How to re set your hormones …..and have fun again.

New research has demonstrated that your hormone levels are not just out of whack but have actually short circuited. Your hormone receptors have created resistances to 7 metabolic hormones: cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone; leptin and estrogen.

Like many things in life we have become numb to these 7 metabolic hormones. Did you know that your body is programmed to raise your hormone levels higher and higher, yet your metabolism gets slower and slower and resulting in us getting fatter and fatter. Oops, that’s not good at all.

I have noticed that there are two ways to reverse these actions, one is to clear the resistance and repair the receptors, whilst re setting your hormone levels, without sounding too serious about it all we have a two angled approach.

Hormones are the main cause for the continued weight gain, belly fat, wrinkles, exhaustion, inflammation, sugar cravings, joint aches and pains and most illnesses. And I have a cunning plan that is guaranteed to help you, its easy on its own and fun when combined with my Wise Woman coaching, and here is how we get started.

There is an easy way to re set those hormones so that they are firing again on all cylinders. First we need to clean up our act and start eliminating some of the key contributors that have numbed out our metabolic hormones. We can do this rather quickly via a period of a detox. The Home Detox Box is a 7 day DIY home kit that re sets your digestive system, and creates a state in the body that kick starts all your organs and hormones to function at their optimum levels.

I also offer an intensive intimate, 7 day live in retreat week here in France that will allow you to fully rest and take advantage of my one to one guidance and introduction to raw and fermented food

A third option is to take the 21 day step by step re set program. I coach which groups of foods to eliminate and when in a step by step program that re sets the body and hormones again..

The second real GEM in my crown is to introduce you to your vision of what you actually need  and get to know and trust yourself from the inside out.

See the fun and playful side melt way all the hard edges and see what you can morph into, taking your inner wisdom, serenity and fun attitude and apply it to all the things you encounter.

I teach you to tune into your hidden depths, intuition and wisdom. I have met many, many of my clients guides, and I have seen these wonderful people  literally light up, get clarity and I watch as they become a beautiful wise person, totally at ease with them self and having fun with life. whils loving that they feel better, lose weight and flourish in life again.

What if you have been working hard for example to lose weight, feel better in your body, be free of some niggling health conditions, your feeling generally unfulfilled and feel stuck and confused as to what and where to go next, as all your hard efforts have never actually made an impact, and it seems that all this has actually made no real difference and maybe even have been working against you. What if your actually triggering your hormones to produce more Cortisol and deplete your adrenals. Now is the time to learn how to discover play and stop pushing yourself so hard as this has not worked so far has it?.

Are you ready to feel that you have the vibrant energy that you need to enjoy life to the MAX, and tune into all the benefits that are available to you?

I would just love talking, guiding and helping you to see that a different angle is all that’s needed and actually quite easy and possible. So here is my GIFT of a “Play Time Breakthrough Consultation” with me. This will inject you with inspiration, clarity and that it’s much more than what and how you eat, how much exercise you do or don’t do, or how much time you spend in cross legged meditation that matter, so much as the attitude you adopt.

Curious, excited, eager to find out what more and more people are catching on to fast, with this leading edge and very exciting principle?

Contact me with your E mail details to with your telephone number and I will give you a range of dates and times that work and we can have our Skype session together.



Quite an emotional wrap up to our sessions today for me. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out and felt alive! (which would have been unheard of less that 4 months ago).

I  want to say (and share with others if you like) that it’s been a great trip since February. I know inside of me I wanted change but your initial mail and first call with those questions really sparked a reflection for me, and now I realise how much I was not listening to my body…almost blaming it for not feeling good.

I find your way of coaching is so encouraging and linked to your life experience so is totally plausible. The step by step program was indeed like building bricks / jigsaw pieces slotting into place..

I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themselves…contact Fiona.

Your ear and listening capabilities are great and you are not tangled in our day to day stuff so as to see and feel clearly what’s happening for me…..while staying very personal, and giving a real feeling of made to measure coaching.

I realise the issues with my situation have been weighing on me for ages and have resulted in a spiral of not well being. I kept surfacing for air then plunging down again. I really desire balance from now on with all the joy & lightness that I have discovered these past weeks…

My gratitude is that I have had the opportunity for travel during this time but my brag is that I seized it…..(I never ever thought I would or could have done that, its you who opened that up as a desire in me).

Each night and morning I relive that night under the desert shooting stars when I felt like I was floating on Earth, in ultimate LIGHT NESS !

But I know I cannot stay in the desert so a desire is to achieve another lightness…in my every day life which I am beginning to really experience with your help and tools. hmmmm

Thoughts from cloudy, muggy Paris

Wishing you all the very best,

Love P.C.

Paris 2015 (Best year ever)

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