How I Learned to Ask for Help From my Soul And Listen For That Pure Guidance

How I Learned to Ask for Help —–
Taking a big gulp of air and a breather as I hiked up a rather steep hill, wiping the sweat from my brow and tying up my hair away from my neck, I got a sense that this blistering hot day could just stop all of my plans to complete this section of the Camino.
You could see a shimmer of heat coming off the road ahead. I disliked walking on the tarmac as it was hotter than H#ll on my feet.
I could feel my feet suffering with the heat and the constant hours of walking, or rather I was more that concerned and conscious of the heat building up on the soles of my feet and the fear of painful blisters ruining my week.
Not one to accept that that is my lot and it is my unusual habit to ask for solutions from my spirit connection and soul. I began to ask myself and my soul what can I do in this situation? I was worried because my mind had already gone into all the worst case scenarios and maybe I wouldn’t be unable to continue this weeks quest. Careful not to add fuel onto the fire with negative thoughts or be neglectful of what I could do to change this situation I asked.
As I walked now beginning to hobble and adjust my feet and where they hit the road, and wanting to bath my feet in cool healing waters, I had a flash of a memory of walking across hot coals, and the state of mind I needed to adopt as years ago I traversed a 2 meter stretch of hot coals with bare feet, and only my altered internal thoughts to assist me to not get any scolds or burns on my feet. It was all mind over matter. Now this was my message and the soul guidance that I received in answer to my request for help that I had send out.
I took this guidance and started to alter the story and narrative of thoughts in my head, and got to my evenings destination in one piece, with my feet sore in a tiny spot on each foot in exactly the same place and looking this up on a foot reflexology chart I worked out what I was to pay close attention to for the next few days. I thanked my guidance and the metaphysical message I received from the symptom and location of the blister knowing it could have very well been a lot lot worse.
I saw many that day reach their hostel for the evening in severe pain, and arrive at their destination hobbling, limping and saw feet that were red raw and getting cared for by the medic in the village. I knew that I had had the good state of mind to ask for assistance from my soul.
So, here’s the thing…
I learned along my soul journey of 50 + years that there is always so much more assistance available for you when you can articulate your request and listen for your guidance.
Years ago I remember asking for the guidance to be louder clearer so that I could hear it and I heard back “Shut up then”…. Its taken and been a practice to go inside and be reverent to the knowledge I have access to for all practical things, and trust that I will always be guided based on the questions I ask.
Nowadays in all of my courses I teach the practice of connecting with your self and inner self and the poweful ways to ask the well formulated questions, and listen for guidance for your business and life.
I do this daily for myself and have broken the spell of believing that anyone else has all the answers for me as I have access to the spirit connection and infinate knowledge.
I can show you the exact steps I use and teach, so that you can change your communication with yourself and connect with the spirit world and receive and trust your Guidance.
As you simlply and clearly declare what you want and let Spirit show you the way to get it.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide would look and feel like? Send me a message saying Im asking for Help