VIDEO How to tell your Inner WEALTH Story and put your order into the Universe

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When you decide to tell a new story on the inside about your wealth and how that feels for you, you WILL get Divine Guidance for your business and intuitive messages will flow, directing you towards what matches the outcome of your inise wealth story You are sending out a new message that is recognised and attractive. You know that thoughts become things and You get what you think about

You also know that Success has a feeling.


Faiure has a feeling. I teach you how to FEEL successful,

and be living your dream if that is 10 k months so be it.

If that is a million Dollars a year or a priceless lifestyle let it be so I am here to specifically help you transform from the old ways of doing things like running your business in soul sucking exhausting ways, to deliver you safely to the new path with the most powerful soul work in the world and receiving Divine Guidance for yourself.

VIDEO How One Divinely Guided Idea sparked off a chain of events that supported me and my family with 150K of income for over 15 years

How One Divinely Guided Idea sparked off a chain of events that supported me and my family with 150K of income for over 15 years, And you can too by learning to listen to Divine Guidance and stop over thinking.
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VIDEO How to change how you feel and why its so relevant now

Inside-Wealth-Story - 30 Day Challenge

Why don’t I get what I say I want!” Jessica told me she had screamed inside. So much time and effort and such a small trickle of income coming my way. It hardly seems fair what am I doing wrong?

She considered herself to be a good woman, kind, generous and she’d got a good product that really made some radical shifts for her clients. Yet these were far too few.

Yet as Jessica sat at her desk for yet another start to her day not knowing what exactly to do next. Her head was all over the place and nothing concrete was calling her to be done.

Stilling her mind as I had taught her was now a practice she asked: “ What is my part in this today?”

In the next 30 minutes she received an insight and she felt the shift internally, she had been complaining and doubting herself, and in the back ground lay the overall question will this be the one article and post that does it, Will this be the post that gets traction and the floods of happy clients come in for me?

Her inner story she saw now too clearly was from doubt and searching for validation.

She’d never seen it so clearly, It was not very attractive energy to feel in her body and to be working from every day.

She knew here next step was to alter her inside story and decided to do the inner work what she learnt for herself was that she needed to move from:

How do I get seen?

Or how do I prove my value?

And get someone to buy from me?

To creating really strong foundations and come from a new inside wealth story of:

What if I share my story?

What if I am transparent and state my desired impact straight out?

What if I show the legacy I am creating and get straight in my head, my energy where I am truly coming from and why?

The reason I am telling you this story and why its important and relevant now, was that you get clear on what you want, and why you must do it, following your purpose becomes the only way and the whole dynamic changes inside you. Your inner story changes and you attracted in a stream of opportunities/clients for the same product you always sold.

Pivoting your wealth to something you are very happy with, all your outgoings are covered and still so much more to play with.

But far more important than the money you earn, was that you now had a way to approach all aspects of your business and life from Divine Guidance.

When your dominating thoughts change ( inside of you and what you tell yourself) the outer world responds to you in a different way.

She was connected to her higher self and purpose.

The dark frustrating phases we face are the ones that bring us in the light and we discover our inner power and potential. This is important and relevant because you’ve probably faced a similar set of circumstances and need to re write your inner Wealth Story.

Image in 30 Days feeling powerful and on track having build strong foundations in your thoughts and energy that radiate out and attract the right clients by the bucket load and all the opportunities you can imagine for yourself.

I want you to have that too and play on an entirely new level so that you get the magic happening, but that only happens when you change on the inside what you are telling yourself.

When I know something that transforms my and my clients business, I HAVE to share it with you.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that my Inner Wealth Story Master training as a 30 DAY Personal Challenge.

I’m including 4 NEW Live Meetups each week to meet you and to hear your stories and how you are changing and levelling up each week…

It’s valued at over $999, but…

I’m opening it for ONLY $64 through 30 September. We start on 1st November

This has the power to change the trajectory of your business and life and I cannot wait to share it with you.Get all the details and join here.

I can’t wait to meet you and watch you play at this level.

Fiona x

So much Love


Put Your Order Into The Universe….

Put-your-order-into-the universe

Put your order into the universe…

I fumbled with the zip on my dress, getting all hot and bothered the day was here.

I wasn’t ready not nearly ready in my head to go and do this. Who on earth thought this would be a good idea?

I felt sick with worry that it may be a disaster and what would I do if it all went horribly wrong.

Two months before this fateful evening I was getting ready for my night out, a friend had asked me if I was ready to go dating as I’d been alone as a single mum for 5 years and wasn’t it time I got back out there?

I felt pressured and nervous who on earth could I meet who could tick all the boxes.

Here I was living in France and my language was not nearly good enough to have a conversation with a man I did nit know ? So I started to design the type of person I would really really like to meet. I put a lot of time and effort into this particular creation, I went into a lot of detail as I had my boys to consider too.

I was alone most of the time with my boys and coping well but it could be so much better and more fun. I refined my design and went ‘man shopping’ as my friend called it. My insides recoiled at the thought of shopping for a man but that’s the way its done now and a few friends had had great success with their matches. I resisted as my head was not fully aligned and in the game.

There was excitement though that came from the possibility of achieving what I had once considered beyond my reach, while the nerves and fears reminded me of what was at stake here.

Once I had finished dressing and was pushed hastily with a giggle out of the door by my friend and into my car, to drive into town to meet a complete stranger. All the way there I was feeling my heart in my mouth and constantly resiting my inside story and my dream idea of what this date would be like.

A few weeks later, sitting staring into my lover eyes back in 2015, I said to myself “I created him”, he ticks all the boxes of what I had as my inside story.

I’m so happy I applied this technique of the new ‘Internal Story’ to my life and business and I realised that the only one who can change anything in this life is me and the stories I tell myself.

Now here’s the thing, most people won’t do the inner work and decide what they really want to experience in business or in personal relationships. It matters not the experience you want to have only that the person who can make the changes you want to see in your life is most certainly without a doubt you.

If I hadn’t have taken the time to create and refine my design and created my vision of a partner, of now eight happy years, I would not be with such a man in my life and all the opportunities we now share together.

That was my dream that I had made happen.

Once I had decided what I wanted it all fell into place within a few days. Beautifully orchestrated to match my thoughts and feelings and Divine Guidance stepped in and found ways to make me notice this man and start talking to him online, this special someone who ticked all the boxes that I had on my detailed list, and I had created a long and somewhat complicated list, but I still got everything I wanted delivered.

That’s where I can help. I care so deeply about supporting you to create the best inside story, that sees your business and life fall into place just as you imagined it would. A radical shift from accepting the business, finances, people and opportunities that are left over and only whats available for you, to become the one who creates your future on purpose.

Doesn’t this sound more like something you’d’ love to experience and play at this level?

The Radiant Shift: Why You need Divine Guidance

Woman-at-desk-getting intuitive-hits

In a world on the cusp of transformative change, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary are blurring, an invitation stands before you.

A call to step into a new realm of existence, to awaken dormant powers within, and to master the art of resonating at a frequency so brilliant that it draws the universe’s most wondrous offerings to your doorstep.

This is not just another self-help guide; it is the key to unlocking the essence of your soul’s purpose and experiencing life as you’ve never known it before.


“Embracing Practical Magic for Divine Guidance” beckons you to leap from the old ways of doing things and using your old patterns of survival and step into a fresh paradigm of understanding and creation.

As the winds of change sweep through the collective consciousness, this way of operating stands as your steadfast companion, illuminating your path toward your highest potential connected with your soul and receiving guidance.

In these processes that I share, you will discover a simple yet profound truth: your frequency and your thoughts shape your reality.

The process of making a slight but revolutionary adjustment to your way of being, leading to an astonishing transformation of thoughts, feelings, and manifestations. By aligning with higher states of consciousness, you will witness the extraordinary magic that unfurls around and within you.

It’s as if the universe itself conspires to bring forth the people, events, and opportunities that are aligned with your desires and dreams.


From the very first step into the realm of heightened frequencies, you’ll find that a newfound radiance emanates from your being. It’s a departure from the familiar and an embrace of the extraordinary. Yet, as you traverse this uncharted terrain, it’s natural to encounter moments of uncertainty and challenge. This is where you will need extraordinary guidance to show you what is coming up to be cleared so you can go on and create miracles. Your soul is here to accompany you as you navigate these unexplored waters, shedding the weight of old baggage, and allowing your pure essence to flourish.


Watch as your business and life transform when you invite in the Purity of your soul to run the show


Are you listening and hearing the call? Be at the ready to embark on the most spiritual journey with you business and you at the helm in a new way.

Are you incorporating Spiritual Guidance into your business?


Are you incorporating Spiritual Guidance into your business?

If not, I get it.
I used to run my spiritual work super-secretly and on the
side – because I was afraid of being seen, afraid of being judged and -crazily- I thought I would lose money ifpeople knew I was doing this work… (even though I kept receiving endless divine messages to do exactly the opposite!)

I had clients and helped them for their weight or business and all the while I was tuning in and seeing the stories they told and how that harmed their success. Eventually I got them to tell new stories and involve their own soul to guide them in all things.

What actually happened was that I decided to face up to the fact that I was intuitive and could make things happen when I changed the internal story I was telling myself. It had saved my time, money and effort and found me the right people, house’s for the perfect price in the perfect location, business leads and altered my relationships so when I finally listened to those messages and showed up publicly and fully in my gifts

I called in a much bigger picture

To wrote a book created courses for a wider audience of people who 100% wanted my intuitive services and coaching, I brought in more money than ever before and created a thriving full-time business.

You get what I’m saying? Receiving divine guidance was the answer to my prayers for a business I could enjoy.

Listening then to what my intuition & spiritual guides ( who are dragons )were suggesting I took action on, and telling me when I asked questions meant I followed my guidance into taking actions I would never have thought of . The guidance kept coming and I received the key that unlocked my business.

And part of that guidance was to publicly admit that “I am really quite good at listening to what your business wants and needs and seeing what you’re not seeing and hearing what you are and what you’re not saying.” This skill, combined with my decades of experience of body whispering allows me to bring precise and direct divine guidance to my clients, but better still allows them to get their own Divine Guidance.

Divine Guidance is the key to unlocking your more profitable business.

Savvy entrepreneurs & leaders (think Oprah, Steve Jobs, and many many more) admittedly have connected with their inner self as their high-level spiritual guidance, that inform them of the next step.


Luckily for you – you get to learn from my mistakes and bring in the divine guidance that you and your business are craving right now.

Sound Good?

The Mystical Power of Divine Guidance: A Journey Beyond Limits 

business-woman-getting intuition-at-her-desk

Unveiling the Mystical Power of Divine Guidance: A Journey Beyond Limits 

Have you ever felt that there’s more to your business journey than meets the eye? This Summer, I embarked on a quest for enlightenment, seeking a deeper connection with the universe and the souls of my perfect clients. The results were nothing short of awe-inspiring, and I’m here to share the magic with you!

Picture this: a realm where your clients’ deepest desires, aspirations, and challenges are unveiled in intricate detail.  Through a series of soul-stirring practices then questions, I beckoned forth the essence of my ideal clients, transcending the ordinary and diving into the extraordinary. The responses I received were profound, offering insights and details beyond my wildest imagination.

Yes, my cherished clients craved support and guidance, a realization I had encountered before. But what truly enraptured them? I wanted to know.

What would make their journey through business not only effortless but enchantingly potent?

As the whispers of their souls intertwined with my intentions, a divine revelation emerged.

Introducing ‘A Course in Practical Magic‘ : A Journey of Empowered Souls

I was guided to launch a transformational campaign, a beacon for souls seeking to align their earthly endeavors with their boundless spiritual essence. This, my friends, is an invitation to weave the fabric of your business, relationships, and life with threads of celestial wisdom.

Imagine walking hand in hand with your soul, forging alliances with the divine, and navigating life’s twists and turns with unwavering clarity.

My journey led me to uncover the keys to nurturing a connection so unbreakable that no criticism or rejection could ever sway its power. Imagine the freedom that comes from trusting your path completely, with the universe as your co-pilot.

Unveiling the Path: A Guide to Soul-Centric Business Success is within you and how you create your inner stories, ask for soul assistance and listen

In this transcendental journey, I was gifted with a vision – a book that encapsulates the profound process I undertake with souls eager for transformation. This guide is a treasure trove of wisdom, a roadmap to help you navigate life’s labyrinth, and a manual for receiving the unequivocal embrace of Divine Guidance. I have the course all layed out as A course in Prazctical Magic bause thats what it is and all magic is created from the stories you tell and believe.

Here’s the truth: Until you seek, you shall not receive. The enigmatic solutions to your practical dilemmas lie in the whispers of the universe.  The radiant journey I’m inviting you to embark upon promises to elevate your consciousness, empower your business, and enable your soul to dance harmoniously with your humanity.

⚡ Are you ready to embrace the infinite possibilities that await? ⚡

Join me in this odyssey of the soul, where the mystical meets the practical, and the extraordinary becomes your norm. A Course in Practical Magic is the beacon for those driven by change, ready to transcend limitations, and yearning for a life filled with the profound grace of Divine Guidance.

Your moment is now. Take the leap into the wondrous realm of soul and spirit.

Dive into thejourney today and embark on a journey that will redefine success, empower your purpose, and infuse magic into every facet of your existence. Let’s create miracles together.

Visit PRACTICAL MAGIC Face book Group to learn more and meet you rsoul sisters to take the first step toward a life where the mundane and the miraculous dance in harmony. Embrace the call, and let the adventure begin! ?