Intuitive-psychic- Reading-for-your-business
Implement this one method and 10 X your manifesting an income.
I changed a client’s life and how she manifested and got her business guiding her just in a matter of a few hours. We honed her offers, prices and what her clients would buy.
She literally received the EXACT name for her business and what steps to take in an hour.
She understood EXACTLY why she had felt the pull to go in another direction.
This client was on the right path but held herself back because she’d been burnt before and that she was being used.
Unable to charge her value for her gift and skill for reading and seeing into people, channeling clearly because all the time she’d felt too powerful.
In a few hours I stripped her business back to its core & read with the Dragons guiding me into what the business wanted to tell her. Receiving guidance for her exactly how it all fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.
She was silenced, she physically shifted her energy, she laughed but I still felt her habit of resistance to her power.
We shifted her resistance that was popping up to the surface.
She thanked me and the Dragons for the clarity.
She knew what she must do and said this had been keeping her awake for weeks!
She had been given the same guidance herself but could not step out of her own way.
The technique that works for me every single time, for all of my clients and will work for you – is this: You see your business is conscious and has a bigger purpose to play and you business needs you to step up.
1. Drop and shift into your neutral channeling space, placing all of your consciousness into your heart center
2. Spring Clean on the resistance that you have identified,
3. Ask, ‘What do I have on … The resistance you have identified…?’ and listen for the responses to come from the consciousness of your business. Your business is your best guide in this, and is completely able to get you as the human to see your value and what trips you up and become partners, the best combination and the best team.
Where do you start? Knowing your purpose and soul work from a Dragon guided reading that cuts straight to the chase. Removing any and all panic created products and course material that are not aligned to you and your business’s bigger purpose.
Listen to what your businesses will tell you and most importantly how do you scale? So many wrong moves will just cause overwhelm and confusion and your clients will feel that from you.
Establish you as the expert and embody the impact your business is here to make.
Learn how you continue to grow & make more of an impact and influence your people. A person operating at this level and frequency has more eyes watching & is searching for more than just revenue
Wherever you are in your journey, guidance is available, guidance is powerful & I am here with the Dragibs to guide you when you are ready…
Ready and open to receive
Ready to grow
Ready to be guided
Ready to take the inspired action
Ready to trust listening to your business
Ready to trust yourself
Ready to connect
Ready to practice
Ready to play at a higher level

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