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Implement this one method and 10 X your manifesting an income.

Intuitive-psychic- Reading-for-your-business
Implement this one method and 10 X your manifesting an income.
I changed a client’s life and how she manifested and got her business guiding her just in a matter of a few hours. We honed her offers, prices and what her clients would buy.
She literally received the EXACT name for her business and what steps to take in an hour.
She understood EXACTLY why she had felt the pull to go in another direction.
This client was on the right path but held herself back because she’d been burnt before and that she was being used.
Unable to charge her value for her gift and skill for reading and seeing into people, channeling clearly because all the time she’d felt too powerful.
In a few hours I stripped her business back to its core & read with the Dragons guiding me into what the business wanted to tell her. Receiving guidance for her exactly how it all fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.
She was silenced, she physically shifted her energy, she laughed but I still felt her habit of resistance to her power.
We shifted her resistance that was popping up to the surface.
She thanked me and the Dragons for the clarity.
She knew what she must do and said this had been keeping her awake for weeks!
She had been given the same guidance herself but could not step out of her own way.
The technique that works for me every single time, for all of my clients and will work for you – is this: You see your business is conscious and has a bigger purpose to play and you business needs you to step up.
1. Drop and shift into your neutral channeling space, placing all of your consciousness into your heart center
2. Spring Clean on the resistance that you have identified,
3. Ask, ‘What do I have on … The resistance you have identified…?’ and listen for the responses to come from the consciousness of your business. Your business is your best guide in this, and is completely able to get you as the human to see your value and what trips you up and become partners, the best combination and the best team.
Where do you start? Knowing your purpose and soul work from a Dragon guided reading that cuts straight to the chase. Removing any and all panic created products and course material that are not aligned to you and your business’s bigger purpose.
Listen to what your businesses will tell you and most importantly how do you scale? So many wrong moves will just cause overwhelm and confusion and your clients will feel that from you.
Establish you as the expert and embody the impact your business is here to make.
Learn how you continue to grow & make more of an impact and influence your people. A person operating at this level and frequency has more eyes watching & is searching for more than just revenue
Wherever you are in your journey, guidance is available, guidance is powerful & I am here with the Dragibs to guide you when you are ready…
Ready and open to receive
Ready to grow
Ready to be guided
Ready to take the inspired action
Ready to trust listening to your business
Ready to trust yourself
Ready to connect
Ready to practice
Ready to play at a higher level

The Biggest risk I ever took with my Business.


⭐The Biggest risk I ever took with my Business. ⭐

I knew it wasn’t all about strategy, tracking and 5 year plans, but I admit I did try it…. Yet until I did this I was stuck doing what everyone else was doing….
Are you currently using your spirituality to your best advantage in your business? If not, you’re ignoring a great source of accurate Guidance and strength. Give your spirituality the priority it deserves and apply it to your business activities. You’ll have a significant advantage over those who do not.

⭐Until I considered my Business as conscious and has a mission and will of its own I thought I was the leader, responsible when I could have just asked.

This was 180° different to how I experienced or considered my business and yet I was spiritual and connected to my soul and communicated with the Dragons.
I had manifested guidance for selling and buying houses by asking the house what it needed but never delved quite so deeply with my own business.
After my meditations I took my ability and turned that towards my own business in a way that I’d never done before. The results were astounding even to me.
⭐The technique that works for me every single time, for all of my clients and will work for you – is this: You see your business is conscious and has a bigger purpose to play and your business needs you to step up.
💚1. Drop and shift into your neutral channing space, placing all of your consciousness into your heart center
💚2. Talk to your business and tell her how much you appreciate her and the work you do and will do together. See yourself as a team and in partnership
💚3. Ask, ‘What is my part in this today to serve you and the greater good’ … And listen for the responses to come from the consciousness of your business. Your business is your best guide in this, and is completely able to get you as the human to see your value and what trips you up and become partners, the best combination and the best team.
The risk I took was the biggest I’d ever taken and was to STOP how I had been operating for years and consider my business in the daily plan, see her perspective, see her fullest potential and what my part was in that.
⭐I did not move a muscle in my business unless it was guided. I asked and waited. I practiced and I did the Inspired actions I received.⭐
It was going against the grain of working so hard and so many hours but it paid off.
Wherever you are in your journey, guidance is available, guidance is powerful & I am here to guide you when you are ready… and see that you reach your business as your conscious partner and keep talking and respect the guidance given.
👇👇👇Get instant access to your Business guiding you with CONSCIOUS BUSINESS TRAINING: In Manifest With The Dragons and Jumpstart a new relationship with your business 12 weeks of stepping up and practices, mentoring and training!
See how to How To Run your business for the highest potential and good for all, consciously attracting your soul clients without selling your soul or undermining your business and true purpose!
Your spiritual business knows no bounds

Get your head in the game

Coffee -time-to-think-and-reflect

ASK your Questions and get your answers:

Banging her head on the table this morning, tears rolling down her face she contemplated giving up – again.
“This is too hard I’m pushing up hill and nothings working, I’m not enjoying the business I created and I don’t know what to do next?”
Thankfully no one else was home or she’d have never have got the next bit of the message and guidance that was there for her to see. Rushing from her office into the kitchen and fridge to make another cup of coffee to give herself time to think.
She sat down with a steaming mug of her favorite coffee and breathed a heavy sigh. She realised her tearful outburst was perfect (and releaved she’d seen this sign) and now she knew that she would have to change something if she wanted to continue with this business.
Its not an option to go and get a job –
Because this was her job or rather her mission to complete.
She knew was being guided and asked to level up and only she could take the next step.
So pen in hand she started to ask the questions the way she had learnt during our course that she’d attended for 12 months to get her soulo to come all the way through and guide her – Now she was asking her questions to her soul and asking for specific practical guidance…….
Dropping into her open head space she listened for the respinses and the guidance she needed
Not afraid to take the action as she once was….
The reason I’m telling everyone (you) this turn around story of my client, is that its in the phases that seem so dark and endless and when we feel trapped, that is when the magic happens, and you will be getting guidance to the next step and the solution based on your questions and ask’s.
Inside you, you will find all the power and magic and how your inside world creates your outside world every single time.
The spells have to be broken of the old ways of doing things and know that you have access to infinate knowing, and the answers to every practical problem that you face.
This is so relevant and I tell this right now because you probably have something you desperately need to have a radical turn around with, and know you can’t do it all alone or in the old ways you’ve come to rely on a repeat to no effective solution.
For my client she saw that she was the one who created the frustration and then the new outcome for herself and you can too, create a radical new way of communicating with your business, your clients and start a new version of your life and have a wildly supportive and proifitable business because you asked and listened.
You also don’t need to conquer this all alone when you can receive the breakthrough in a one to one session where you will learn and practice how to tell when you are getting guidance, and how to adapt to a better concise and clear inside story for yourself.
You will be guided through the steps that clear your thoughts, have you focussed on the outcomes you need, and stop the narrative that keeps you pushing and forcing yourself forward waiting for a miracle.
Here is the miracle.
The business of trusting your intuitive insights, signs and soul guidance starts when youare ready
Want to know what it looks and feels like to have me as your guide?
Send me a message to and Ill be happy to bring your soul out to guide you from now on

How I Learned to Ask for Help From my Soul And Listen For That Pure Guidance

How I Learned to Ask for Help —–
Taking a big gulp of air and a breather as I hiked up a rather steep hill, wiping the sweat from my brow and tying up my hair away from my neck, I got a sense that this blistering hot day could just stop all of my plans to complete this section of the Camino.
You could see a shimmer of heat coming off the road ahead. I disliked walking on the tarmac as it was hotter than H#ll on my feet.
I could feel my feet suffering with the heat and the constant hours of walking, or rather I was more that concerned and conscious of the heat building up on the soles of my feet and the fear of painful blisters ruining my week.
Not one to accept that that is my lot and it is my unusual habit to ask for solutions from my spirit connection and soul. I began to ask myself and my soul what can I do in this situation? I was worried because my mind had already gone into all the worst case scenarios and maybe I wouldn’t be unable to continue this weeks quest. Careful not to add fuel onto the fire with negative thoughts or be neglectful of what I could do to change this situation I asked.
As I walked now beginning to hobble and adjust my feet and where they hit the road, and wanting to bath my feet in cool healing waters, I had a flash of a memory of walking across hot coals, and the state of mind I needed to adopt as years ago I traversed a 2 meter stretch of hot coals with bare feet, and only my altered internal thoughts to assist me to not get any scolds or burns on my feet. It was all mind over matter. Now this was my message and the soul guidance that I received in answer to my request for help that I had send out.
I took this guidance and started to alter the story and narrative of thoughts in my head, and got to my evenings destination in one piece, with my feet sore in a tiny spot on each foot in exactly the same place and looking this up on a foot reflexology chart I worked out what I was to pay close attention to for the next few days. I thanked my guidance and the metaphysical message I received from the symptom and location of the blister knowing it could have very well been a lot lot worse.
I saw many that day reach their hostel for the evening in severe pain, and arrive at their destination hobbling, limping and saw feet that were red raw and getting cared for by the medic in the village. I knew that I had had the good state of mind to ask for assistance from my soul.
So, here’s the thing…
I learned along my soul journey of 50 + years that there is always so much more assistance available for you when you can articulate your request and listen for your guidance.
Years ago I remember asking for the guidance to be louder clearer so that I could hear it and I heard back “Shut up then”…. Its taken and been a practice to go inside and be reverent to the knowledge I have access to for all practical things, and trust that I will always be guided based on the questions I ask.
Nowadays in all of my courses I teach the practice of connecting with your self and inner self and the poweful ways to ask the well formulated questions, and listen for guidance for your business and life.
I do this daily for myself and have broken the spell of believing that anyone else has all the answers for me as I have access to the spirit connection and infinate knowledge.
I can show you the exact steps I use and teach, so that you can change your communication with yourself and connect with the spirit world and receive and trust your Guidance.
As you simlply and clearly declare what you want and let Spirit show you the way to get it.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide would look and feel like? Send me a message saying Im asking for Help

When Divine Guidance Lands You Take Action


……..There was that feeling in my whole body again – that internal vibration and shudder and a revaluation that lands like a meteorite coming into land with a thud that’s hard to ignore.

Quietly paying attention to my new born baby, breast feeding for the 5th time that day I was day dreaming, of what could possibly be next for me now that I had followed my divine guidance and moved to France with a new born baby. I had a house I’d bought, and yet here I was with not a word of decent conversational French. I wasn’t stupid enough to think that ‘Bonjour, je m’appelle Fiona ; Je voudrais un croissant s’il te plaît’ would ever pass if I was in a jam or needed a job.
Worrying was not going to cut it either. I needed a plan. I’d actually never thought about what I’d do to earn money when I got to France.
That’s me I take risks because they feel good at the time. But they usually work out well.
I needed a new angle so I was talking to myself about what Id like, such as Id like to stay at home and care for my baby and future children, I’d like to make the most of living in France, work from home, yes, that’s for sure.
Do something I am passionate about and that would keep my interest up, have me motivated and kept me fit and healthy.
Then as I sat quietly absorbed in my baby boy, I had a light bulb moment I felt in the whole of my body something just landed. I felt excited and relieved and wanted to unpack this latest epiphany.
That single Divine Guidance was a stunningly brilliant idea and was about to change the trajectory of my life and start a whole new career.
Divine Guidance is something that answers your prayers and certainly is something you know you would have never have come up with or thought about doing in a million years.
It was exactly what I could do and be happy doing and so I set about writing the booklet the very next day.
That knowing ‘Feeling’ and the ability to recognise Divine Guidance when it comes, and be consciously aware when it arrives will feel daunting and rather off putting at first, especially at the beginning with so little time and expertise of being internally conscious of what your asking for, of what you really want, or the stories your currently telling yourself.
But the rewards for you of going on this journey will be nothing more than remarkable and be greater than you could ever imagine.
I coach people who are ready to change their inside stories that aren’t serving them, and design a new better story that radically has the world respond to you in magical ways as you receive Divine Guidance towards your goal.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
Say yes in a Dm and ill reach out to you with details
Soul School starts with a taster course on November 1st
Discover for yourself how you are receiving your divine guidance and what it will 100% do for you
Soul coach & teach

How Your Inside Story Will Make a Huge Difference in Your World


I believe making a difference to your world all starts and ends with you (Change your INSIDE Story)

Heading through The Cook and Fiji Islands towards our final destination with just a ruck sac and a pile of CD’d, I started to have a creeping sense of misgiving. What on earth was I doing? And why was it I felt such a feeling of resentfulness from the locals towards a the travellers arriving on these paradise islands?
I was 8 months in to a 12 month round the world trip and never felt so uneasy in any destination Id been to. I kept hearing stories or misfortune and bad experiences befalling travellers.
I’d already travelled through South Africa in an open sided lorry into sole rough neighbourhoods and never felt nervous or felt the need to lock my ruck sac to the bed. Same in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand I never felt any misgivings, but now heading to the USA via the Cook and Fiji Islands which had posters displaying tropical paradise Islands. Well, I’d never felt so wary. You could not relax your guard for one second in these places.
Thankfully when we got into Fiji we were warned about the locals, and we got to meet a few colourful characters on a local bus, as we found our way to a safe haven on the coast and some glorious days diving on the reef.
Followed by literal hell.
Next stop The Cook Islands! That’s my advice. The miserable welcome and fake smile you could literally see through the people waiting in line to take your travellers money? And the rolling of their hands when they asked for your money was an obvious sign. Myself and my travelling companion for this stage of my travels set off for beach hut we had booked has a short board walk to the sea. It looked ideal.
From all the negativity I was experiencing I got a strong urge that I needed to change the statements I was hearing my self say, and made a quick decision to change the way I was thinking or else this was going to get horribly worse, and who knows what would befall myself and my travelling companion.
I started an internal story of what I wanted to happen for myself and set up my new experience, ignoring the lousy service and treatment I’d received so far from the locals. I strongly suggested my travel companion did the same.
Needles to say he didn’t.
I took a nap when we arrived and then stepped out of the cabin to meet my companion on the pier. He asked if I’d locked the cabin and I said no. (Having faith my stuff was safe).
When we walked the few steps back all of his CDs, Cd player and speakers were stolen.
Now the odd thing was that they had been under My Cd and speakers and they thief would have to my CD player and CD’s to get to his.
Happily the thief only touched his stuff and not a single CD of mine or my CD or Speakers were missing.
We naturally reported theft and were made to wait for a very long day in the police odffice on the island, then verbally threatened by the police officer in charge. Astonishing behaviour and no doubt an aunty of the well known petty criminal.
Here’s the thing.
Even though the journey felt daunting at times, I knew how to protect and change circumstances for myself by telling a new internal story. With a turn of phrase I knew that I was safe so allowed me to go for all the adventures I wanted to have, and by integrating a new story I saw and got the experiences I wanted to have.
Even when the path ahead of me wasn’t clear, I guided myself internally through it,which altered how the world responded to me.
I noticed that I inspired people all along the way with my experiences, and then more so when I shared my magical change of circumstances in my journey with friends back home.
The hardest bits in these travels when turned around became the best stories in the end.
I grew through each experience. It changed my life for the better as I use this in every aspect of my business and life today.
Tackling my ability to sustain a clear perspective and maintain a strong focus in your business will be just like this.
It will feel daunting and off putting, especially at the beginning with so little time and expertise of being internally conscious of the stories you tell.
But the rewards for you of going on that journey will be nothing more than great.
I coach people who are ready to change their stories that aren’t serving them, and design a new inside story that radically has the world respond to you in radical ways.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
DM me for help with your getting a clear focus on the inside story for the outcome you want to achieve for your business.

How To Let Your Own Guidance Through – Which Can Bring Good Surprises

Intuitive-psychic- Reading-for-your-business
Speaking to Melissa on the zoom call in 2020 we were discussing the course she ran in her group. Suddenly I had a strange floaty feeling come over me, as the words came out of my mouth …
“I can do readings for the ladies in your business group!”
I laughed out loud as she said “Great idea Fiona, when can you start?” … I took a sharp inhale of breath knowing it wasn’t me who had spoken not fully anyway, and I argued saying I don’t do that, as is my habit with the Divine guidance that I am often given.
“I don’t do readings I’m no mystic Meg or Psychic Pippa”.
Then the answer to that came back slowly and evenly………
“Its not you who does it Fiona, step out of your own way.”
There is always so much more to be known and far more support available from within than we realise.
If you would like to know what it would be like to receive divine guidance like this for yourself and you want to connect with the ways Spirit would run your business with you – I have the perfect event for you
I have created a beautiful circle forming on 1st November to spend 30 Days crafting your dream business, meditating, breath work, lifting off out of the realms of doubt or stagnant beliefs and receiving guidance together, all within the incubator to receive Divine Guidance.
We will use many powerful tools including the Dragons messages on how to operate as a human integrting intuition and ancient spiritual kowledge from the mystical realms. These Dragon cards were channelled through the eight cosmic dragons.
You will simple declare what you want and let spirit show you the way to get it.
My main focus in October is my relationship with yourself and developing a strong soul and spirit connection coaching, but when I received a sacred message to share the way of the spirit realms to get guidance I followed the light and the nudges. I took action. In the process I have reclaimed a most joyful loving inspired flash of what business wants to look like.
This is the most exciting journey yet that sees you supported feeling the LoVe that’s available and letting your mind go blank for your guidance to show up and show you the way.
I play with the Spirit realms and these wise Dragons daily and ask for my part in the creation of what they want to bring to earth you will be next.
Guided and translating the vibrational language from beyond because you need to hear this too.”


When you decide what it is that you really want and are open to let Divine Guidance show you how to get it.
In 2004 I’d arrived in France ( also guided )
No Job
No French
No ideas how to support my family
I had put my order in as an internal story into the universe by knowing exactly what I wanted, by describing a life living in a location between mountains and sea. France became my home where I wanted to enjoy my family and the stunning surrounding countryside and beaches and weather.
I had written this all down two years before and was in the process of refining it a bit more especially now that I was here and I was living in France, and now I wanted to be able to support my family.
I altered the story I was telling myself on the inside and so I felt extremly happy and satisfied that it was on its way to me. I was practicing what I preached.
In a moment of silence as I was with my one month old son in the garden watching him fall asleep, I got My answer: My whole body told me that I was getting a down load that I was being guided.
I waited and watched as images and information filled my head
I saw it, and got impressions of the products that would support my family for 15 years and give me a steadily growing income until I reached those glorious 150K years.
The Home Detox Box was conceived in an instant and I could not stop until it was truly born. I was excited driven and supported. From that one brilliant idea and Divinely Guided glorious moment I was divenly supported with over 100K years for 15 years.
Are you ready to recieve your unique divine guidance and not follow the cookie cutter stratagy that everyone else is using???
Be unique
Be different
Be you
I believe we all have unique ways to bring our product or service to the market all we have to do is learn to really listen.
You have One brillinat idea
You are One woman
You have One divine vision and mission
Not many people make time to write down their stories of what they want and so stories get lost or forgotten and nothing comes of them.
When I teach you to write your stories I feel I’m giving you as a client something incredibly special, not just for you but for your audience and clients, and family too
Together we will picture the story you’ve written coming to life.
Together we imagine the story being told at a dinner party letting people in on your secret magic sauce for living your best life.
If you have a business that you want to reach hearts and souls of your auduence and bring them the transfromations and changes they deserve, and that you are uniquly placed to do and you’d like to investigate creating your internal story to become powerfully impactful and have an idea come to life read on…..
I teach people who are ready to change their stories that aren’t serving them, and the exact steps that delivers to you the divine guidance, altering the trajectory of your business and life, that match your inside story.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
I have created a beautiful soul circle crafting your dream business and life with, meditating, breath work, lifting off out of the realms of doubt or stagnant beliefs and receiving guidance together, all within the incubator to receive Divine Guidance.
You can DM me for a consultation on just what happens when you open to being guided.
We will use many powerful tools including the Spiritual guidance being intuitively guided as we receive how best to operate through any sticky parts.
You will simple declare what you want as your inside story and let spirit show you the way to get it.
I Invite you on your own journey as a personal challenge to receive divine guidance for yourself as you perfect your inside story, that will see you create more impact, influence and income for you.
So much love
Fiona Robertson –
Here are some of my divinely guided business ideas:
Home detox box – 7 day diy detox to connect with your soul
Retreat Biarritz – detox for your soul
Body Whisperer – overcoming over eating.
Body fit for your soul – coming home as spirit
Integrating intuition into life – with Practical Magic .
Vision Source Business Readings – Business pshycic readings
Practical Magic – The Book and courses – clear away what not working
Dragons Cards – 64 messages – how to live in higher frequencies as a human work, driving, and doing the dishes

“FREEDOM” time out and giving your mind the needed space to receive guidance

Freedom-time-out-walking-to ckear -your-head-for Divine-Guidance

“FREEDOM” that cry of liberty and the euphoric feeling of travelling again with just a ruck sac on my back, not a care in the world just moving forwards.

For a fair few months I’ve been planning and moderately training for a hike along the Santiago Du Compostela again. Another stage of 7 days.
I have trained most weeks with a few longish hikes but probably not long enough I tell myself, maybe I am not fit enough physically, but am I worried? No!
In a few days I will pack my stuff and leave and have set up the who feeds the dog, chickens and fish. I will start and walk like a nomad to the next rest stop, sleep and start again each day for seven days. Then all too soon its all over and finished a brief space to take time out from overthinking and analysing my day job as a mum, in business for myself and my house stuff like washing machines breaking down and digging down to the foundations, and will anyone pick the tomatoes or water my plants?
I’m not worried because here is the thing I do. Ive trained my brain to be fit and flexible and have the stamina I need and have me enjoy every single day that I walk.
Years ago I realised that when I create the best story in my head about what ever I am facing, it literally always works out super well for me. Ive coined the phrase Practical Magic for this ability to create my life the way I want, and be divinely guided as the right people and circumstances show up.
The mental fitness of the story in my head will be the priceless and essential training that is required to turn my hike into a gentle walk, and is the exact same principle for your business to turn around, as you start seeing and believing that you are working half the time and earning double the income. Which may seem logically never going to happen without a lot of work and effort and maybe have you feeling that you are not doing enough to make it successful, but its just the same process as my hike, once you get your head in the game the world beyond brings you the ease you requested and works far better for you.
So here’s the thing…
You don’t need to have to effert and struggle forever, what you do need to do is forget everything you thought you knew about your business and set that aside.
The problem is not the advertising the endless marketing its you and the story you tell yourself in your head.
This is good news for you. Because the universe will support you once you have a new inside story. The world literally bends to bring you what you think and feel. You are that powerful.
There is always so much more to be known and far more support available from within than you realise.
If you would like to know what it would be like to receive such a clrear and enrgetic aligned inside story for yourself, about your business and life and you want to connect with the ways the Spirit world would run your business with you based on the story i hyour head – I have the perfect events for you …
This circle of fabulous souls will embark on a journey on 1st November to craft a new internal story that fits their business perfectly, and watch as they are all guided and go beyond what they ever thought was possible.

What to do when you can’t keep doing things in the old way

Fiona-Robertson-connect-to -spirit-world

“What am I doing wrong here?“

“I don’t want to live like this any more“

Jemima was off her game, up to her ears in debt and felt so lost as to what to do next. Watching herself spin out of control with her mind racing in panic. Her brain was on over drive and each night she fell asleep early on the settee, only to wake and not fall back to sleep, because her mind was on vigilant and desperately trying to come up with the one solution that would save her from being kicked out of her flat.
Fear and logical thoughts of ‘I must do this. No, I’ll do this first that will work,’ stopped her dead in her tracks and just running round in circles.
Not a fan of asking for help she tried to work through what she was doing wrong? Sadly for Jemima this internal story of thinking and believing she was getting it all wrong, were her arch nemesis.
Little did she know at this moment, that this very situation she found herself in, was actually the best gift the Spirit world could give her.
This was her defining moment from the despair she would see what was needed and what she was being asked to do, so that she would rise like a phoenix from her own making.
As I listened to Jemimas story on our first call, which was all too familiar of omen spinning in circles, I could literally feel her despair in my body, she held her breath and felt suffocated and frantically clawed at the air around her energetically. I knew she had an internal story behind the story she was telling me because I felt it.
That would be at the crux of her becoming a woman winning with the world from now on.
I asked her the prime questions – that gave me all the information I needed to feel into her situation and be able to show her how to get what she wanted instead and so deeply.
So why am I telling you this?
Deciding to take control of your mind that has gotten out of hand and is taking you down a dark path is a life & business changing choice.
Its important and really relevant that I share with you that Divine Guidance is not always about that poof and everything will be alright moment, and from those sweet meditations, but sometimes in the horrible and desperate phases when you say ‘you don’t want to live like this any more’.
That was what all of my clients experienced in a moment that shook them to the core, which was perfect to get their attention to show you what you were thinking about yourself, and how that affected and infludnced the air around you.
That’s also how Divine Guidance works. In all the mysterious ways.
As a teacher of how to connect with the Spirt World and receive guidance, I specialise in guiding individuals through their own potent dark moments and turning points.
I’ve been through the darkest moments myself, so I understand the overwhelming self-doubt and fear that can come with breaking free from the constant self hate and disappointment that nothings working out.
But I also know that these moments of crisis and screaming for help will be the catalyst for profound guidance to come through and brig about change in your circumstances
I’ve witnessed countless women have their ‘aha’ moments on the journey to soul connection and know that they are receiving guidance.
As your teacher and coach, we navigate the challenges together, replace the old inside story of self-criticism with that of self-knowledge and inner power, and develop the ability to listen and ask for divine guidance at any point to build a life and business, getting those million dollar ideas you could never have come up yourself with in a month of Sundays.
If you’re looking to connect with the Spirit World and receive your own guidance, need support from beyond, and answers to your burning questions reach out to me.
Your decision to seek help will the turning point that saves your business and creates a life you love all on purpose….
Your ‘aha’ moments from divine guidance are waiting.
DM the words ‘My Inside Story’ to begin a short taster and explore what your own transition to connect with the Spirit world and know your soul might look like. and Ill send you all the detials you need.
Are you curious to know what working with me would look like?
Send me a DM to and lets get you recieving guidance and integrating in intuition into your life