3 SURE Fire ways to create your body on purpose for the next phase of your life.


Down 1o Belt holes in 10 months

This is ridiculous I have had to go shopping 5 times in the last year because everything is just too BIG.

This is costing me a fortune, but I feel a Million Dollars and I am so worth it.

3 SURE-Fire ways to create yourself on purpose in the next phase of your life.

Hi, I’m Fiona Robertson a real live Body Whisperer and every week sharing how you can create yourself on purpose. Taking Inner strength to new levels and watching change happen quickly and easily.

So What’s next for you?

I am thrilled that you’re here and watching this live or in the recording, Its my pleasure to share with you that you are not fixed, final nor is your body punishing you?

So what’s going on if you have symptoms and physical consequences that you have tried endless ways to resolve and even doctors and nutritionalists cannot solve for you.

So let’s get to grips with this and YOU and find out what steps we can take to reinvent ourselves and see huge physical consequences when we do some small but perfect steps on purpose.

So I see women change and alter their bodies every week by changing their perspective and building up phenomenal inner strength, These new rock solid foundations do not come from force, over working or rushing around.

This is the most beautiful reinvention of a woman who becomes rock steady, who is so damn sure of herself that no amount of criticism, judgment, rejection bad behavior can knock her off her pure happy place

You know that feeling when you feel so damn great and sure of yourself and what you’ree doing, that nothing nobody and no silly drama or situation can rock you. Really like water off a ducks back. Woosh. That’s inner strength.

I meet women every week who are wobbling, they are stressed out, over thinking, unfulfilled, and unsure of what they are doing, or why or what they can do or what is possible for them. I support them until they see massive physical consequences that they have had dreams about for decades.

There are about 12 steps all in all to get a woman into her priceless feeling, that’s when she is ROCK steady, feels SAFE, and bullet proof and untouched by her surroundings. Today I am sharing 3 of those steps.

Why do I do this? because I was so surprised that more people couldn’t put the puzzles together when I saw and felt the needs, wants and lack coming from them.. I understood and I lock into place the very pieces so that they never need to overeat, snack, give into cravings, or get frustrated with the physical symptoms that would not shift.

If you don’t do this right and you only look at the food aspect you miss the whole gift of the symptom.. for example I have women who just t-do the food portion with me and never did the practices I suggested in the ways I suggested and well no surprise they go back to the self sabotage and can’t move past the problem;

When it goes right I see ladies drop the need to snack, overeat and put too much on their plate and lose the weight forever, throw away this bigger cover up   clothes and go on to become who they came here to be.

So step 1 do your practice, Find your stress points and get used to feeling into what , who and when you are picking up on what triggers you. Know how it feels and be OK with it, We are meant to operate on a full range of feelings; that is what feeling alive means, and that’s is why we are here on this planet to experience and be OK and know we are safe feeling alive.

Step 2, Become fluent in your feelings, so many of us didn’t have a clue what we were feeling so how could we name it let alone not let us affect us ever again. Once we know it we are half way there.

When you walk into a room and feel the atmosphere

When you get triggered and know its someone playing the victim

When you feel so god damn happy you could burst.


Step 3 Be consistent and put yourself and how you feel first second and third. That’s a contract between you and you , your body your spirit and your mind. Learning to love all of you and turning up for yourself rather than running away and doing everything for others;

That’s part of the practice that has seen women turn 50lbs off into 100 and never go back. They are so fulfilled they no longer need to fill in the gaps and have them reaching for food, drink, cigarettes, anti depressants, over work or over sport to avoid hearing what their spirit and soul needs them to take care of so the whole of you can feel so sure of yourself that you never rock or wobble.

So much Love



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