My intuition saved me my energy, time and money, it could certainly be helping you too.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful insight and confirmation of what I had already seen in my minds eye and felt that I had hit on a new level of my intuition.

A few days ago I woke up at 4 am and as I was awake I started to think and play, and than I remembered that my business had an energy and frequency all of its own, I had felt it before and often communicated to it during the day, asking what I should do next and what would be best etc. So I was semi awake relaxed and playing with this concept and tuning into the energy of businesses that I knew personally and some more locally that I did not know but could visit. Everything has a particular frequency to it like a finger print, life force if you want to call it that, it is a perfectly correct term. Yet this is an energetic frequency signature, from people to buildings and your business.

I played for a while tuning in and then wanted to tune into a business I had no per-conceived ideas about or it’s owners, and chose a local natural shop that has just opened at the entrance of the lake where I live. I immediately got a bright yellow light and a lovely happy expansive feeling, and saw it possibly expanding into the garage that is still operating next to this shop. The shop owners are super friendly and I could feel that they enjoyed their project very much, and that they found it was a pleasure to meet the people who shopped there, as much as run the business, that hopefully makes them money, but that was not their only priority.
Now the fun begins, yesterday I wanted to go into this shop and buy some more Bio olive oil, re fill my natural soap and as I walked through the doors, I could see that they had been recently painted, up until now they had been wood, and now they were guess what colour? Yes they were a lovely YELLOW. This made me smile a huge smile or gratitude and has given me the urge to continue playing with these energies of the businesses and people.

I have since been tuning into other businesses again and often get either a dead feeling and if the added a certain colour it would revive it.

I also felt that in one of my businesses it was stagnant and waiting for a charge of energy again and that it wanted to be communicated with. I made notes of all of my feelings and I will continue to do these readings for some time, feeling my way around them and see what changes. Stick with me while I play with this intuitive and inquisitive nature of mine and your businesses.

If anyone wants to have a reading let me know; I am happy to do this and home in on my skills.

Last year I did something very similar that world out very well, and it was with people I had never met. I had invited people to come and stay with me to help build my studios for my detox and intuition breaks, and I needed to know that they were safe to have around my home, If I could work with them and of they would be good workers.

I was bang on target every time and I have recently used this skill on dating sites… yes I know, but really it’s a great asset to have; and guess what I was right and now I have a wonderful partner who I love dearly. Dah Dah Dah!

Call me and I will help you to experience your intuition and become a wise wo/man who can navigate

through your daily challenges with more ease.


I put this ability to be able to tune into these intuitive communications, to several things and I have just outlined these in a workbook “How to develop and tune into your intuition” you can get access to the guide here.

It is my aim to help as many people as possible to be able to connect to their intuition. This is your 6th sense and one that can be developed easily and quickly. It is a sense like your others 5 senses and is communication with you all the time. We just need to stop listen and translate how it is speaking to us.


Did you know that ¼ of successful business owners use their intuition in every decision they make. And if your not using your intuition, then chances are you are spending 2/3 times more than you need to and wasting your valuable time and energy.


Fiona Robertson

Intuition. Personal mentoring and workshops in Biarritz France.


Testimonial, Corrine, June 2015

I run a new business of a coffee shop in France, and when Fiona said that she could sense that I was having a difficult time with my business I believed her, as she looked straight at me and I could actually feel something move inside me. I engaged Fiona to help me turn around the business and to feel better about what I was doing. I had opened the coffee shop as I knew the business, but I was not confident in the market in France. Fiona had felt into the business and sensed that the business energy was pretty much dead. I can tell you that I was only just keeping my head above water and the bills were only just being met. We began slowly and asked questions to the business, and at one point I could actually see and feel the energy of the business myself and it was a surprise I thought it would feel like me but it was very different. The business told us what she wanted to happen and what she wanted to see change and I made those changes, some were small and some were radical, but I felt that had nothing to lose. It turned around when someone offered to share the space with me and complement what I did. We had met by chance and it was an instant fit and fix for both of us. That was a few moths ago, and I can say that I enjoy going to work and the money rolls in with no effort and I just love working with my business now.


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