You are only human and as such you will be tempted to eat foods that are calling you. So do you give in and munch away blindly to the reasons you craved the food or will you tune in and see why you have the need for such a food?


These experiences are so normal, some will force the craving away denying themselves the learning and message that is there for them, hidden just beyond the food of choice and craving. The wiser ones will listen to the craving and always ask “What is this craving telling me and asking me for?”


I help women understand what their body is telling them in the message in the physical symptoms they attract to these cravings they have, and how to interpret these as messages from your soul .


NO 3 Cravings that are associative with someone or some thing.

This craving I can best describe in a story. I was on a strict diet as a RAW Foodie and detox retreat facilitator. I was strict with my food as I wanted the energy it promised to provide as well as the low fat etc that promised to hold my weight in control.


I woke one Saturday morning and had a craving for boiled eggs and toasty soldiers. Now vegans and raw foodies don’t eat that, so I pushed the craving away. The next Saturday I got the same craving I could practically smell the toast and had the taste the eggs. Again I pushed and avoided the craving. Another week passed and the same again, until I said to myself what is this all about? ‘Just eat the food‘ I heard back and so I did. I made the Boiled eggs and soldiers and set a place and ate them alone on my table on a Saturday morning. Then I was flooded with a warm sensation and a feeling that I was back as a girl eating breakfast with the family, my Mum chatting away. I felt I belonged, supported, seen and heard. The food had created the space for me to see what I was missing in my life. I was not feeling supported, heard or have the feeling that I mattered and belonged. I was so empowered by this experience I started to make the changes necessary to bring this into my life in any way I could.

Because of my experiences and how Body Whispering has helped me and seeing the transformations and ease at which women can be in their bodies. I am dedicated to help women to interpret the messages that come from their body, be that from cravings or their physical symptoms, Lets talk on a complimentary 20 minute Breakthrough your triggers call and find out what your body is calling for, and the immediate step you can take to re claim your body and re construct her from the inside out.

You’ll get…with the Breakthrough your triggers call

1. To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss

2. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to cravings and overeating
3. Realize what your key missing nutrient is that your body is screaming for.

I also wrote a blog covering these topics in more depth here in a 7 insights to stop the late afternoon snack attacks

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