Her belly looked 5 months pregnant – But it was a signal to be more streamlined

Just six months ago I was coaching a fabulous and fearlessly successful woman, who traveled internationally touring and speaking to large conferences about her own business, she was so much fun. As she sat there on skype and she explained her utter frustration and dislike for her body, especially as a friend had recently said that she looked pregnant. She recoiled and hated her body even more for doing this to her. Deciding then to stop wearing clothes that she felt she had to hide behind, she looked for an alternative route to re-shape her body, than just adapting her diet and food, as so far that had not worked for her. She was attracted to ‘Body Whispering’ as she was already familiar with ‘Animal Whispering’ and wanted to know what was really going on.
As a Body Whisperer, I could see her, as she could not see herself. What we went on to discover allowed her to stream line her body along with many areas of her life that she had made herself overly responsible for. She was extremely capable, had a lot on her plate and dismissed any idea that she could be overwhelmed. She never heard her own torrent of resentments of how this or that was a waste of her time, that streamed through her mind morning and afternoon, the stress and the extra weight she carried for others, as it was all so normal and part of her life. She dismissed it all – this was the price she paid for success. She quickly understood the analogy, and how she alone had created this situation and now understood how her body was reflecting this all back to her.

You see, there is nothing more responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings.
Your body will show you with her physical symptoms where she needs your attention


What she found out and learnt, and now puts into her day were the skills that quickly allowed her to re build her body from the inside out. Her belly responded and flattened out, overall she lost 128 lbs, as she streamlined the areas in her life that needed her to be a slightly different version of an already great woman.


Unraveling and reconstructing you are the very best parts of my day, decoding and deciphering the messages that your body is showing you, supporting you as a woman, as you release, reset and re connect with your body so that you can create the physical experience you have always wanted, This is what I do best.

So, what is it that triggers your itches, twitches and twists of fate, your wobbles, hurts and rages and what are they asking for?

And today, because I feel so saddened to see smart capable women at the top of their game, still struggling with exactly that same issues as I had, I am offering 5 women the opportunity to jump on a Free ‘Eliminate Your Emotional Eating Breakthrough Your Triggers Session’ to discover the crucial element that will help you to consciously construct the body that you’ve always wanted, from the inside out, whilst enjoying foods you really love and getting the results you finally deserve.

Want to start figuring out what’s really triggering your battle with the bulge? Join me for a complimentary ‘Breakthrough your Triggers

You’ll :

1. Identify the biggest block that is stopping you from losing weight so you can stop self-sabotaging your efforts.
2. Discover your No 1 trigger that has you over eating when you’re not even hungry, so that you can walk past your favorite trigger foods and not even blink and eye

  1. Find out what your body is really craving (Hint it is not what you think) so that you can feel proud of your self, as a woman who is in control, even after all your worst and most stressful situations have arisen during your day.



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