Manifest With The Dragons – The Way Of The Dragons into 5D Conscious For Business & Life

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🐉✨ Manifest with the Dragons 2024: Unleash Your Inner Power and Transform Your Reality! ✨🐉

Embark on a transformative journey with this enchanting transformational course, designed to help you tap into the wisdom, love, energy and magic of Dragons. This 3-month training is not just a course; it’s a hands-on opportunity to evolve your beliefs, embrace your gifts, and manifest the life you desire very consciously.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Dragon Guidance: Discover a unique and direct approach to guidance from the mighty Dragons. If you’ve found traditional spiritual guides too fluffy or wishy-washy, the Dragons offer bold, no-nonsense direct and straight forward instructions that resonate with your inner strength.
  • Hands-On Training: Over the next 12 weeks, learn practical techniques to articulate your desires, call upon the Dragons for assistance, and pivot your mindset to filter out chaos. Break free from underestimation, step into your true power, and manifest your desires with confidence.
  • Private Support Group: Join a dedicated freindly Facebook community & group for personalized support and guidance from both myself as the instructor and the channel of the Dragons. Meet every other week for mentorship dep dive sessions throughout the 12 week course. Q & A and channeled guidance
  • Flexible Learning: Access training modules at your leisure in a private members’ area. The course is designed to fit into your schedule, ensuring you can absorb the teachings at your own pace.
  • Private Dragon Business Reading: Taking a look into your business world. On entry you will receive The Vision Source has for you at your fullest potential with a 1 to1 feedback
  • Meet the Business Team of Dragons: Speciafically heralded in to assist with the transition of you as you operate in a 5D business. Giving you very specific guidance. Looking at subconscious blocks, you and your purpose, the truest value of you and your business, and where you are headed with your very conscious 5D business

🌈 Invest in Your Transformation:

  • Full Payment $1,999.00 ( save $222.00 paying in one time )
  • Payment Plan (over 3 months): $740.00
  • VIP Access for 12 weeks via Voxer @ €222.00

🚪 Doors Close:  There are limited spaces available, due to the nature of the private sessions , however there is a waiting list for thr next opening….. Act now to be with the next term of enrollments!

 Manifest With The Dragons 2024 The Way of the Dragons to accelerate manifesting into a conscious 5D business & life

Discover a hands-on way to tap into the wisdom, love, and magic of dragons with this enchanting course. You will never give your power away as your belief in who you are and what you can do evolves and brings the world to you. Your inside world creating your outside world every single day from now on.

This 3 months training will be like nothing you have ever experienced before – an opportunity for you to develop and and embrace your gift, to create your future and manifest even if you feel like your not strong enough and you don’t believe you will receive Dragon guidance to help you manifest your dream life and business.

I would love to Channel the Dragons with you.

This is what you will get…

Clear on what you want to create and what you are being shown – in guidance

Feel certain that your on the right path

Recognise your guidance and how it’s being given

Feel unstoppable and empowered to go for what you want

Know who you are with phenominally strong foundations, so that no ones judgement or critisism of you ever rocks you again

Build a strong bond with your soul self and connect with Dragon support

You show up feeling and believing in yourself first and foremost

You see the evidence of what you said you wanted showing up in the guidance you can follow

Recognise and communicate with your business as consciousness, with a will of its own and guiding you on your mission .


You are far too precious to be left stuck and struggling a moment longer


How this course is run….

Trainings will be made available to you on a private The Dragons Way to manifest members area you can view at your leisure

You will receive support and guidance from me and the Dragons you can call on in a private Face book group.

Together we will meet every other week ( 6 times) to mentor you through this powerful process with The Dragons infused into our calls and channeling through me. 


Manifest With The Dragons

1.    The Vision Source has for you is a business reading of the bigger picture of your fullest potential.

  1. Private Feed back 1 to 1 discover and hone into your truest Purpose
  2. Course material create a strong bond with your self and inner self ( defined as your soul ) Following the Dragons way to manifest into from non physical into physical in your world. From the 5D world and methods we manifest into the 3D world what we most want, need and lack.
  3. Weekly mentoring session, get in the ‘hot seat’ and see exactly where you need to tweak and up your level as I channel the Dragons for accurate inspired action, altering your frequency and state of energy to new heights, clarity and embodying your business identity
  4. You have an exclusive interview and business Dragon. He will look into you and your business and usher in your truest purpose and absolute worth.
  5. You have an opportunity to enter into consultation session with Quan who represents money and the value he sees in you and your business becomes evident
  6. Discover the consciousness of your own business and learn the language of this vital communication that you will have access to always. Your business has a will of its own and on a mission that is bigger than you. Your business will guide you relentlessly until you are where you need to be .
  7. Learn the practices for 5D entrepreneurs and how to read the energy of others and for yourself
  8. Support of a growing network of kindred spirits from around the globe. Spiritual women and men on a quest to have a conscious relationship with their ambitious business. And set the world on fire with new world 5D skills and techniques brought to earth for the shift and ascension.