What are you craving and why? how do I know if it is a supportive craving or an emotional craving? …. Do I eat this or avoid it? HELP!

As an Intuitive Body Whisperer, I have become acutely aware of my body and I help women to understand about their cravings and what her body is asking her for. She experiences physical symptoms such as weight, back ache, exhaustion and I help her to interpret her messages from her soul via these symptoms. I help her to be aware of her body so that she can identify for herself the various symptoms she gets and that she can choose her food with real wisdom and understand the deeper meanings behind her food cravings. I Have discovered that there are a 3 basic cravings that can be identified.

This part is about the basics of your emotional cravings and how to identify them compared to a craving that supports all your bodily needs on a nutritional level.


NO 2 cravings that are Emotionally based

How can your body send you messages via your cravings that can be both beneficial and harmful.? Your body is so wise and intelligent and guiding you. Yet how could it betray you by craving something that damages or even harms you, and gives you certain symptoms due to that absurd craving that you have no way of controlling. Its hypnotic and has you acting despite your minds reasoning; This is where the body is so clever.


The hidden messages behind the cravings we don’t see until we have become fat with the amount of fatty foods we have been craving, Fat is needed in the body to store things we have not digested, be that toxins, hormones or in this case our undigested emotions and thoughts from the day, or from the past that we are still stubbornly holding on to. Sole can we have such a way of thinking that is self disparaging, negative and the body needs a container for all the old hurts and traumas that still need cleared away and purged.

For me when I changed my perspective and changed my continuous thoughts about myself, I had no need for extra fat in my diet. I also took some time to clear my old hurts, traumas and pains that I had held onto and this helped enormously.


My craving in the past was crisps, fatty salty, full of flavour crisps I could not go to the super market and not buy myself a packet and eat them on the way home. I went past the excitement I ate until my tongue burnt from the salt and vinegar mix. It was painful but I could not stop. I was in need. The need was stored in my emotional memory even if I had not had a row that day. I discovered by questioning my body that I felt I deserved more, I was working hard and not being supported by my partner at the time, emotionally, financially or in any way, This was my perspective and a habit and one that repeated itself so many times. It was me that had to change.

The emotional craving is also one that has us seeking fulfilment and food is an easy way to fulfill ourselves for a moment, as a quick fix, a short term energy blip, it is not long lasting as food, but the effects can soon mount up if we are not aware why we are craving what we are craving. We are beginning to know that the body is a super intelligent and wise source and she is telling us what we are missing. These missing nutrients (not vitamins and minerals) are different for everybody, just as what makes us tick and our personal values differ. I discovered I needed adventure to be fully present in my life. I was missing it for years and that is just one example of when I knew what my body wanted and needed and was lacking the most. I could put that need in and feel fulfilled or ignore it. It was a game changer. The need for treats vanished as did the weight.

Your cravings, weight or illness are just a symptom of a much bigger problem around how you have looked after yourself emotionally, what you can or can’t digest emotionally and what you were allowing to influence you.

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