Could these be your reasons too?

Why the diets don’t work

Why the binges come back

Why the sabotage patterns are stronger than your willpower


This week I did a master class to explain why the mind needs to be onboard when you set out to effectively make changes in your pattern’s, so be that a diet or a detox, a change of any description will not come to an abrupt halt when these things are going around in your mind- your thoughts, your limiting beliefs, your ongoing stories, that have not been sorted out and left behind where they belong.


Your mind will be having a huge impact on your ability to lose weight and all the physical symptoms you go onto manifest, as well your ability to release them quickly.


So I want to ask you : Do you have toxic thoughts running in your undercurrent?

Could you also have a program running that has emotionally charged stories that are continuing to influence your body and its ability to change?


What if you could lift off these patterns of thought for good. So that you are free from the habitual sabotage behavior such as over eating, drinking, running away, taking on too much, not speaking up for yourself, swallowing it all down and keeping that pattern going on, while on inside you are boiling over with frustration.


It is possible, because I have done it, I have lifted off the need for Anger, Guilt, Sadness, Fear and many more by doing a simple process…. So that My over busy mind is quieter, My need to stay busy has gone, My need to eat at times when I’m not hungry disappeared, My need to fill up on food vanished, My need to make others happy first and foremost does not exist anymore.


That is why it came to me in a flash of inspiration to offer you 6 mind blowing sessions that release you from your TOP 5 beliefs and emotions such as: guilt, fear, anger, judgments, disappointment so that you are totally free from creating more of the same and keeping you stuck in the same phase for the next 10 years.

Free to go on and set your intention without that running and controlling your undercurrent and sabotaging your every positive move in the future

So for just the next 3 days you can get a full course of intensive and transformational workshops, 6 sessions taken over 6 weeks. These are the most intensive release sessions to just concentrate on letting go of the mindset and emotions, so that you can consciously create the physical experience and life you are after.


Today I am offering 6 weeks of intensive workshops and 1 to 1 highly personalized sessions, with constant support

which is valued at £3,000.00 for £1,500.00. That is a whopping ½ price

if you take me up on that in 72 HOURS.

Doors close on this offer at 12.00 midnight Friday 08 December, After that the price goes back to 3,000.00. I will not be repeating this again.

So get in early.


The Bonus for you when you book this in the next 24 hours is an extra intensive reprogramming session, This will hugely benefit you to project into your future and reset your mindset as well as your emotional and energetic trajectory onto the right path, with your own unique high value recording of our Reprogramming session, so that you can take it away and use again and again.


This is a serious no brainer, a HIGH END, energy and conscious creating workout – It is a gift that will alter many many areas of your life and allow your cells to release all those hoarded and the stores of toxic thoughts, and worries in a very short space of time.

This will leave your mind free from the patterns you have been fighting against forever.

You will have a physical shift as the cells open up and release what is no longer wanted, your digestion visibly improves, your face looks younger, you crave only the food your body loves. So many benefits


This is a private mentorship, where you get to drop the distractions, get laser focused what you need to let go of and experience a real shift and continue to grow and expand with the support of a coach who has walked the same path and is reaping the benefits every day

In this SAFE space, that I have created I am here to validate your dreams, and give you back your hope and a new visions of the future without all those setbacks. I am here to lift you up and lift off the burdens you carry, and build a long-lasting relationship to see you reach your goals We are the team behind your dream!!

You are wise, you know what you need to do now.


Fiona Robertson. X

Supporting you as you release, reset and reconnect with your body.


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