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ASK your Questions and get your answers:

Banging her head on the table this morning, tears rolling down her face she contemplated giving up – again.
“This is too hard I’m pushing up hill and nothings working, I’m not enjoying the business I created and I don’t know what to do next?”
Thankfully no one else was home or she’d have never have got the next bit of the message and guidance that was there for her to see. Rushing from her office into the kitchen and fridge to make another cup of coffee to give herself time to think.
She sat down with a steaming mug of her favorite coffee and breathed a heavy sigh. She realised her tearful outburst was perfect (and releaved she’d seen this sign) and now she knew that she would have to change something if she wanted to continue with this business.
Its not an option to go and get a job –
Because this was her job or rather her mission to complete.
She knew was being guided and asked to level up and only she could take the next step.
So pen in hand she started to ask the questions the way she had learnt during our course that she’d attended for 12 months to get her soulo to come all the way through and guide her – Now she was asking her questions to her soul and asking for specific practical guidance…….
Dropping into her open head space she listened for the respinses and the guidance she needed
Not afraid to take the action as she once was….
The reason I’m telling everyone (you) this turn around story of my client, is that its in the phases that seem so dark and endless and when we feel trapped, that is when the magic happens, and you will be getting guidance to the next step and the solution based on your questions and ask’s.
Inside you, you will find all the power and magic and how your inside world creates your outside world every single time.
The spells have to be broken of the old ways of doing things and know that you have access to infinate knowing, and the answers to every practical problem that you face.
This is so relevant and I tell this right now because you probably have something you desperately need to have a radical turn around with, and know you can’t do it all alone or in the old ways you’ve come to rely on a repeat to no effective solution.
For my client she saw that she was the one who created the frustration and then the new outcome for herself and you can too, create a radical new way of communicating with your business, your clients and start a new version of your life and have a wildly supportive and proifitable business because you asked and listened.
You also don’t need to conquer this all alone when you can receive the breakthrough in a one to one session where you will learn and practice how to tell when you are getting guidance, and how to adapt to a better concise and clear inside story for yourself.
You will be guided through the steps that clear your thoughts, have you focussed on the outcomes you need, and stop the narrative that keeps you pushing and forcing yourself forward waiting for a miracle.
Here is the miracle.
The business of trusting your intuitive insights, signs and soul guidance starts when youare ready
Want to know what it looks and feels like to have me as your guide?
Send me a message to and Ill be happy to bring your soul out to guide you from now on

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