How to become your Soul’s weight -as LIGHT AS A FEATHER in your physical flesh and bones.

There is something extraordinary about your body, the symptoms she has and the weight you carry that has never been explained or demonstrated to you before.

Here is The deeper meaning of everything- Becoming the weight of your Soul.


No one ever explained this to me, taught me or showed me. But I knew it in my heart and soul to be true, I always knew that there was more to this than what I ate, if so why could I go on holiday and eat merrily and lose lots of weight?


Over the last 20 years or so I have played with this concept and do you know what now that I hear the Whispers from the body and soul I know certain things to be absolutely and certifiably TRUE; and I guarantee weight loss.


Your body mimics your state of mind, there is nothing that responds as fast as your body to your thoughts and feelings. There is a frequency that creates weight. Once that is set free your body can mold herself as she truly came here to be, and experience a physical existence she relishes in.


This is the Truth Bomb I am going to share with you personally;

I am Fiona Robertson the Body Re-newer. I am an intuitive Body Whisperer here to release the heavy and re install the soul’s program – factory setting and re boot.


This is what its not:-

Its not about Food or Nutrition

Its not about quantity or restriction

It’s not exercise or movement in any disguise

It’s not will power or force or sticking to anything that resembles it

This is not any kind of a diet or a detox


What It is – IS Remarkable, out of this world.

This is what it is – the secret lies in taking 12 simple steps towards the outcome you desire most –

What do you desire most?



Feel lighter

Feel better

Feel fulfilled

Feel satisfied

Feel beautiful

Feel radiant

Feel fabulous

Feel energized

Feel healthy and fit

Feel slim

Not a care in the world

Feel relaxed



The secret lies in Releasing and letting go of all the things you currently carry.

The Secret lies in Re setting your mind so that you can create the physical experience you wanted all along

The Secret lies in Re connecting with your body and soul. Your physical body shows you that you have never been so far away from your soul by the weight you currently carry.


Becoming the weight of your soul and letting your soul shine through you (your physical self) so clearly that the weight falls off consistently, steadily, easily.


I did this in 2003, again in 2006, and again in 2015 but I never knew quite what I was doing, In 2 weeks I let go of everything, got that holiday feeling and the weight literally disappeared over night. I would say 2 stone in 2 weeks.


However because I didn’t know what I had done, It came back with extra weight. So I have set about putting together a method that works every time to lose substantial physical weight rapidly, along with the mental and emotional weight

So that you weigh only your souls weight, that being as light as a feather and with no worries of it ever coming back.


Your SOUL is lightweight, she holds no grudges, blame, competition, she is not busy trying to prove herself or overcome trauma and relationships gone wrong.


Join me as I spell this out for you on Thursday.

How to become the weight of your soul”. Your soul’s weight in physical terms


Fiona Robertson


If you want to deeper dive into this let me know.

So if you have tried many, many things before and you were drawn to this after like being on months and months of diets, and seeing a nutritionist, taking supplements, treating yourself to eating one piece of black chocolate once a month, stressing, starving and struggling but none of these brought you the relief you are searching for, why not listen to what I have to say about this and what your body is wanting and needing you to hear, and discover how to learn how to eat again and take on the French way of no more dieting.

And because, I am dedicated to bring relief to women who have been suffering for a long time and have not found their solution. I am offering my course so that you can finally reclaim your body, and consciously re construct yourself from the inside out. I am determined to help you learn how to eat again without dieting. Food is not the enemy here STRESS is.

Learn how to control Stress and get your body and mind back and become as light as your soul intended..

You’ll get

  1. Learn how to eat again and dont’ get fat, know what to eat that’s specifically right for you
  2. How to stop eating when they are not hungry but stressed, and need to be fulfilled 
  3. Find the missing nutrient that stops your cravings and triggers the weight storage (hint it’s not what you think it is)

Hop on to my ‘Women Winning with Weight’ group to discover more, watch weekly information video’s and take the challenges I run in this group.

Fiona X


Testimonials for my courses.

Pauline: I actually DID have a revelation this weekend – and it was huge: my weight has plateau-ed again despite the good food and exercise because I have discovered that it doesn’t feel safe being thin again. It was a HUGE revelation. Then following your advise I have identified two reasons why my body may think it’s unsafe to be thin, and I’ve been talking lovingly to it explaining why it’s safe and there’s no need to worry. I noticed a shift, and my digestion has shown me how much I was holding onto. I feel so much lighter and freer. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

Shirley: I’ve had a revelation this weekend! Since starting PWF(peace with Food) with you Fiona, it’s been getting easier and easier to get to that place of peace and hearing what’s going on in my body. The yes / no has been very helpful. Digestion really improving alot and elimination much more regular and easier too ( sorry for the detail!)…..coming home to my body and feeling peace wherever I am helps enormously.. It feels very good though to have an opportunity to create a new pattern of positive behaviour in me, so that I don’t suffer as a result. I am able to make new choice of how to feel and that frees me up form choosing food or wine as a treat when I feel bad. Wow Thanks! <3


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