Fat Ugly and Old – To A woman winning with Weight

What is the body whispering with this?

In 2013, I was outside having tea on a sunny evening, with a beautiful young 22 year old girl, who is a very talented singer and musician. I was with her mother a lovely friend of mine, and we were chatting putting the worlds to rights when her daughter put her phone away and asked if I could help her. “What should I eat?” she asked, “I’ve been looking back on my photos and I feel Fat Ugly and Old

She was very sincere and I felt her pain as I recognized this statement and the question only too well, as I too had sought out for many years what I could eat to fix this feeling. There is more and a profoundly better way to approach this I told her. We continued to talk and I asked her questions to get her to see and be conscious of what it was that her body was saying to her, and needing to have her full attention on.

You see, there is nothing more responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings.
In fact, everything that you see on the outside – health problems, weight gain, discomfort – is simply a mirror to the way you are feeling on the inside.

When you finally realise that, you can begin to create health, vitality and that perfect body, younger skin from the inside out. Emotionally leading a brand new relationship with food, with exercise, and with your beautiful body. Even if it’s not as you want it to be just yet. You are molding your metabolism and molecular state by your thoughts and feelings about yourself.
These days, I help women, just like you, to discover the emotional issues, that are causing the physical symptoms so that they can finally create the body, and the life that they desire.

This young Woman went on to be a singer and feel confident standing on stage

And she still to my knowledge practices the techniques we spoke about that summer’s evening.

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