Wobbly Bits and Wobbly Personal Boundaries – My Body told me to tighten up….. from the inside out.

3 years ago I finally saw clearly how my wobbly bits were calling me to tighten up in all aspects of my life. My waist line had expanded an my favorite jeans were hanging on the back of the door to motivate me, but…. I was approaching this from the wrong angle. I had not created a firm limit to what I would and would not accept. I was in many areas wobbly and indecisive.

Every time I wanted to say ‘No’ but I ended up saying ‘Yes’.

Every time I went somewhere I did not want to go, and yet I went,

Every time I did not heed my own gut instincts  – I literally wobbled.

I got myself into situations where I felt very uncomfortable, and wanted to run away as fast as I could – I had not listened to myself when I knew what I should have done instead.

In literally 100’s of conversations with women over the last few years, I kept seeing the same scenario’s come up time and time again, The same as it was for me. Ladies who were strong and powerful in a couple of areas of their life, but did not heed their own advise in other situations. Ladies who kept doing what they did not want to do, over caring and considerate for others way beyond what was necessary, over mothering, taking on far too much. Interestingly for some it was the need to be liked and loved, and for others it was because that was how they themselves wanted to be loved and cared for. There are many reasons why we don’t listen to ourselves, and many reasons we don’t see the signs. The body stubbornly holding into weight is a classic first sign of not having personal boundaries set up. Many of us believe it’s selfish to take care of ourselves first, but when our own health is at stake we have to take a stand.

As an intuitive Body Whisperer I can now recognise the symptoms a mile off, but when I discovered this message it was a revolution for me. I rapidly turned around my stubborn weight, I lost 2 stone in 2 months and started to really pay attention to what my other physical symptoms were telling me.

And because I am dedicated to bring relief to women who have been suffering for a long time and have not found their solution. I am offering 5 X No Cost 20 Minute ‘Body Scan Consultations”  so that you can finally see where your boundaries are letting you down and what you can do immediately to tighten up so that you can reclaim your body, and consciously re construct yourself from the inside out.

All you need to do is click here and book yourself in….. 

Everything that happens to you, from the weight you carry to sciatica, from dry skin to hot sweats, are a reflection of how you are truly feeling on the inside.

On this call you’ll get….

  1. Discover how it is that your body is communicating with you
  2. Find out what blocks you from releasing your long term weight or physical symptoms
  3. Find out what your body is really craving ( Hint it is not what you think )


Hop on a 20 minute call with me to re connect with your body and she what she has to whisper to you.


Fiona X



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