GOING NUTS – Natasha’s Nut Cravings Had a Deeper Meaning. Natasha was going nuts every evening overeating and feeling out of control with cravings for crunchy nuts.


Never seeing the deeper meaning until one day she actually cracked it !!!! Every night for 3 months Natasha found herself against her better judgement crunching away on nuts, night after night she munched away until it started to affect her self confidence, her best suits and dresses no longer fitted and she felt embarrassed and utterly crappy.


Natasha came to me saying help me I’m going crazy, I’ve tried everything to stop and it is beyond my ability to fathom out what’s causing this out of control eating at night time, every night I am called to eat so many nuts. I can’t stop, It’s just wild.


What lay in Natashas unconscious mind would have to be unraveled and reveal to us where this night fetish came from, which would tell us how and what path we needed to use to set her straight again. Which is always the way with any craving.

We started and got to the exact point that revealed where it had all started. From a recent stay from her 2 sisters which posed problems and reopened wounds from years and years ago> These had never been dealt with and Natasha had never expressed how this made her feel, basically because she did not know how she felt and kept that hidden behind a smile and great hospitality.


This is what I read recently in phycologies magazine; 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women over 40 are oblivious to how they feel and what their triggers actually are to cravings feeling out of control with eating. Binging and all of our food obsessions are our way of avoiding and resisting something that we end up swallowing down with huge amounts of food and wine, just because we don’t know how to navigate our feelings or how to express ourselves..


Mentally Natasha had decided to divorce her family, a big decision but emotionally she was hooked up on wanting a happy family and still caught up in all the events from the past that were still hurting her.


This day stopped all of that, both the mental and the emotional swirling.


During this session I dropped Natasha away from her head and deeper into her body wisdom, then further still into her deeper unconscious mind. No amount of mental mindset or investigation will ever get you past the stories we tell about what hurts us, so we had to go deeper. The fact that Natasha had earlier told me she did not want to swallow the nuts told me that she was ready to stop this hurtful story once and for all.


WE dropped down into where Natasha felt the hurt in her actual body, I had felt like I was being suffocated all the time whilst I was talking to her, and was keen to breathe again but I had to get her to reach that point for herself. First of all she was still in her head and then she found the hurts as she felt it she dropped down to where the hurts physically sat, in her lungs,

‘I feel suffocated’ she said

‘excellent’ I replied but felt a huge Hallelujah,

‘Where else I asked?’

‘My heart and my tummy’. This was just Brilliant and then we could actually ask for help from her inner self, her guides and whoever was available to lift off and lift out this hurt.


The Energy Body was being crushed by this hurt, that in energy form was doing a lot of damage, it was a big round grey dirty ball of swirling energy crushing her lungs and squashing her heart and restricting her upper gut.

We asked for help to lift it off and out and we saw it taken away gently and dissolved into space, The feeling in Natasha’s body was one of, she can breathe in again so much more air and she did, gasping in and breathing deeply for quite a while. She stretched and stretched as she rearranged her physical body to accommodate the new space she felt. This is normal for such clearings. A detox in the extreme as you cannot detox or diet away this kind of toxic energy from your body as the effects and ramifications are so deep.


We hoovered out the remaining remnants of the hurt and left no trace for the hurts to reestablish itself and grow back. Session over Natasha had a follow up in a weeks time.


‘I am free of any craving for night time eating as for the nuts I’m over them.  And as for my sisters I am at peace with them, I have spoken to them since and I felt strong and was able to navigate how I felt. I will ask my body if and when I feel like seeing them and not do anything out of obligation or because I feel I should. That is huge for me.’


I myself have struggled with weight and had, my fair share of out of control cravings, and that is why I am telling you this, that every craving has a gift and a deeper meaning for you.


I have detoxed, dieted, starved myself and forced myself to eat or not eat to try and quit a craving, but until I got to the unconscious reason they were in my life I was not free and I could have no peace with food. Every time I am called to a food in an eating pattern, I just know for sure that I am about to discover what I have been resisting and set myself free again on a deeper and more satisfying level.


When you get a craving that is out of control or over eating and using food to sooth you for whatever reason feel free to reach out to me.


I created a 12 month of fabulous processes that literally clears away the crappy and gets you to feeling really happy, and to the feeling of Forever Priceless. Every woman wants to feel priceless, that feeling that has you dressed in a stye that speaks volumes about who you really are, sees you succeed in your career, in your love life and as the woman you always knew you were.


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This starts from wherever you are today and takes you all the way to feeling priceless. It accommodates Vegan, vegetarian, raw foodie, paleo and all eating styles and preferences. It’s not so much about the food as navigating your inner and outer world with advanced techniques that set you free from being out of control with food.

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So much love




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