3 Ways That Your Higher Self Let’s You DROP 10 Belt Holes Forever

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3 Ways That Your Higher Self Let’s You DROP 10 Belt Holes Forever

1o Belt Holes in 10 months took Zelda shopping again and again and again;

“This is ridiculous I have had to go shopping 5 times in the last year because everything is just too BIG”.
“This is costing me a fortune, but I feel a Million Dollars and I am so worth it”.

Hi, I am Fiona Robertson The Body Re-newer here to see to it that you live in the body you thoroughly enjoy.

I am an expert in the body, her higher and metaphysical communication to you knowing her missing nutrients and fuel. I am skilled in her emotional fluency and getting you in a mastered mind that allows rapid and easy physical transformation. Shedding pounds and physical symptoms.

Together we will see you take charge of YOU and REINVENT you from the toes up so that very consciously and on purpose this time you reach your goals and never back track, never give up or sabotage yourself.

You take tremendous care of yourself so that you become the beautiful & phenomenal woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life and be after all who you came here to be.

Because It’s become too painful to stay hidden and in a body that holds you back from everything you want, and are dyeing to experience, dancing at the wedding in the arms of a gorgeous partner.

On the beach, becoming a MOM or Standing on stage arms out stretched and doing what you are extremely good at without all the concerns of what people are thinking!

No worse that what you are already thinking and saying to yourself,

“You’ve let your self Go”

‘I’d find you more credible of you took care of yourself.’

Your whole appearance lacks Oomph, something’s missing because your backing away and hiding the real you – your spirit is literally AWAL. You’re going through the motions but seriously where are you?

The hard part is that 99% of women still believe that starving themselves and turning to food restrictions is the way to adapt shift and control her own body and going crazy like a gym bunny will see the body fat disappear.

Sorry to say this but for more than 80%of women that just has your body save up and store even more,

As a Body Whisperer at the moment – SHE – your body does not trust you. And you don’t trust her either.

You have never worked with your Higher Self before when transforming your Body.

However if you are open to a new perspective and overcome the reasons the body stores and holds onto the extra padding then I’ll show you how to trust your body and how she will start to trust you, and a whole new lovely relationship to food and your body can become the best thing you ever did and be a wonderful experience.

The great experience you get is that you get to live in a body you love and thoroughly enjoy. Is that not really what we are here for?

To explore and enjoy every thrill this world has for us. Every sensation and dive deep into love knowing we can’t be hurt, dive deep into every relationship and experience and feel SAFE to thoroughly feel ALIVE.


That feels so awesome that your body re creates itself from that very place.

Working with your Soul and Higher Self allows you to drop 10 belt holes easier than you can ever imagine and never need to go back, never regain the weight because you’re over that now.

There are 12 steps in the process to get prepared to work with your higher self and allow her to trust you again, and then you get the sensational experience of living in a body you feel Deeply Satisfied in.

The first step is to prepare to receive your Higher self. Which means knowing what you want more than anything else,             Admitting to your self the extent of pain you are in and what you really want instead. Get clear what it is that you really want and go for it.

The second thing that is essential to the whole process is to not only trust your body but begin to feel safe and secure in your own home.

“Wherever you lay your hat is your home”. Safe and sound.


The third thing today is practice the feeling you want in your body when you are living in a body you feel deeply satisfied in. Practice that every day,

You have never worked with your higher self before when it comes to creating a body you thoroughly enjoy living in.

So today I invite you personally to take One simple but HUGE step for mankind (yourself) and ask me to show you so you can see the one element in a Body Scan call that shows you clearly what you can go onto create and that your Higher Spirit and Soul wants for you to experience.

In one of my free 45 min calls my higher self will guide you to experience Whats next! What’s possible for you, so that you will come away with such clarity of what is physically possible for you, and feel so motivated you will stop at nothing to reach that beautiful vision of yourself.

Just reply to this with ‘What’s Next?’ And I’ll set aside time to give you a profound experience and set your ball rolling in the right direction

Or E mail me fiona@fionarobertson.co

So much Love


Zelda, got to know and worked with her Higher Self in such a beautiful united and connected way that it became an easy journey to drop 10 belt holes in 10 months. She loved her body and trusted her and was back in control of who she was and went for what she dreamt of.

She dreamt of a loving relationship and a family and wanted to be body confident.

Every day she did her practice and saw steady and visual verification and proof that it was all working out. She felt so motivated and knew why she was doing this and in a very short space of time was having to buy a new wardrobe, as everything she owned was far to big for her, Then again and again a few months later. SHE knows without a doubt that she will never go back to hold weight as she trusts her body and her body trusts her.

Where will you be in 10 months time?

I know where 10 ladies will be – 10 belt holes down and feeling so incredible in the clothes they love to wear. And living in a body they thoroughly enjoy.

P.S When you’re ready there are 4 ways I can help you with the very next step to becoming the woman you most want to be in the next phase of her life.

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  1. a) blocks and stops that are in place,
  2. b) what your body is doing, and
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Just reply to this message and say ‘Body Scan’ and I will send you details how we can connect.

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See you there, I love you and want for you the very best experience and what dozens of women are experiencing right now and at this very minute.