3 Ways to Tell if your Cravings are being Triggered by Toxic Relationships.

This event is all about the 3 ways to tell if you are triggered to overeat which is so often the case and you can find these triggers and be aware of how they could turn up in different ways be that;
night time eating syndrome,
out of control cravings and or
generally, overeating that can and will be being triggered by your toxic relationships, and how you can to quickly defuse them.

I feel really strongly that relationships are some of the hardest things we have to navigate in this lifetime and on planet earth. That’s why I am offering this insight to:
1. know what happens to our energy body when we are not coping with a relationship.
2. when to know you have been triggered
3. how it feels you have been triggered
4. Ways to cope better with confrontational relationships rather than blow up, cry or shut down.

Fiona helped me to get past my relationship pattern and issues and so now I feel totally unaffected by all their drama’s. Remarkable really as it took me until I was 50 plus to grow up and do this. I lost 4lbs in 1 week by lifting off this negative toxic relationship and feel free for the first time ever. Wowsers so much gratitude…. Gail

It is great that you are here and watching or reading this, so that I can help to show you when and how to simply neutralize the stress and that dense energy caused in the body by the feeling of confrontation, which then, in turn, leads to a need for protection when we are faced with ongoing toxic relationships.
But I wanted to also mention that sometimes we are so used to these feelings that we have in those relationships, we are oblivious to the amount of stress it causes, it seems normal but it’s not and you could feel much much better..

I am Fiona Robertson and I am the Body Renewer and I am a Body Whisperer. And I support women to have techniques to cope better in their day and with people and how others affect them, to feel supremely confident in themselves, build better boundaries and express themselves in every relationship so they are heard and seen with respect.

All my courses have this part to do with relationships in them, as this is so powerful at clearing and works at releasing the trapped heavy dense and churning energy surrounding the relationship patterns we attract over and over, and how not to attract the same relationship in others.

Relationships are such a stressful part of our day and cause us in turn to seek comfort and that usually means FOOD and overeating be that immediately the event is over or later that day or night.

That is why this event is so important.

So today I am going to share with you the 3 Ways to Tell if your Cravings have been Triggered by Toxic Relationships
1. so the first way to know if you are being triggered by a toxic relationship is that you will certainly have a physical response, depending on the nature of the confrontation. Not all confrontation is aggressive and overt often it is passive aggressive and sly. So you will experience some of these feelings i.e. hold your breath, feel a contraction in your upper belly (solar plexus), feel sick, want to run for the door – but can’t get away, feel rage, red in the face, cry because you feel trapped, feel faint, you will get wind in the stomach due to the release of hormones and chemicals that affect the gut bacteria, Feel exhausted, and not least feel a void inside you, (like your empty) that you want to fill and so just after or later that evening in private when the house is quiet you will binge like nobodies business, That empty feeling also comes because so much stress has caused your body to use up every available ounce of sugar pushing adrenalin around the body and now all your reserves are gone, You need to refuel of burn out.

2. It’s the job of the body to protect you and she will do this any way she knows how, so that means she will want you to feel better and relax and that’s why food is often our first go to solution. Its quick handy and momentarily satisfying. So watch the events of the day, and who and what is upsetting you. I teach every woman how to use the stress scale to become aware when she is feeling uncomfortable and how to know how much danger she is in and talk herself down to far less stress, so she can cope better in these situations and have a far better chance of expressing herself with what she wants without screaming or crying. The body is fantastic and the more you experience stress the more she will keep a reserve for you to use up in times of stress, Maybe you don’t know you are under such stress it seems normal, others don’t feel the same. That’s because no one else experiences the world as you do. Your predisposed level of how you cope with certain sorts of stress will also vary, work stress deadlines and colleagues might be fine, compared to ex-partner or children confrontations or dealing with a sick or testy mother.

3. The need for protective energy flows and senses through your body sees this confrontation as a threat, and is being driven by how well you do or don’t cope, she is reacting to your feelings and your thoughts.
The energy becomes denser the more often you think or experience the same feeling over and over again. It’s on literally on guard and vigilant. The energy of this that collects in your body, will be located in one part of your body and causes you after a certain length of time a physical symptom. such as :
neck and shoulder aches and pains from carrying too much responsibility for too long, or
backache from general lack of support,
lower back – financial worries and
Middle back – all that stuff back there, guilt and people on your back
upper back – lack of emotional support,
Stomach – inability to work with new ideas, dread and fear
Leading to digestion problems which show you that you can’t digest your surroundings often ends up in IBS, gastro, Diarrhea and constipation.

The longer the confrontation is not resolved or paid attention to, (usually because you are happily ignoring it hoping it will go away or get better) by overeating or drinking every night, the energy tends to grow and takes over a section of the body often having a suffocating and constant empty feeling attached to it. Once this energy is released with techniques such as advanced energy healing work your breathing and eating habits will return to normal.

So if you can’t sit and watch TV without a snack or treat, or if you come home and open the wine and crisps, or have a snack drawer at work that empties pretty regularly PM me and let’s dive deeper.

You will know when you are ready to go all the way and become that woman who is radiant and confident because you will feel terrible about yourself, hate the need to constantly eat and it will have had an affect on your wardrobe choices every day and your at that point where you need to get in control of your eating because you have an event or someone you want to look fab for.

So if you’re ready to dive deeper gain unwavering confidence, consistently lose weight, without taking away all your treats so you can double your weight loss in a very short space of time. Tell me.

And if your sitting there thinking I don’t want to continue like that because 2019 will look the same as 2018 and that didn’t live up to my expectations then, If your struggling with that then I would say don’t suffer in silence. If you haven’t already found the answers you are not likely to alone or wake up with all the answers tomorrow, fact is whilst your waiting for the answers to come to you and these situations to resolve them selves, or by ignoring thevery dayday, you will just be repeat behavior that got you here in the first place – Until your eating as a coping mechanism is so far down the track that it will take you even longer to pull yourself back.

So I know for sure that what you are really hungry for, and it is not found in the night time snacks or habitual cravings, so if you want to gain more confidence, lose from 1 to 3 stone by consistently dropping 2 lbs a week and these tips have helped you to see better – great, but

If you want more and to deep dive, then because these are just tips – then what I will say to you is: Post “YES” in the comments or reach out to me by E-mail or by personal message, because I can see you get past the overeating habits and night time routines, and I can give you the clear steps you need, to change what will actually and guarantee to resolve the issue at hand.
And help you from being oblivious to your craving triggers and feeling so out of control which will allow you to change you from where you are now to having an easier way forward, you’ll know what to do and how to put it into practice.

Say “YES” and take the NEXT STEP and receive your FREE Download of the PDF “What are the deeper meanings behind your craving?” 

🧐😜Unless you try you will never know. Sometimes you just have to do something different and that you have never done before. Who knows what can happen, you don’t know if you never try and find out.

What ladies are saying about Fiona
I never knew how magical this whole journey was going to be, I have made some huge leaps and a major transformation way beyond what I believed was possible, I have lost 3 stone ( 35lbs) in just over 6 months having never getting past 1 stone then re gaining it again and some. For the last 10 plus years. Fiona has worked miracles with my mind body and soul. I feel so confident and never better in my re sculpted body, I have gone places and changed my life because of this program. I feel I will always feel priceless and I know how. Thank you over and over again.” Jemma. 2018

“Fiona does what she says on the tin, I am 2 stone (28lbs) down in 5 months, food cravings down and peace in the relationships I had encountered such struggle and turmoil with all my life” Elaine 2018

“Fiona your 222 program delivered to me what I had been missing for decades, 2 stone off in 2 months. You taught me how to grow up and be a woman. Thank you . Wendy 2018


I am here all week and feel free to ask me any questions.

Fiona Robertson
Body Renewer
Body Whisperer
3 ways to tell if your cravings are being triggered by toxic relationships

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