I didn’t need to detox my body, I needed to detox my life?

It used to be all about the food for me and regular detoxes, For 10 years I was the detox Diva, purging and having an empty body felt so, so good and necessary to me.
– My body however, was not reaching what I wanted, what I craved was the flat belly and no more muffin top, so even with all the frequent detoxes I was doing my belly remained. I felt I had to purge my body like it had been bad. Even after a week long detox, 3 day fast and raw food, all the probiotic food I could manage, I still felt there was more to come out.

So when I eventually I discovered the link with the stored emotions and how the body holds onto undigested and un expressed emotions I was very happy. What I got to realize was that I was in fact trying to detox and purge those key people who were filling me up with all their stuff, they filled me up with there critical energy and words, all the abusive judgments and their beliefs and long needy conversations, where I just stood there and allowed that to influence me and I never spoke up.
When I learnt how to stand up to them, and said they have no right to comment on my life, or pass judgment on others. I felt for the first time that I was satisfied and fulfilled on the inside. I have attracted several people in my life that effected me in such ways, and each time it took me some time to see it. Their victim-hood was causing me and my body to feel stress, as I pussyfooted around them, or avoided them, I gave all my personal power away rather than hurt or offend them. Even although they were hurting me. What a REVELATION then that I found that I was no longer hungry for those filling heavier fatty foods.

I became a Body Whisperer to understand the constant undercurrent that had me, and now the women I coach to see what we had allowed to influence us, and has us reaching and using food to cover up and give us the feeling of calm, and why the body cannot let go of the weight no matter how many diets we go on.

This is why I support women to discover the triggers they have to their weight gain, Re construction their physical experience from the inside out and letting go of their demons. The BODY SCAN is a complementary 20 minute consultation that will allow you to identify what is ready to be released.

How long have you stood on the side lines and needed to detox the people not the food?



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