6 months from now you could be in completely new and very different place within yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


You can alter your physical form – you can alter your thoughts and feelings that are creating your body on a cellular basis, and have the trust that you CAN do this.

There are 32.7 Trillion cells in your body, at least 200 different types without considering the millions of strains of bacteria which all create your body as she is today, and renew themselves every day from your thoughts and feelings.

There is nothing as responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings. In Just 1 year you are nearly new, and every cell has been renewed. The eye regenerates itself every day. The liver (the seat of anger in the body) in 6 months, The kidney (the seat of worry in the body ) in 4 months, the skin (the role of protector) in 25 days. So yes you can be in a very different body in 6 months.


6 months ago I was I a different place from where I am now, and 6 months before that I was in a very different place from where I find myself happily today. I still could not see then some of the thoughts I hung onto that were creating me physically, they hung off my body and stored themselves in my cells and around my body and waist. Every now and then, when I changed my opinion, or my judgment around something that had bugged me, and I let it go and released the long held onto anger I had over a situation, and I would see chunks of weight disappear in just days.


I also released the mental torture I had going on which released the grip that sciatica had taken over on my back. I could walk again in just 3 days once I rewrote an old damaging story I was repeating, and that was how it’s done. Easy and so simple to do, but at the same time it took some determination, focus and practice. Still it was far easier and I had better results than any of my diets and detoxes Id done in the past.


This was my ‘story’ and why the weight hung around so long. Until one day I felt it all drop away, I let it all go and literally got that feeling that I was holding onto nothing. That feeling saved my life and my body from getting into further disrepair, as I was already suffering from a list of other physical symptoms because I had not listened to my Body Talk. So here was Sciatica, Ovarian cysts, Digestive complaints, skin rashes, neck pain and severe headaches to remind me to listen to my Body Talk, and grasp what I needed to grasp, see what I needed and I was lacking the most.


I see it all now as a blessing in disguise and I turned away from obsessing about diets and detox, raw food which I previously believed were the only way to shift weight. I got to know when I was stressed and learnt how to reduce them in an instant. I got to recognize what I had going on in my undercurrent, feelings of worry, anger, and fear and was acutely aware that these were creating a layer of protection around me as well as harsher symptoms to get me to notice my thoughts.


I threw away the diet books, calorie counting and the scales. I discovered the secret to weight loss. I stopped judging food as good and bad. I focused on the reasons why I could not stick to anything I tried before and cleared away the major subconscious mental blocks that were causing my body to keep the weight on.


Then I decided to let go of everything I know, what I had been taught about the body, I followed my intuition, and I started developing different approaches to this problem.

I tested everything on myself. It didn’t just happen over night, it took a while before I finally figured it all out and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

But when I did, oh wow! It was such a breakthrough for me.

It felt so wonderful that I could let go of the yo-yo dieting, overeating, restricting, binging, and counting calories, and be in complete trust with my body WHILE still losing weight.

This is a no willpower approach and once you learn the fundamentals, you are forever free.

Since then I just wanted to tell everybody about it.

That’s why I’m here today. To tell YOU.

Your struggle with food can end NOW.

You CAN cure your emotional eating and eliminate all your junk food cravings.



As I climbed out of my pit of despair I saw clearer than ever before what had triggered all of my weight. I got rid of the mental blocks especially worry and with each release it made a huge impact on me releasing the weight, and with that came a new ease and very wise intuitive understanding of my body and a strong sense of self.


Let me take you there.




♥ Diet and Food obsession.
♥ Humiliation, worry, guilt, shame, and regret.
♥ Yo-yo dieting.
♥ Feeling crazy cravings for food.
♥ Never feeling good or full enough.

♥ Eating when not hungry.
♥ Binging and restricting.
♥ Low self esteem and no sense of self

♥ Hiding yourself away because of body insecurities.

>>> You sign up to the RELEASE & RESET 3 month process and program.

>>> You receive a confirmation email in the next 24 hours.

>>> You start your 1 to 1 RELEASE & RESET sessions & assignment

>>> You set up a series of 1 to 1 sessions at suitable times at 1 week intervals

>>> You start to release the main subconscious mental blocks

>>> Each week you also get to be supported by Fiona via E mail

>>> And you’ll also join Facebook group for extra support.

>> By the end of our 12 weeks together, you’ll become experienced of and have true freedom in your body, around food, & have reset your LIFE on a new trajectory.


When you can recognize and overcome your inbuilt patterns, you can create yourself from the inside out a positive, abundant life starts to happen with very little effort needed. Do you know what stage of the process you’re in right now?  If you don’t know thats OK too, let’s see if we can figure it out. and put the pieces of the jigsaw together for you.

I support women in the release, reset and reconnection with their body so that they can have a peaceful relationship with their body and food and turn into  the woman they always meant to be.

Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer





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