POUND FOR POUND – Worry had cost me 2 stone (128 Lbs) in weight gain over 4 years.

Literally I carried the weight of my worries around about money for the last 4 years. And then released it in a few months.


Ask any woman who has something she is worried about – a divorce, a house she must move on from, a loved one with health problems, financial debt or future prospects and she knows that she carries that wherever she goes, no matter how big her smile tries to cover that up. This is in your undercurrent.


I was more determined than ever to solve my issue with my weight, that seemed to vanish and reappear without me being able to say it was connected to this diet, detox or cleanse, this or that system, it was a very mystery and I was prepared to do anything. I researched like crazy…I always knew deep down inside that it was not the conventional route, of restricting food and more exercise. I read, listened and opened up to new concepts. I had followed the advice of nutritionists, doctors and obsessive extremists. Nothing helped me!

Then and only then I got the answer as It was exactly because I looked everywhere else that was on the outside of me, that I saw I had never looked on the inside.

Then I decided to release and let go of everything I knew, I followed my own intuition, and I started seeing a way to developing a very different approach to this age old problem.

I tested everything on myself, I was the guinea pig. It didn’t happen over night, I was not an overnight success, it took a wee while before I finally figured it all out and put all the pieces of this mysterious jigsaw puzzle together.

But when I did, OMG! Hallelujah, Rejoice, It was such a breakthrough that I knew that I had to share everywhere. So that’s what I am doing…..

I got women saying like I had, that they were losing chunks of weight after a major release, as they let go of decades and lifetimes of worry, depression, hurt, disappointment and anger. They learnt how to release thoughts and emotions that were stored in their, and suddenly the body just released lbs and lbs of weight.

It felt so wonderful to me and to these brave women who started in the early years, to let go of the yo-yo dieting, overeating, restricting, binging, counting calories, and the mental weight so that they could be in complete trust with their body – while still losing weight.

They and I got that it was not through any need to use excessive willpower, for this approach is the process to get relief from releasing the subconscious mental blocks that have your body holding onto the weight. Once you learn the foundations and practice, you are forever free.

Since my experience I just wanted to tell everybody about it.

That’s why I’m here today. To tell YOU

I wish I could scream about it everywhere.

Your struggle with food can end NOW.

You CAN cure your emotional eating and eliminate all your cravings for junk food


In just 6 weeks of RELEASING your mental blocks, imagine seeing the evidence of having released those on your physical form.



So, if you are a smart woman who is striving to re new her body and has exhausted the diet route and is ready to understand that there is much more going on behind the scenes that keeps our weight where it is then this is for you ? Ask your body what it is that she is trying to get you to grasp and overcome?



♥ Diet and Food obsession.
♥ Worry, guilt, shame, resentment and regret.
♥ Yo-yo dieting.
♥ Feeling crazy cravings for food.
♥ Never feeling good or full enough.

♥ Eating when not hungry.
♥ Binging and restricting.
♥ Low self esteem and no sense of self

♥ Hiding yourself away because of body insecurities.

♥ Letting go of old traumas, memories and stories that influence your body today



  • You sign up to the RELEASE & RESET 6 week process and program.
  • You receive a confirmation email in the next 24 hours.
  • You start your 1 to 1 RELEASE & RESET sessions & assignments Immediately
  • You set up a series of 1 to 1 powerful RELEASE sessions at suitable times at 1 week intervals.
  • You start to release the main subconscious mental blocks
  • Each week you also get to be supported by Fiona via E mail
  • And you’ll also join Facebook group for extra support.
  • By the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll become experienced of and have true freedom in your body, around food, & have reset your LIFE on a new trajectory.


What are you ready to let go of and release?


I am so excited to launch my 6 week RELEASE AND RESET of your TOP 5 Emotional, Mental blocks in 6 intensive workshops. These 1 to 1 personal and intensive workshops specifically home in on your Top 5 reasons (the emotional and mental reasons ) you have the physical symptoms you have, and support you while you grasp what they are showing you, and know that it is time for you to let them go. This is a profound experience, and make no mistake you will never be the same again after this clear out.


Let me know that you want a recalibration and RELEASE and a BODY TALK.

Lets chat, There is no time like now to get you back into a body you love and respect – and feels free from carrying the weight or the world


Fiona Robertson.


Body Whisperer

I have put together a process that works so effectively to release as much as possible, in as short a space of time as possible. With the support you need from me to create a safe and secure place where you can trust, maintain and develop the energetic state that allows these to be let go of forever. So that you never have to experience them ever again. You literally feel lighter and very different in your body, and you notice that you respond differently to situations that would normally trigger you. You are noticeably stronger and more self empowered.




For this week I am offering you the chance to jump on board with the dozens of women who have already experienced this RELEASE PROGRAM and are experiencing a lighter life. Take it all away for 1,500.00 rather than the full price of 3,000.00. This offer will remain on my page all this week and I have limited spaces for just 5 women to start in December and take the next 6 weeks to change their internal life and watch the effects on their external life.




For this week only I have opened up the last spaces for 4 lucky ladies who are going to get a taste of real FREEDOM, for just

£1,500.00. This will be available until Thursday 7 December when the doors finally close for this event forever. From then on it will be at the new price of £3,200.00 as there is so much value included.


I look forward to supporting you on a Release Reset and Reconnect journey. It’s an inside job that changes and clears the playing field for you.





Body Whisperer

Body Renewer


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