My body started to look like my mother’s body – ARGH! I want my body back!


I found myself hating my reflection and only seeing the aspects of my body that were strikingly like my mothers, which scared me knowing my mothers healthy history. And struggles she never overcame.


I knew that this image I had in the mirror, and when I caught myself saying phrases and reacting like her in certain situations was a sign to me to pay attention and make some changes for myself.

It was back in 2012 and, when I finally stopped comparing myself to her, and I asked my body, as I often do, WHY I was hanging onto this weight, and I had a revelation.

My initial foray into body whispering, allowed me to finally see that the endless years spent hating the relationship with my mother, and comparing myself to her, believing her criticisms of me, listening to her woes, and long complaints of just about everything, then looking for validation from her, had actually caused an undercurrent of stress, acidity, and ongoing pain, and – you’ve got it – a layer of protective fat around my criticized and striving for perfection belly.  I also got a clear view that I had taken over her struggles as my own, it had been a habitual way to communicate with her and to try and feel connected.

You see, there is nothing more responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings.

In fact, everything that you see on the outside – health problems, weight gain, discomfort – is simply a mirror to the way you are feeling on the inside.

When I finally realised that, I could begin to create my own health, vitality and that perfect body from the inside out. Emotionally leading a brand new relationship with my mother, my food, with exercise, and with my beautiful body. Even if it’s was not as I wanted it to be just yet. I was recreating and consciously re constructing myself and it felt good. Better than that when I was feeling invincible I knew that I was building and training my body how I wanted to feel in the next phase of my life.


These days, I help women, just like you, to discover the emotional issues, that are causing the physical symptoms so that they can finally create the body, and the life that they desire. Everything around you is a reflection of your true thoughts and these emotions have a vibration that then go onto create you in a cellular and molecular structure, Change enough of the little pictures and you will eventually have a whole ne picture and can live the dream.


Want to discover the ‘Inner Lighter Wiser Woman’ that you can become in the next phase of your life, Your Invincible Woman so that you can start creating the physical experiences you have only ever dreamt of?

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We’re Going To Show You…
• How you can discover your personal undercurrent, that is shaping your physical experience today.
• How to find out when your triggered and you’re creating the very physical symptoms your battling with today, so you can release excess weight, as well as conditions such as sciatica, and other aches and pains (Hint, it’s not what you think)
• Your immediate next step that will give you back your freedom and confidence

What will it take for you to step into your’ Inner lighter Wiser Woman’?

What 2 characteristics do you envy and want to adopt from another woman that you admire and would love to possess yourself?



Fiona Robertson x

Body Whisperer

Body Re newer


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