As an Intuitive Body Whisperer, one who has become aware of what her body’s messages are to her, via the physical symptoms that have been attracted ie weight, sciatica, skin complaints, ovarian cysts, neck ache, headaches, melancholy, and ability to identify each one of the various cravings I describe, as they have a very different feeling to each of them.

I Have discovered that there are a 3 basic cravings that can be identified.


If you are a human and on this planet than you will have experienced food cravings in one way or another.

Maybe you have asked yourself if these cravings you experience are normal, if they are a quirk you have, a biological powerful need or from an emotional lack. So I have decided to map out this craving phenomenon in the way to help you learn and start to understand your own cravings;


I help women understand what their body is calling them towards and cravings are a way to interpret that too.

So weather its been pizza, bread, seaweed or boiled eggs or any favorite treat like Crisps you can’t stop eating there is a hidden message in that event and in that food. We just need to understand and interpret it. So if a food is challenging you and you are called to eat it or drink it. You just feel your whole body attracted to a food and you’ve tried to deprive yourself of it, calling it a bad food . You now need to get really clear what type of craving it is and decide its time to empower yourself as an eater and understand these strong messages from your soul..


NO 1 Cravings that support you

If you have animals you will notice that they eat grass, sometimes vomit and lick stones and eat rubbish from time to time. Nature and our pets are more connected to their bodily needs and such a-have no need to question their needs for the minerals in a stone opr the need to vomit from eating grass.


We are no different however we judge and get mentally involved in our food choices because we are so messed up with diets mentality and whats good for us depending who we have been listening to.


The supportive cravings come from your body and will help you to feel really attracted to a certain food, this ifor me happens in phases and I cant h-get enough of a certain food then the phase passes and I carry on.

One time I was so attracted to seaweed, I wanted the smell the taste was so, so, so satisfying that I ate loads with ever meal for days, then it passed. I did not question it, but a medical check up showed that I had been low in iodine and my thyroid was weak.What ever – my body knows best and I now follow my cravings.

Another time I was eating raw chocolate like it was going out of fashion, now I am not a chocolate fiend I can go weeks and months without chocolate, this phase lasted for a month then it was over and I had NO interest in chocolate after that. I could justify this and say hormones, lacking magnesium or say that Raw chocolate has 48 natural minerals that are needed in the body and ….. and…. Give myself the proof why I was attracted to chocolate; But it felt different from the cravings of an emotional lack.


So what exactly are you craving and what does that all mean?

When you understand that your bodies cravings  as well as her weight and health issues are more about YOU than the food you eat, you’ll discover that your physical symptoms are simply your body shouting at you her calling card and invitation to listen to her. (because you haven’t been listening to her whispers) This is a time to not just be mindful of what you put in your body – but, look at where you’re letting yourself down by not taking care of yourself emotionally. And, once you can really hear the whispers of your body, and start to see where you’re causing these problems for yourself, you can finally make the changes that will allow you to, not only regain control of your cravings, but your health and your weight, by listening to the soft whispers.

Want to start figuring out what’s really triggering your battle with the cravings and the bulge? Join me for a complimentary ‘Breakthrough your Triggers” call and I’ll help you discover what your body is trying to tell you.


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Fiona X


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