The FULL ZIPPED UP Truth about Belly Fat (Soft V Hard Belly Fat)

Part 3; Removing Belly Fat

When looking to reduce and release the belly fat, that very belly fat that has been created over time and as a consequence due to our unconscious and having no awareness that our personal power as at the route cause of the manifestation of this protection that the body set up for us.

We have already established that the body has continuously lain down fat as a protection on our belly, soft belly fat like spare tyres, due to her feeling vulnerable and giving away her personal power and allowing situations and circumstances to influence her. Where as hard belly fat can be attributed to the over excess of power and ego, and need for being in control. This is more masculine energy and has the fat deposited behind the abdomen wall as hard visceral fat.


To release these types of fat certain behaviors need to change so that we can let go and release our old conditioning, habits and responses and so it takes a while to see the changes on the outside as the changes happen on the inside first.

Following a practice that allows you to balance the energy in the 3rd chakra and be consciously aware of your personal power, will stop the Yo Yo effect and get to alter the real cause of the body creating and holding onto fat.


This is a journey and shows you how you become a master of your own body, by following and making your soul the master navigator, and learning to listen to your bodies guidance, by tuning into your Body Wisdom more and more frequently.


Following a disciplined program of food and exercise and building in so many beliefs about food and your body has truly set you back. Its time to reset and re program your body into the freedom state, the state that allows your body to release weight and belly fat, It’s a practice for you to build on like it was a religion until you can stand at the buffet table and follow your gaze and bodies wisdom as to what is best for you right now, altering your behaviors and habits so that the body no longer creates the fat in the first place, or has you craving foods that create the fat.


This practice works on your personal power from the inside out and needs consistency, its different from what you have tried before, and it takes a new skill and patience but the rewards are better than you could ever have expected. The primary 40 days are essential to be committed to take care of yourself and put in place the action steps that will bring the internal results into visibility, and the physical manifestations. After 40 days it becomes easier as this practice is already created as a habit and once you see the results you are fortified, and motivated to continue with this new belief.


I know you are an intelligent woman and can clearly see the link, and that there is no coincidence that the softness of the internal work is now a reflection of the softness of the external and outer world. (i.e. the flabby belly).


Take a quick look as the people you know and do your own personal survey and see who fits into this category. When I did this, I saw instantly that you could read some ones body as to what their character is, and where their personal power was or was not. I had friends that I could see matched this perfectly, they were tight and streamlined and yet never exercised, these ladies were focused, took their time, took care of themselves, took no crap from other people, stated what they wanted and got it too. They spoke freely and knew what they wanted, what they needed and when they lacked something they went to get it for themselves. Their boundaries were taken care of. And on the opposite spectrum, I had friends that would bend over backwards to be helpful and to be liked, and throw them selves away and never consider what they wanted or needed, and their weight reflected the inner power struggle that they had going on. To add to that their obsession with their body and self hatred, and frustration with not keeping the weight off baffled them, and took their vibration lower and lower, and they got more and more of what they complained about. That was the law of attraction in action and giving them back what they broadcast.


I have been proud to watch my clients see and become consciously aware of their own personal power or lack of power, and when they have it and when they don’t, many now tune into their bodies and get feed back to guide them in daily decision making, On what exactly feels the better choice. Their weight and belly balances out to the level that they are at with their personal power. Their lives become sweeter and more pleasurable. Relationships improve and their career take off as well as their body becomes a thing of wonder and the create the ultimate body connection.

Are you in? Are you ready to start the internal practice to reset, and re program and re connect to your body so that you can also release the weight and belly fat?. Yes – Woo Hoo!


I was looking forward to the moment when you would finally decide to claim what’s RIGHTFULLY yours.

When you would decide to take yourself by the hand and cultivate the self-belief and the self-worth that will make you unstoppable and own your own personal power, find that huge desire that will propel you forwards and past all those stops and blocs you’ve been so hung up on so far. No judgement for where ever you are… we have all been there, me included.


Lets START today by making the impact and life-changing choices that will change you on a molecular structure, from the inside out and get you what you truly deserve… with EASE

Breathe in, breathe out…. and make the call. Because it’s your time to understand and become consciously aware of what has unconsciously stopped and blocked you so far, and has you triggered at every opportunity to fail, and now it is time to breakthrough to your next level and take back your power and take back your body>>>


I’d love to work with you so you can finally experience freedom from food and what is creating fat in your body. You deserve to be free from food obsession, embarassment and worry. Know that it’s entirely possible! LET’S CHAT so you can stop worrying and start living your life to the fullest!

Fiona X



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