……..There was that feeling in my whole body again – that internal vibration and shudder and a revaluation that lands like a meteorite coming into land with a thud that’s hard to ignore.

Quietly paying attention to my new born baby, breast feeding for the 5th time that day I was day dreaming, of what could possibly be next for me now that I had followed my divine guidance and moved to France with a new born baby. I had a house I’d bought, and yet here I was with not a word of decent conversational French. I wasn’t stupid enough to think that ‘Bonjour, je m’appelle Fiona ; Je voudrais un croissant s’il te plaît’ would ever pass if I was in a jam or needed a job.
Worrying was not going to cut it either. I needed a plan. I’d actually never thought about what I’d do to earn money when I got to France.
That’s me I take risks because they feel good at the time. But they usually work out well.
I needed a new angle so I was talking to myself about what Id like, such as Id like to stay at home and care for my baby and future children, I’d like to make the most of living in France, work from home, yes, that’s for sure.
Do something I am passionate about and that would keep my interest up, have me motivated and kept me fit and healthy.
Then as I sat quietly absorbed in my baby boy, I had a light bulb moment I felt in the whole of my body something just landed. I felt excited and relieved and wanted to unpack this latest epiphany.
That single Divine Guidance was a stunningly brilliant idea and was about to change the trajectory of my life and start a whole new career.
Divine Guidance is something that answers your prayers and certainly is something you know you would have never have come up with or thought about doing in a million years.
It was exactly what I could do and be happy doing and so I set about writing the booklet the very next day.
That knowing ‘Feeling’ and the ability to recognise Divine Guidance when it comes, and be consciously aware when it arrives will feel daunting and rather off putting at first, especially at the beginning with so little time and expertise of being internally conscious of what your asking for, of what you really want, or the stories your currently telling yourself.
But the rewards for you of going on this journey will be nothing more than remarkable and be greater than you could ever imagine.
I coach people who are ready to change their inside stories that aren’t serving them, and design a new better story that radically has the world respond to you in magical ways as you receive Divine Guidance towards your goal.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
Say yes in a Dm and ill reach out to you with details
Soul School starts with a taster course on November 1st
Discover for yourself how you are receiving your divine guidance and what it will 100% do for you
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