How Do I Get My Appetite Under Control?


My appetite, like a few other things I could mention and for what seems to be the longest time, had been off the rails and seriously out of control.

However, you could find me out at a party or social function and you could be fooled as I would insist and could kid a fair few, that I was happy and pretended everything was just fine.

You would find me spending the whole time however tucking into a bowl of potato chips avoiding any possible confrontation or any uncomfortable chitter-chatter from the other party goers. So who was I kidding?

And then look who seemed to spend more time trying to pull me together and feel more in control before I went out anywhere. …… Duh Me

There is nothing that responds faster than the body to the thoughts and feelings you have.

Your body literally molds itself depending on the energy coming from your thoughts and feelings.

I seem to have spent an extraordinary long time ignoring certain thoughts and especially my feelings.

Trying to catch that string of words that rapidly crossed my mind, that were a mishmash of so many subjects, all rushing across all at once it was like experiencing a storm in my head. I was surprised not to see lightning or hear thunder crashing around me, because inside that was just what it felt like, a frantic storm.

Catching these thoughts then would be a true feet of remarkable genius as well as having to be faster than speedy Gonzales to hear what these thoughts were. Just when I got close enough to feel into those words and give them some a semblance of meaning, or perhaps what it was that I was actually saying to myself. It would slip away.

All I did catch was I felt a strong urge and sense that I would want to run far, far away.

It was a game I had played for some considerable time now with myself, It was my habit of self-sabotage, that insisted I would avoid looking at any of the issues that I was carrying around inside my head. My fears, my concerns, worries or my disbelief that I could have it a different way. I avoided rather well I thought, as well as I became competent at rejecting help and resist all of what could have made me, more conscious of what it was that exactly made me feel so uncomfortable,

If I am completely honest I would never know what I was supposed to do with these thoughts even if I did catch any of them.

Where do I file them?

How do I let them go?

How can I get to be at peace with them?

How much time would It take?

I’m far too busy and so I avoided.

What I did know was that whenever I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings I would frequently turn to food to numb out the pain, to dumb down the noise and frantic overwhelm of these feelings I was experiencing, that made me feel irritated, disjointed, and kind of unhinged.

My food choices were poor as if to match the low quality of my thoughts and I ate too much as if to match the quantity and quality of the thoughts I was having.

I started to carry more than I should, I experienced a heaviness and gained weight even although I was eating the healthiest food on the planet. I was a raw foodie, detox diva, and still put too much on my plate, and as I chomped through it all and tried to break it down, I knew It was still all too much for one girl to handle in a day. I wanted a simpler life.

I had heard “Never eat when you are emotional” But that was far easier said than done.

Then with one serendipitous encounter, I was given a gift of how to have silence and peace in my mind. I learned how to recode my over mental activity and find more peace and quiet. It was an animal communicator who introduced me to a deeper safe and peaceful place in my mind. I had been asking how I could possibly do this and asking for help, then this showed up and slowed me down to be at a safe pace and then and only then I caught sight of my stories, and habitual one-liners I had never noticed before. And I felt able to explore these statements that had become my normal chatter and created my current limited identity and truths and I saw what it was that I was eating at me.

I chose to release whatever I discovered by doing some mind reframing and recoding exercises as well as energy-releasing rituals and took the time to pay attention to what I noticed were my limiting beliefs, and one by one I changed and recoded that story I had been stuck in, and the next and the next and so on in the gentlest ways I knew.  

I could feel where each one had been sitting in my body, sometimes in my heart, other times in my gut and solar plexus, and then other times in my chest or throat and the effect and influence it was having on me physically, the weight of each story and the tangle of twisted netting it was all caught up in.

One by one I released, each one bringing space and a new peace within me. It was a profound and an experience of deep stillness and I confess I had fewer worries about things and people I could not control or change.   My body relaxed and rested, I was exhausted from carrying all that around with me for so long. I noticed the changes on my body at first, I dropped a dress size, then I noticed I was un-phased by other peoples judgment and drama and soon I could easily be more conscious of what I was feeling in my environment and knew if that feeling belonged to me or if it came from another person and I was just feeling their unease. And let that go too.

The feelings came and went flowing in and out as they should without me feeling I needed to hold onto them or own them. I experienced a fuller spectrum of feelings, deeper wider and a higher elated mood for longer and longer. It felt like I was having a love affair with life its self. I was in awe of every experience.

My body was responding better to the thoughts I was having and the mood I was in.

My body reflected my easier going approach to life and as my thinking slowed down from the busy frantic fill my day with nonsense, I had time to be who I always wanted to be. I noticed my shape changed and size altered then the numbers on the scale changed and went down and kept going down. The notches on my belt dropped and I got into clothes at the back of the wardrobe and threw away the ones that I knew I would never ever wear again.

Join in on my recode sessions every week in Women Winning The World with Weight and Self Worth, where we can see clearly and clear one by one which limiting beliefs and resistance you can still have in the background, and that has you overeating because you are being triggered by your thoughts and feelings that make you feel uncomfortable and you feel out of control.

What’s gone wrong at weight watchers?

‘Whatever they are called this company, is outdated as I believe no-one should be on a weight loss diet for more than 3-5 months”

A longtime symbol of women winning with weight and then the business side of Weight Watchers changed its branding to just WW taking weight and diet out of their brand, and disaster struck in the minds of the shareholders all profits and {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} dipped.

Weight Watchers are big business (no joke 56 years of trading on women weight) and are in the business of making money on women struggling to lose weight. No kidding.

What’s gone wrong at weight watchers?  But, what of the woman who needed to lose weight? How are they doing that’s what I want to know? Are they any of them actually losing weight as the company promises? How many have done 10 + years with Weight Watchers and are still losing the same amount weight over and over again but still paying out monthly?

Women should not I feel be on any long term diet ( or medication for longer than 3 to 6 months ) except in the extreme cases of pain medication (and that comes from the natural medical professionals, not however from the businessmen and woman.)

Women only follow what they are sold to and feel that will maybe work for them because they are somewhat lost and confused how their own body works.

I feel the reason Weight Watchers worked for so many is that it held them accountable week after week. Ladies kept going back to be told if they succeeded and lost weight that week and that good feeling kept them going, or the fear of the humiliation of gained weight keeping them steadily returning to the meetings and subscribing. This I feel is what really assisted them other than anything in the food capacity.

But not all diets work in the same way for every woman, we are all different, we have all had different experiences and therefore need to be treated as individuals with personal needs, and these need to be accounted for alongside watching the food intake.

To be honest I tried Weight Watchers and for me, it was far too restrictive and preachy, so many rules and not enough personal support. I knew back in 1999 that my weight was more likely to be brought on by the stress I was under but did not know how to cope with it at the time. The reason it was not for me could have been more to do with personal taste re the leader of the group where I attended. Or more than likely where I was up to at the time. Having difficulties in my life, family members, career and in my key relationships that drove me to overeat.

You see I feel strongly that weight is not just or all about the food we eat, but far more about the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make us who we are and why we feel the unconscious urges to snack, secretly binge and overeat.

No one should be going to any form of weight class for longer than 3 to 6 months, by then you should have had the help to find your blind spots and work through the root cause to the overeating. We are not meant to stay on the same diet forever, our bodies constantly adapt and shift depending on our environment and our relationships. Our energy, environments the people in them all change as do our needs for food for fuel or food for solace and entertainment.

I am so sad to see so many women stuck struggling with weight when the solution is right at her finger tips if she could only see it or be shown what it is exactly for her and guided gently through it.

In my experience with weight and detox coaching for the past 14 years, there is always something else going on just below the surface, that leads the body to crave more and more food, hold onto weight despite endless diets and exercise or lose the initial weight only to regain it again and again plus a bit more every time.

I have met so many sad women who just want to give up, who just keep losing the same amount over and over again and are literally starving in every other aspect of their life and end up using food.

Take away the sadness, resolve the relationships let this woman grow up, so that she is no longer affected and influenced any more by others dramas and Voila! she no longer needs food in the same way ever again.

Weight Watchers is a business that pretends to care about women who want to lose weight, but they are a business lets not be fooled, just like the food industry, pharmaceuticals, fuel industry and as such just want you to keep paying and never actually lose weight.

The new Branding was decided on only to attract a more up to date clientele, unfortunate for them they bombed.

I would like to see real support for women struggling with weight in the long term, so we can see more statistics that show they are losing weight and overcome the need to turn to food. That would make so many woman happy and love Weight Watchers for real.

“Thank you Fiona, “I am Back in my skinny jeans after 2 months, and so much more awareness around food and what I feel is influencing and affecting me emotionally”

“I would never have lost this weight without overcoming my need to overeat, and that I could have never done without the BIG questions set by Fiona to go beyond the constant diet merry-go-round I was on for the past 20 years”

Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer.


Fiona Runs very successfu getting to the root cause coaching Programs that overcome the need for overeating like :

222 2 stone in 2 months Self-study program

Peace with food 5 videos to reset your relationship with food.

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SEE THE BBC article here about What’s gone wrong with weight watchers? What’s gone wrong with weight Watchers

Exactly what Mindset I used to Lose 2 stone (28lbs), 2 dress sizes all in 2 months

Exactly what mindset I used to Lose 2 stone (28lbs), 2 dress sizes all in 2 months


Women over 40 take note, as this is when the metabolism can slow down and when what you have done before no longer works anymore, Here is what I did and why what you did not longer works as it did.


Today I am going to be getting very clear on the steps I took and the dozens of women over 40 are taking and getting to win with weight and got them to drop those unwanted pounds in a very short space of time.


Works if you’re a vegan, vegetarian, raw plant based foodie, or a meat or a serious carb lover, what ever floats your boat food wise.


We are going to focus on and RELEASE the specific subconscious mental blocks and mindsets that are causing your body to want to keep the weight on.

Get ready to throw out weight loss books, calorie counting apps, and scales… because you won’t need them ever again! You’re about to discover the secrets to real and lasting weight loss, have peace with food, vibrant health, and TOTAL freedom in your body.

You don’t need me to tell you any more things about your food and nutrition – that is not how this works.

So this is *not* a diet or a meal plan. There will be NO RULES.

We’re going to focus on the real reason why you cannot stick to any diet and why weight does not go even when you have starved yourself.. And it’s because you have specific subconscious mental blocks that are causing your body to want to keep the weight on!



I will go into today the action steps I took and how I did them, that meant I put in place the jigsaw pieces that I needed to finish the overall picture and get me to being a woman winning with weight forever.

I was a woman in her 40’s who could not understand what was happening to her body, I literally starved myself and still could not drop weight, I had cravings that I could not control especially at night time or just when I was alone in my car. I was unhappy with myself and my body and battling daily to lose weight and hated my reflection.


When I started to put in the missing pieces ( the pieces that 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get around to looking at) I had avoided looking- thinking I could just do it the way I always had, to eat less and try and move more, but exhausted as I was that was not an option to move more.


So I started to fill in the pieces that I will lay out for you today, and I not only dropped 2 dress sizes but I regained my confidence and I ate more and started to really enjoy food and life again. Big picture I got clear in my mind about who I was, what I wanted instead, what I would look and walk and talk like in the next phase of my life and as a result I lost the excess weight. As a result, I improved communication with my family and in every relationship, I attracted a wonderful man, My career improved to one I reveled in, and I began to love being alive again. So that why today I am sharing exactly what I did to lose 2 stone( 28lbs ) 2 dress sizes and all in 2 months


  1. Nutrition – I discovered that I had sadly been eating to little and eating 50{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the wrong foods to bring me energy and still see me lose weight. I was obsessive about healthy food but it was the wrong fuel for me. My fuel system was all wrong. I took some in depth tests reading my hormones and the chemical culprits and low and behold discovered that I would predominantly do far, far better with one thing I had avoided for the last 40 years. FAT was my predisposed long burning fuel; Now that was me and based on the symptoms I had;

Some women do really well on Carbs and that fast burning fuel suits them down to the ground, gives energy and they can burn and use efficiently with the enzymes they produce and the gut bacteria they have.

Other women do better on Fats ( I know right weird ) and no lean meat or grains. This had me with ample energy and gave access to my fat stores.

Then there are ladies who do far better on a wide range of {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of food groups mixed; living off variety.

There is no ONE FITS ALL HERE.

Once I changed fuel I was off and running, eating more than I had in 30 years , thoroughly enjoying it all and still losing 2lbs a week.

I resisted eating fat as I was hearing all those diets rules in my head and did not believe it. I had to forget everything I had ever learnt about how I had been taught how the body worked and not just on nutrition.


  1. I cleaned up my act with a 7 day detox and digestive cleanse so that the enzymes and gut bacteria were ready to adapt to a new fuel and
  2. I started eating the new fuel in stages to bread and develop the correct internal chemistry to use this fuel for my energy.
  3. I adapted my eating pattern from 3 meals to 2 meals and then 1 meal a day whilst I saw my weight dropping fast I was never hungry as I was running the most efficient fuel for my body.
  4. I then adapted the other equally important pieces of the jigsaw into place one by one……

I mean mindset and how the body communicates with us.


80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get this far. Which is a pity because they will never reach the goal of having weight loss as a done deal and they will still go round in circles looking for which diet comes next. This is not a diet. Throw away your diet books and


The second step I became really aware of what was affecting my body, i.e. when I Hungry . when I ate the wrong foods for me I craved sugars, grains and carbs’ I felt empty really quickly, I had to eat regularly of I got these headaches, felt exhausted, got snappy, irritated moody and had a fuzzy head and could not concentrate

I became really aware also of when and where I felt stressed or uncomfortable. Knowing that these chemical culprits for laying down belly fat were racing around my body causing havoc, I alone had set off these hormones and I alone could stop them. I needed to be more in control of my mindset so that Cortisol, Insulin adrenalin could be turned OFF if I was ever to lose the weight caused by stress hormones. I also got very clever at turning ON the hormones that accessed and turned ON the fat burn, Leptin, Growth Hormone and a few others.

I felt when I was begining to get stressed and each time I began to know who and what was causing it. I got very well practiced at an advanced technique that takes just 5 minutes to and I could do anywhere to reduce my stress down to a zero. I was in control for the firts time ever.

90{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get this far or do what it takes to get in control of their own body. And how she reacts


I became aware that I had changed when I no longer craved the foods or snacks as I used to. 80 {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of my cravings vanished in 4 weeks.


The next step that I took saw me getting familiar with what triggered my stress and began to name those uncomfortable feelings in my mind. I took some further education to learn about my feelings and emotions, having suppressed them for decades I was unfamiliar and did not have a wide range of emotions or know how to deal with a certain situation, let alone express myself in this language. I stifled my self not knowing what I felt.

*I learned a whole range of feelings and how they felt in the body, each feeling having a different vibration, resonance and place where that feeling sat in my body and creating different physical symptoms

*I learned what my anger, hurt, resentment, judged, criticized felt like along with others. Also when I was feeling them and who was bringing that up for me

*I took my time as I wanted to break through this and never have to revisit this again. It was not as painful as I had imagined it would be. I felt lighter and free to be me.

*Each emotion and feeling was released and I discovered there are the BIG 5 that have a massive effect on the ability to let go of the weight. Clearing situations back from before you were born or when you were little, as well as ancestral family patterns and stories and breaking that very chain. This is deep energy healing and so worthwhile. Yet women don’t know about it and never get this far.

*As I lost weight I found that I hit a plateau and could not understand, I understood that I had resistance to actually losing the weight I wanted to lose. I needed help to be coached through this and out the other side; How could I resist what I wanted most of all? BUT I DID

*I had to adopt a completely different mindset one that supported me and let go of the fear of what would happen to me when I lost the weight, This is the biggest block I found in myself and with over 50 {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the women I coach.

*I had the fear that I did not want unwanted attention from men as I had experienced this before, and It felt so horrid so I was stopping myself from ever feeling that by an old contract I put in place with my body and soul.

*I turned the fear of feeling the victim energy into being a woman in her queen energy and that stopped the advances as I had developed a new mindset and stronger protective energy. Far better than extra pounds as protection. My stature changed and I could walk and talk and radiate a new kind of confidence that came from inside.

*I knew what I wanted instead and who I wanted to be and I knew what that felt like.

The woman I wanted to be in the next phase of her life was very different to the woman who I started this journey; I knew I wanted to go all the way and never have to talk or worry about my weight ever again. This was a transformation and along the way I met myself and had begun to like and LOVE myself. Putting myself 1st 2nd and 3rd.

*I kept getting signs to dive deeper to clear all of this up once and for all. I felt at home in my body and gave up fighting with my spirit who had wanted me to do this for years. She made herself known to me so many times in so many ways. She spoke to me through my body and physical symptoms. The weight had been a big lesson that she wanted me to see what I was resisting. To feel what was possible for me

*I now know my inner me, I have her name and I have a strong connection and speak to her every day and ask for guidance. She answers my questions and has brought me so much from confidence to the relationships and the life I always wanted. To living life on purpose and feeling alive and appreciating wholeheartedly where and who I am.


THE BIG 5 Game Changers

What I am offering you today are 8  x 1 to 1 sessions taken over 8 weeks, these are the most intensive release sessions I do, Using advanced techniques to release trapped emotions. I’ve heard it said they are like surgery with out any tears. We concentrate on letting go of the mindset and emotions – so that you can consciously create the physical experience you are after from the inside out.


8 mind-blowing sessions that release you from your BIG 5 beliefs and mindsets designed just for you – such as: guilt, fear, anger, judgments, disappointment, rejection, fear, not feeling good enough, deserving enough, humiliation, confusion, Self Doubt…. so that you are totally free from creating more of the same.

Free to move on…. without that trap door being always open and held somewhere yin our background, which is sabotaging your every move and all the effort you have ever made to losing weight. 

I am Fiona Robertson The Body Renewer and here is how I work.

I offer these sessions as clearing so that you can move forward ask me to qualify by setting up an initial call here in my schedule.

 I will get back to you with a questionnaire so our call can be the most efficient and productive 

I look forward to mleeting you very soon and clearing away the BIG 5.


The 3 things Vegans need to help them burn fat and stay super healthy.

Emotional Eating

The 3 things Vegans need to help them burn fat and stay super healthy.

Are all Vegans healthy?

Are all Vegetarians healthy?

And the easiest part by far for Vegans or Vegetarians is the cutting out the meat part.

But if you are running on empty with these three essential ingredients that I am going to cover off today you will not allow your body to lose weight no matter how little you eat. Your missing some vital foundations in your chosen diet

As a vegan or as a vegetarian, that’s the easy part to say “I just won’t eat meat, then I’ll be healthy and slimy” – maybe you’ve made your decision based on what you’ve heard, that there is so much yuk in meat now, hormones, toxins, and you just don’t want to digest or have that in your body, let alone the moral standpoint many of us take based on not wanting to eat animals. SO, let’s get clear what we need to include as a vegan or vegeterian when we cut out some sources of nutrients in our diet.

What so many of us forget is to include these 3 essentials that everybody needs to stay healthy, if we miss the very foundation of what builds the body, the body cannot release the weight.

So today I have covered off the 3 essential things that we need to be including to keep us in TIP TOP shape with energy to burn.

The macronutrients

The electrolytes

The LOvE.

So let’s take a quick look first at the superfoods that you will do incredibly well to support you, that build great foundations when you change your diet and want to stay incredibly healthy

I am Fiona Robertson the body Renewer and a Body Whisperer and you will find me with a shopping trolly full of fresh dark green salads from the market every Friday and with lots of plants and veggies for the whole week. Following my body code. You know if you ask anyone, especially my kids what it is I actually eat? they will say SALAD… but possibly they will miss all the other stuff I am doing that keeps me healthy and sane. So that I still enjoy eating at the table with the family.

I have experimented with food for what seems like ever, over 40 years and at least I know I have it down for what works for me and what I love to eat. And I have my sanity back. Yes, I admit I went a little mad, being obsessed with food and got all stressed and bent out of shape about food. I even ended up overeating on the healthiest food, as I was not considering my stress levels when I was dieting, This was insanity and why I am sharing the foods that considerably help you stay sane.

For months on end, I depleting my stores by detoxing and extreme dieting away all of my stores of the good stuff I am going to share with you today were at ZERO, and it was then I bottomed out and discovered why that had happened to me. It was then that I started to listen to my body, her cravings, her symptoms, and the stubborn weight even at my starving point and I began to hear what she needed, wanted and lacked most. Cravings for seaweed, salt or chocolate were all signs of a depleted system.

So today lets concentrate on the 3 essential elements we need to include to stay in TIP TOP form assisting your mental state as well as your physical state – when we change our diet want to lose some pounds and stay healthy in the mind and body.


You see I know now what it takes to keep those macronutrients charged. They are all available naturally and via not chemical supplements, that take just minutes to take, but that help you stay super healthy and fully charged. You can still take them when you are travelling and keep you fat burning and the weight loss at an optimum and feeling full of energy on the busiest of days.

Macronutrients are the energy or calories in the food that we eat, these comes from three main macronutrients: proteinsfats, and carbohydrates. Macro means large, and these basic nutrients are necessary in large quantities to sustain our growth, metabolism, and other bodily functions. To keep us healthy, saddly some of us removed a big portion and never replaced the basic foundatioins of what kept us feeling healthy and able to run a busy life long term.

The macronutrients include:

  • Carbon (C)
  • Hydrogen (H)
  • Oxygen (O)
  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)


Here are the TOP Macronutrients I love to inform you about today.

Chlorella, Loaded with essential green Chlorophyll, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals and gives you lots of energy.

Astronauts even take these when they go into space they are so packed with essential Macronutrients


Moringa leaf or the whole plant including in the nut, leaf and bark, has been proved to seriously lower blood sugar levels.


Spirulina strong neuro protectors in it. 4 x antioxidents as the best blueberry. Wow


Mint: Anti microbic, anti viral, anti tumour, Anti allergenic and anti oxidic properties and it is very tasty

Found growing everywhere all around the world and has 100’s of different varieties. I particularly love my chocolate mind plant…


Macha Macha Tea, known for reducing stress and promote relaxation and enhance mental clarity,

Now Who does not want that. Any way what was I saying. ???, mmm Oh yes.


Wheat grass: 1 ounce is all you need and that will be equivalent to a tabletop of fresh vegetables. Like 2 lbs of greens.

As I say to my kids who were the prettiest people in the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ and WHO lived forever YES –the Elfs, So light and agile and such a good aim with the bow and arrow. Depicting GREAT health and who only ate salads much to the repulsion of the dwarfs..


Ashwaganda, Lowers anxiety, helps with stress levels, and listen to this decreases depression. Wow let’s take a bucket today.


Turmeric: Curcuma if you’re in France or Europe, FAR superior to treating depression with that old Prozac that everyone has known someone to take at some time, numbing them out from life. Cashews also by the way great for alleviating depression. And Turmeric a must for lowering Blood sugar levels;


Lemon, helps to enormously to flush and de toxify the body.


Beets: help with energy in a workout and with stamina. Well basically they are grown as a root crop develop below the ground so are in fact a sugar, well who knew.

They are not on my list but as good for me but if you are moving and exercising a lot a lot they are a good source of fuel. If you are stagnant for a lot of the day then don’t drink beet juice its pure sugar. That goes for many of these popular juices just a complete nonsense sugar party . You may as well drink a soda pop.


Monk fruit, No insulin spikes with this sugar alternative. 170 X sweeter than sugar and no insulin spikes. Zero Calories. Not that I’m advocating cutting calories Your body needs fuel but you may just be the one who is fueled not by sugars. Monk fruit is ZERO glycemic index so does not spike insulin. BONUS.


There are many other foods that act super well and give us so much in the way of macronutrients such as seaweed, Coconut oil,


2nd Essential element Love in your food;

Quick tip if you hate a food don’t take it, If it smells and makes your stomach turn, please don’t force yourself to swallow it down even if you have been told it is the healthiest thing on the planet.


YOUR BODY IS SPEAKING TO YOU AND SAYING NO!!! Please no, don’t eat that.


Learn to listen to your body and what she wants as much as a list of superfoods that someone is trying to sell you in a plastic carton. Search with your eyes when you go shopping what looks so appetizing, and what foods pop up into your head when you say “Ohhh what do I want to eat right now?”

Then go and make it and enjoy every mouthful. Delight in the texture, flavor and ask your body to absorb what she needs.

Be reasonable and listen carefully to your body who gave you that craving to overeat on chocolate, crisps or sweets? it is just her way to banish and avoid feeling hurt or angry again after a sad or dramatic emotional day.

Learn the difference between a craving for nutrients and a craving for numbing put a painful memory.

Eat the food you really enjoy, find delicious, tasty and that you absolutely love.

In most high street restaurants you will never experience the love that the chef puts into your food, Not like your mother did when she prepared food for her family to enjoy all together around the table.

Get to know if you enjoy your meals and if you love to eat in big a crowd or eat alone, or eat in silence or eat in amongst the noise. What do you prefer?

Get to know how you love to eat and how that fills your senses as much as the food itself. Eating and food is an experience and the environment is equally as important to your digestion. So much stress can come from being at the table, family crisis, judgments, arguments OR you could see that as your wonderful family dynamics and just love and miss the atmosphere. And thrive off it, yet sitting alone eating your lunch at your desk or on the run you may miss these essential elements for you and leave you feeling empty and hungry all afternoon or evening, and giving into cravings.

Discover what you miss when you eat and feed yourself, as much of these missing nutrients know that we are not just looking at the vitamins and minerals but essential nourishment.


3rd essential element electrolytes.

These are rarely and hardly ever talked about, But if you have every visited a sick person in the hospital or watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ TV series they always talk about a persons electrolyte levels. BINGO!

So we need electrolytes but what are they and how do we make sure we have enough.

The electrolytes in a human body must include:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • calcium
  • bicarbonate
  • magnesium
  • chloride
  • phosphate

Common symptoms of an electrolyte disorder include:

  • irregular heartbeat.
  • fast heart rate.
  • fatigue
  • lethargy
  • convulsions or seizures.
  • nausea
  • depression
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea or constipation. Digestion system and weight gain


5 Foods to Replenish Electrolytes

  1. Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of electrolyte calcium. … (not vegan)
  2. Bananas are known to be the king of all potassium containing fruits and veggies. …
  3. Coconut Water. …
  4. Watermelon…
  5. Avocado


Best source of all the minerals needed for electrolytes.

For starters, this remarkable salt has over 80 essential minerals and elements including, sulphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. Himalayan pink salt also contains far less sodium than other traditional table salts because it is less refined. And the health benefits don’t stop there.

To make a drink full of electrolytes you can make a sole; ASK me for the PDF to make this electrolyte drink and Ill send over the PDF recipe sheet

Take it from me you need these Macronutrients, Electrolytes and that missing LOVE in your food and meal times as much as anything else to fill you up on all levels, these tiny invisible ingredients make all the difference to weight loss.

If you want to dive deeper I am happy to work out with you your Body Code and what your missing and ideal fuel for your body to burn off fat.

Suitable for Vegan, vegetarians whatever you love to eat. Take the quick BODY CODE QUIZ NOW


If you find that you want to reduce stress and have hormones running riot and you are gaining weight give yourself the opportunity to spend 1 hour with me and come away with a clear plan of action to reduce stress, secret eating, depression, physical symptoms and the chemical culprits that have your body protecting you and storing fat. Then I am here to make al that as easy and as quick as possible.

Let’s get you on a fast track call ASAP.


If you want to have a print out of the full list of essential Macro Nutrients and the Recipe for the life saving Electrolyte drink then I will send you that PDF.



Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer

3 ways to tell if your overeating and cravings are triggered by a toxic relationship

3 Ways to Tell if your Cravings are being Triggered by Toxic Relationships.

This event is all about the 3 ways to tell if you are triggered to overeat which is so often the case and you can find these triggers and be aware of how they could turn up in different ways be that;
night time eating syndrome,
out of control cravings and or
generally, overeating that can and will be being triggered by your toxic relationships, and how you can to quickly defuse them.

I feel really strongly that relationships are some of the hardest things we have to navigate in this lifetime and on planet earth. That’s why I am offering this insight to:
1. know what happens to our energy body when we are not coping with a relationship.
2. when to know you have been triggered
3. how it feels you have been triggered
4. Ways to cope better with confrontational relationships rather than blow up, cry or shut down.

Fiona helped me to get past my relationship pattern and issues and so now I feel totally unaffected by all their drama’s. Remarkable really as it took me until I was 50 plus to grow up and do this. I lost 4lbs in 1 week by lifting off this negative toxic relationship and feel free for the first time ever. Wowsers so much gratitude…. Gail

It is great that you are here and watching or reading this, so that I can help to show you when and how to simply neutralize the stress and that dense energy caused in the body by the feeling of confrontation, which then, in turn, leads to a need for protection when we are faced with ongoing toxic relationships.
But I wanted to also mention that sometimes we are so used to these feelings that we have in those relationships, we are oblivious to the amount of stress it causes, it seems normal but it’s not and you could feel much much better..

I am Fiona Robertson and I am the Body Renewer and I am a Body Whisperer. And I support women to have techniques to cope better in their day and with people and how others affect them, to feel supremely confident in themselves, build better boundaries and express themselves in every relationship so they are heard and seen with respect.

All my courses have this part to do with relationships in them, as this is so powerful at clearing and works at releasing the trapped heavy dense and churning energy surrounding the relationship patterns we attract over and over, and how not to attract the same relationship in others.

Relationships are such a stressful part of our day and cause us in turn to seek comfort and that usually means FOOD and overeating be that immediately the event is over or later that day or night.

That is why this event is so important.

So today I am going to share with you the 3 Ways to Tell if your Cravings have been Triggered by Toxic Relationships
1. so the first way to know if you are being triggered by a toxic relationship is that you will certainly have a physical response, depending on the nature of the confrontation. Not all confrontation is aggressive and overt often it is passive aggressive and sly. So you will experience some of these feelings i.e. hold your breath, feel a contraction in your upper belly (solar plexus), feel sick, want to run for the door – but can’t get away, feel rage, red in the face, cry because you feel trapped, feel faint, you will get wind in the stomach due to the release of hormones and chemicals that affect the gut bacteria, Feel exhausted, and not least feel a void inside you, (like your empty) that you want to fill and so just after or later that evening in private when the house is quiet you will binge like nobodies business, That empty feeling also comes because so much stress has caused your body to use up every available ounce of sugar pushing adrenalin around the body and now all your reserves are gone, You need to refuel of burn out.

2. It’s the job of the body to protect you and she will do this any way she knows how, so that means she will want you to feel better and relax and that’s why food is often our first go to solution. Its quick handy and momentarily satisfying. So watch the events of the day, and who and what is upsetting you. I teach every woman how to use the stress scale to become aware when she is feeling uncomfortable and how to know how much danger she is in and talk herself down to far less stress, so she can cope better in these situations and have a far better chance of expressing herself with what she wants without screaming or crying. The body is fantastic and the more you experience stress the more she will keep a reserve for you to use up in times of stress, Maybe you don’t know you are under such stress it seems normal, others don’t feel the same. That’s because no one else experiences the world as you do. Your predisposed level of how you cope with certain sorts of stress will also vary, work stress deadlines and colleagues might be fine, compared to ex-partner or children confrontations or dealing with a sick or testy mother.

3. The need for protective energy flows and senses through your body sees this confrontation as a threat, and is being driven by how well you do or don’t cope, she is reacting to your feelings and your thoughts.
The energy becomes denser the more often you think or experience the same feeling over and over again. It’s on literally on guard and vigilant. The energy of this that collects in your body, will be located in one part of your body and causes you after a certain length of time a physical symptom. such as :
neck and shoulder aches and pains from carrying too much responsibility for too long, or
backache from general lack of support,
lower back – financial worries and
Middle back – all that stuff back there, guilt and people on your back
upper back – lack of emotional support,
Stomach – inability to work with new ideas, dread and fear
Leading to digestion problems which show you that you can’t digest your surroundings often ends up in IBS, gastro, Diarrhea and constipation.

The longer the confrontation is not resolved or paid attention to, (usually because you are happily ignoring it hoping it will go away or get better) by overeating or drinking every night, the energy tends to grow and takes over a section of the body often having a suffocating and constant empty feeling attached to it. Once this energy is released with techniques such as advanced energy healing work your breathing and eating habits will return to normal.

So if you can’t sit and watch TV without a snack or treat, or if you come home and open the wine and crisps, or have a snack drawer at work that empties pretty regularly PM me and let’s dive deeper.

You will know when you are ready to go all the way and become that woman who is radiant and confident because you will feel terrible about yourself, hate the need to constantly eat and it will have had an affect on your wardrobe choices every day and your at that point where you need to get in control of your eating because you have an event or someone you want to look fab for.

So if you’re ready to dive deeper gain unwavering confidence, consistently lose weight, without taking away all your treats so you can double your weight loss in a very short space of time. Tell me.

And if your sitting there thinking I don’t want to continue like that because 2019 will look the same as 2018 and that didn’t live up to my expectations then, If your struggling with that then I would say don’t suffer in silence. If you haven’t already found the answers you are not likely to alone or wake up with all the answers tomorrow, fact is whilst your waiting for the answers to come to you and these situations to resolve them selves, or by ignoring thevery dayday, you will just be repeat behavior that got you here in the first place – Until your eating as a coping mechanism is so far down the track that it will take you even longer to pull yourself back.

So I know for sure that what you are really hungry for, and it is not found in the night time snacks or habitual cravings, so if you want to gain more confidence, lose from 1 to 3 stone by consistently dropping 2 lbs a week and these tips have helped you to see better – great, but

If you want more and to deep dive, then because these are just tips – then what I will say to you is: Post “YES” in the comments or reach out to me by E-mail or by personal message, because I can see you get past the overeating habits and night time routines, and I can give you the clear steps you need, to change what will actually and guarantee to resolve the issue at hand.
And help you from being oblivious to your craving triggers and feeling so out of control which will allow you to change you from where you are now to having an easier way forward, you’ll know what to do and how to put it into practice.

Say “YES” and take the NEXT STEP and receive your FREE Download of the PDF “What are the deeper meanings behind your craving?” 

🧐😜Unless you try you will never know. Sometimes you just have to do something different and that you have never done before. Who knows what can happen, you don’t know if you never try and find out.

What ladies are saying about Fiona
I never knew how magical this whole journey was going to be, I have made some huge leaps and a major transformation way beyond what I believed was possible, I have lost 3 stone ( 35lbs) in just over 6 months having never getting past 1 stone then re gaining it again and some. For the last 10 plus years. Fiona has worked miracles with my mind body and soul. I feel so confident and never better in my re sculpted body, I have gone places and changed my life because of this program. I feel I will always feel priceless and I know how. Thank you over and over again.” Jemma. 2018

“Fiona does what she says on the tin, I am 2 stone (28lbs) down in 5 months, food cravings down and peace in the relationships I had encountered such struggle and turmoil with all my life” Elaine 2018

“Fiona your 222 program delivered to me what I had been missing for decades, 2 stone off in 2 months. You taught me how to grow up and be a woman. Thank you . Wendy 2018…/

I am here all week and feel free to ask me any questions.

Fiona Robertson
Body Renewer
Body Whisperer
3 ways to tell if your cravings are being triggered by toxic relationships

3 reasons your unable to stop your night time cravings

3 reasons your unable to stop night time cravings, (whatever these cravings are for you). So you can gain more confidence whilst you are consistently losing weight.


Today we are looking at the three biggest reasons your having night time cravings and can’t stop, and how to turn these around quickly so that you can gain more confidence whilst you are consistently losing weight, without feeling that someone has taken all the candy away from the baby and not given you any ways of coping in return.


I’m Fiona Robertson the Body Renewer and health coach specializing in eating disorders from cravings to utter food confusion.


Isn’t it better to find out the reason behind the craving because it has you seriously over eating, ( which is gaining the weight ) then give you the solution so that you can quickly and easily find out what you were really hungry for all the time and fulfill that.


I had Marie tell me recently that she stopped her night time munching routine and hadn’t even realized it.

I had Melanie tell me she can see what she is doing now and smiles at herself and is well on the way to reaching the change she always wanted

And I had Sally and Jackie both tell me that they had lost weight just by having a new perspective on what their night time eating was about. They both lost 2 stone (28lbs) just by getting the solutions they personally needed and releasing the need for all that candy craving at night.

3 reasons you have -night time cravings


The first reason then why we often find ourselves craving food at night time even when we are not hungry is.

  1. Something happened during the day that we could not cope with, we say we had a bad day and it leaves us feeling empty and maybe used, criticized, judged, told off, we feel bad and that we are not good enough. These emotions are just a sample but generaly we say I had a stressful or bad day. The evening comes and we have eaten but it did not fulfill the gaping hole we have and we still feel empty. That place in the top of the belly where our self-confidence sits; We were knocked and nothing seems to make us feel better, eating however has a way of relaxing us and superficially helping us through temporarily, Then the next day the issue is unresolved and we repeat the process. The evening is the time when its quiet in the house and when we have the time to process the day and our feelings, however, 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women are oblivious to the triggers from their emotions as to why they were triggered and never get to the root cause; So food is the only choice until we can clear it. Does this woman feel she is unfulfilled and can have an empty sensation even if she has eaten well? Even the healthiest food cannot fix this need. If this woman goes on a diet its set for disaster.
  2. The second reason is that the gut our digestive system has millions and trillions of bacteria all ready to feed off what we give her, however if you have given her a sugar-based diet for decades she craves sugar and will crave sugar over and over again as sugars are a fast energy source and get used up rather fast especially if you are stressed and active running around. The gut will send you chemical messages to eat more. The evening is no different even if you have eaten a very large dinner your gut still needs more even if your not hungry, she cannot turn off the neurotransmitters to ask for food. There are way to reprogram her which I will happily go into at length if this is you. The busy rushed woman low on energy and feeling tired all the time..
  3. The third and last reason I will touch on today is the woman who hears constant messages and feels herself overlooked in her career and in her home life, feels she is wasting her time and does so much for others. She tells herself I’m not appreciated, I am forgotten, I don’t exist I deserve more. I bend over backward for everyone and still nothing. So when is it my turn?

This woman is feeling she deserves more and will find ways to take it. Food or extra shopping, maybe give herself bigger helpings and steal food when no one is looking. She craves something at night because she wants more out of life and is unfulfilled, maybe bored and lives a mediocre life. There has got to be more for her and there is and it’s not food I can tell you. I know I have been here too.


My promise is that 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of your cravings can be cleared in just 4 weeks once you know the root cause and how to fix it.


So if you can’t sit and watch TV without a snack or treat PM me and let’s dive deeper.


If you’re ready to go all the way and gain the confidence and consistently lose weight, without taking away all your treats so you can double your weight loss. Tell me.


If any of these 3 reasons resonate with you tell me which woman do you resonate with?

And if your sitting there thinking I don’t want to continue like that because 2019 will look the same as 2018 and that didn’t live up to my expectations then, If your struggling with that then I would say don’t suffer in silence. If you haven’t already found the answers you are not likely to alone and wake up with all the answers tomorrow, fact is whilst your waiting for the answers to come and the situations to resolve themselves by ignoring them every day will just repeat itself until your eating as a coping mechanism is so far down the track that it will take longer to pull you back.

So I know for sure that what you are hungry for is not found in the nighttime cravings, so if you want to gain more confidence, lose from 1 to 3 stone by consistently dropping 2 lbs a week and these tips have helped you great, but


If you want more and to deep dive, then because these are just tips then what I will say to you is: Post “YES” in the comments or reach out to me by E-mail or by personal message, because I can see you get past the overeating habits and nighttime routines, and I can give you the clear steps you need to change that will actually resolve the issue at hand

And help you from being blind to your craving triggers and feeling so out of control which will allow you to change you from where you are now to have an easier way forward, you’ll know what to do and how to put it into practice.

During our finding your overcoming cravings call to gain confidence and consistently lose weight, we can explore if we are a good fit to work further together, and at the end of the day if you feel that we are suited to dive deeper together and you feel this is a good fit for you or not. It’s OK.. that’s entirely your choice with no pressure because that is also the big thing its OK to say NO.


So remember the 3 reasons you have night time cravings even when you’re not hungry are:

  1. Emotional – you are stressed and have not been able to process and release the days or history of ongoing events. Ask me about the 222 program to reduce stress, restore resilience and build stronger boundaries for yourself.
  2. Physical – Your GUT is craving sugar, this is a chemical reaction that is quickly reversed in a short week ask me about the Home Detox Box -reset enzymes, gut bacteria, hormones and stop your physical cravings.
  3. Mental – Feeling unfulfilled unappreciated and your mind is going crazy what to do next, overwhelmed with over thinking and rushing around and you do believe me deserve more. Ask me about how to release and clear over thinking and the long term solutions I provide.


Unless you try you will never know. Sometimes you just have to do something different and that you have never done before. Who knows what can happen, you don’t know if you never try and find out.


I am here all week and feel free to ask me any questions.


Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer

Body Whisperer