Despite the intense PURGING that happend – My Cleint was ecstatic to surrender to the process

Lee had been running her own business for over a decade. She was skilled at helping her clients secure finance deals, saving them thousands of dollars. 💲💲💲💲. Yet, despite her expertise and dedication, her business wasn’t reaching the dizzying heights she knew were her divine right.
She had tried everything: business coaches, marketing strategies, spiritual entrepreneurs promising her how to manifest 10k to 100K months. But nothing seemed to work.
Her energy was off, and she was stuck in an ever-decreasing circle of financial struggle.🖤🖤🖤👀
This was her sign that she’d not seen
Frustrated but determined, Lee knew she had to break through her energetic barriers and escape the holding pattern of just scraping by. She recognized that she was the cause of her stagnation and was ready to do anything to permanently shift her energy, hold it, and sustain it. She was all in.
That’s when she contacted me. Lee owned her part in her journey and admitted she had been ignoring the signs all along. As we talked, the patterns in her life became glaringly obvious. The signs were always there, nudging her to clear her energetic field.
  • She felt ignored by her husband, and her relationship was on the rocks.
  • She felt ignored by her higher income requests and couldn’t reach her 10K months goal.
  • She felt ignored….
  • She ignored her body, overeating when uncomfortable.
  • She ignored her higher self’s request to stay positive and complained to anyone who listened about what wasn’t working.
  • She ignored her own intuition and desires, listening to others’ opinions instead.
  • She ignored her own power, giving herself away to keep the peace.
  • She ignored ideas that required her to play a bigger game and put herself first.
❌ When I stopped her in mid stream ❌ as the Dragons wanted to guide her now and show her how she was ignoring herself and her inner desires, and her true potential on earth everything changed. From that moment on, we knitted her back together, reconnecting her with her inner self fully embodied and built a powerful, trusting relationship with herself, and proper connection and clear communication to her inner self (which is defined as soul) .
Lee saw where she had given her power away. As she strengthened her connection to her true self—her soul—no one’s opinion, judgment, criticism, or bad behavior could rock her inner world. She stod unapologetically, relaxed and in her true power she radiated it.
Together, ( Dragons and our souls working in unison ) we bridged the gap between her inner spiritual world and her fullest potential on earth became known to her and her outer reality shifted to match her knowing. Now it got super powerful.
By taking on her fullest earthly potential and energetically shifting her dynamic, she trusted the process and surrendered to the success that was her birthright.
💦What happened next was further evidence of her transformation.💦💨🤣
Two hours later, on her hands and knees, she vomited and purged the energy that needed to be released. For three hours that afternoon, she released the old energy that had kept her stuck. She owned who she truly was in her fullest power for the first time and PURGED.
Radical shifts happened that day and for several days that followed.
Look out for Part Two soon – on the BLOG…/
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