How deep satisfaction saved my life


Confessions of a Body Whisperer – how to become a deeply satisfied person.

The sun was shining, I was sitting outside on my new decking on Saturday morning and soaking up the morning sun, writing a bit and setting up my day ahead. When it struck me – yet again – I don’t need anything else other than this. I am filling up on “I am satisfied and fulfilled”. BOOM

I was feeling it again, I love my house, I love my boys I love, love, love myself and I appreciate my man, I appreciate my business, I love the garden I have planted, I am a very satisfied woman. I am extremely satisfied as a person!

Note to self  ‘this is how you turn around physical symptoms that have pested you for literally decades’.


That feeling that was so rare before – but now I know where to go find it for myself.

Later on Saturday, I had a call with a lovely woman who said I don’t know where to start, I’m finding it difficult to start and get going on your Phenomenal Inner Strength program. We are 3 weeks in and I so want to feel in control again, strong and I know only I can make me feel strong – but I am stuck can’t put pen to paper because I don’t know what I want, You know If I did know I’d be doing it – right?

Fiona: “How do you make me do that?”

Within 30 minutes we’d turned her energy around 180°, from feeling in despair and sad and useless to feeling so ALIVE in her body that she could feel exactly what she wanted to feel the most, She was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, throwing her head back and Laughing and she remembered who she was and was 100% ready to go and get her.

She had found the missing nutrient that would replace the happy pills she had been put on, and the extra food she’d endlessly tried using to fulfill herself with.

She had awakened her spirit again and was reconnected to her Higher Self who was showing up and telling her what would be the best for her, and what to go after, what she wanted, what she needed and was lacking the most – this did not come from her mind, in the way of – I feel good after shopping, spending lots on clothes and trinkets or having success in business, and working really hard or how she would feel in a slimmer body …..NO it came from the feelings her spirit and higher self showed her in just 30 minutes. She had reconnected with herself her true desires with her higher self and she felt amazing.

This is the feeling that brings about the added bonus of positive physical consequences, that releases all those aches and pains and symptoms, that see your body release persistent physical symptoms that have plagued you for years and even decades.

That is how I made her do that!

That is how she will stay on track because that feeling she understood in 30 minutes was the best feeling she could ever have, that would keep her spirit alive and not have her slip back to sleep and accept whatever crap or crumbs other people threw at her.

That feeling that raised her spirits was a personal message just for her from her Higher Self and now that she has that, she will never slip back to sleep or forget who she is and who she came here to be.

Becoming a High Spirited woman sees you reconnected to your Higher Self and 3 major benefits of that re connection are that :

  1. You go after what your spirited woman wants and respect and appreciate yourself,
  2. You Know what you want and you never accept crumbs and lousy behavior ever again you put yourself 1st 2nd and 3rd.
  3. You build Phenomenal Inner Strength from knowing your Higher Self and finding out how much she has always loved and been there for you if you could have only heard her.

My confessions is that it comes so naturally to me now and that I can turn anyone’s energy around 180° in just 30 minutes and seek out the feeling your Higher Self wants for you to feel so ALIVE in your body you will never go back to sleep, ignore or send her a torrent of dissatisfied words

Reconnecting long term and Locking in and living from that feeling that your Higher Self so wants you to experience is an energy that takes practice and I have so many methods to help you stay there.

That is why I created the Phenomenal Inner Strength program. Turning around your physical body for the better and living the life you could only dare to dream of.


So Much Love


What physical experience do you most want to experience?

A great deep love so you can feel that level of LOVE

Start a family so that you can feel the bliss of family life

Move countries to live and feel you have a more outdoor life

Slim down to feel incredibly alive as you ride fast on horse back, motor bikes and jet ski’s

Clear up the aches and pains to feel freedom

Run a successful business so that you can travel and feel, see and smell each country you travel to.

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