My Weight Gain Was Not My Fault – It Was My LEAKY GUT SYNDROME

I thought my weight gain was down to LEAKY GUT SYNDROME – but I was so, so wrong

I was relieved to hear in 2013 that my Leaky Gut Syndrome was the most likely cause of my weight gain, and that once cured I would be free of the bloated belly.

I had become embarrassed with my mid section and had found no way that I could stop its expansion until I was diagnosed with possible leaky gut, phew a solution. Little did I know what that entailed or what that meant at the time,

I had had most of all the symptoms over time, so I qualified for this syndrome:

Chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas or bloating, Nutritional deficiencies, Poor immune system, Headaches, brain fog, memory loss, Excessive fatigue, Skin rashes and problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea, Cravings for sugar or carbohydrates, Arthritis or joint pain, Depression, anxiety, Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease and or Crohn’s.

First I tried all the typical routes and changed my food and added in all the probiotic foods that I had learnt how to make myself, but my belly and digestive troubles still persisted.

What I discovered was that the weight gain and the other digestive conditions were a symptom of much bigger problem.

I began to understand that the symptoms that were causing me so much trouble in my guts, were due to how I felt emotionally, with what I was experiencing and what I was allowing to effect me. Both in others peoples treatment of me as well as in my environment.

I had let other people and circumstances dictate to me, I felt vulnerable and weak. I was still repeating old stories that had long passed but I could not let go of. I let people treat me badly and I accommodated far too many people and situations that made me feel like a victim, and I was backing down when I could have stood up.

The Leaky Gut was the physical symptom teaching me, what I could not stomach any longer, what I did not have the guts for and what I could not eliminate, the baggage I was still holding on to.

It was telling me that it was about time that I took myself seriously, discovered my pride, took back my energy and took care of my boundaries and stand up for what I would and would not accept.

When I discovered and understood that my weight and health issues were far more about ME than they were about the food I ate. I accepted that my physical symptoms were simply my body shouting at me (because I had not been listening to the whispers) and that I needed to – not just be mindful of what I put in my body – but, look at where I put my body, what situations, where I was letting myself down by not taking care of myself emotionally. And that included the stress I was under in all areas of my life.

And, once I could really hear the whispers from my body, and started to see where I was causing these problems for myself, I finally made the changes and decisions that allowed me to, not only regain control of my health and my weight, but changed my entire experience of life.

I stepped up and into, I embodied the woman I had always dreamt of being. I became the empowered woman who wore, spoke and moved just as I wanted to as this new versions of myself. And it felt utterly fabulous and freeing. What a powerful experience I had re set and re-newed myself. I felt free from the grip of vulnerability and victimhood, I had walked the walk, and the right of passage to become the wise FREE woman.


I know now that there is nothing more responsive than the body to our thoughts and feelings.


What I discovered allowed me to rapidly renew and re connect with my subconscious body and what she was telling me, so that I created the physical experience I wanted. I shifted my mindset and created the true feelings of what I really wanted, that healed my leaky gut. I followed a daily practice and program that healed my cellular structure from the inside out.

I am dedicated to support women as they release, rest and reconnect to their bodies.

I want to share the ONE crucial element that allowed me to reconstruct a body that I can feel proud of.

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