly was created a long time ago from low negative vibration. Thought after thought, emotion after emotion makes the accumulating energy denser and denser, until it becomes so dense that it has to appears as matter.

I’d love to work with you so you can finally experience freedom from food and what is creating and holding onto fat in your body. You deserve to be free from food obsession, belly embarrassment and worry. Know that it’s entirely possible! LET’S CHAT so you can stop worrying and start living your life to the fullest!

Fiona X

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