⭐The Biggest risk I ever took with my Business. ⭐

I knew it wasn’t all about strategy, tracking and 5 year plans, but I admit I did try it…. Yet until I did this I was stuck doing what everyone else was doing….
Are you currently using your spirituality to your best advantage in your business? If not, you’re ignoring a great source of accurate Guidance and strength. Give your spirituality the priority it deserves and apply it to your business activities. You’ll have a significant advantage over those who do not.

⭐Until I considered my Business as conscious and has a mission and will of its own I thought I was the leader, responsible when I could have just asked.

This was 180° different to how I experienced or considered my business and yet I was spiritual and connected to my soul and communicated with the Dragons.
I had manifested guidance for selling and buying houses by asking the house what it needed but never delved quite so deeply with my own business.
After my meditations I took my ability and turned that towards my own business in a way that I’d never done before. The results were astounding even to me.
⭐The technique that works for me every single time, for all of my clients and will work for you – is this: You see your business is conscious and has a bigger purpose to play and your business needs you to step up.
💚1. Drop and shift into your neutral channing space, placing all of your consciousness into your heart center
💚2. Talk to your business and tell her how much you appreciate her and the work you do and will do together. See yourself as a team and in partnership
💚3. Ask, ‘What is my part in this today to serve you and the greater good’ … And listen for the responses to come from the consciousness of your business. Your business is your best guide in this, and is completely able to get you as the human to see your value and what trips you up and become partners, the best combination and the best team.
The risk I took was the biggest I’d ever taken and was to STOP how I had been operating for years and consider my business in the daily plan, see her perspective, see her fullest potential and what my part was in that.
⭐I did not move a muscle in my business unless it was guided. I asked and waited. I practiced and I did the Inspired actions I received.⭐
It was going against the grain of working so hard and so many hours but it paid off.
Wherever you are in your journey, guidance is available, guidance is powerful & I am here to guide you when you are ready… and see that you reach your business as your conscious partner and keep talking and respect the guidance given.
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See how to How To Run your business for the highest potential and good for all, consciously attracting your soul clients without selling your soul or undermining your business and true purpose!
Your spiritual business knows no bounds

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