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Questions about which diet should I follow often come into my mail box and message box, which diet is best for diabetes? which diet is best for fast fat release? which diet is best for reducing the swollen belly?

I am not going to tell you what you should or should not eat because I know that your choice of diet is firmly based on your beliefs about nutrition and food and that will be at the forefront of your mind. Because I believe and trust from experience that your beliefs are what will actually create your health for you.

Some believe that diets are the only way to get back into the body they crave and live a happy and normal life, and others who believe exercise is everything and others who have tried everything begin to believe that there is something else at stake here.

So if you believe that a diet will improve your chances to regain your body and vitality, then it most likely will try yet another diet. I know you will still continue to try every diet until you’ve tried them all because that is your belief, so why not add in these complementary aspects that see that the next diet actually works this time.

Quite frankly, I am not a fan of diets per say. For one thing, your natural health system and immunity is complex and personal to you as an individual. It involves much more than a simple change in nutrition to alter your bodies physical reducing the size and weight response. In addition, all diets have a form of force and restriction which has your body holding onto and storing fuel as fat due to the panicked brain being in fear of starvation and living on a limited supply of food and satisfactory.  These are as toxic to your system as eating junk food, which also has your body starving of nutrition, your body will have lost all trust that you will ever eat normally and your metabolism is now shot or worse, on the very verge of irreparable.

I have written extensively about the fatal and debilitating “side effects” of the diet industries products on the shelf to tempt you to take pills and powders. And there has been no evidence since then to convince me in the benefits of continuing on the restrictive calorie diet or fake food path, regardless of the delusional adverts trying to convince you otherwise. The bodies inability to lose weight and keep it off or in a cycle of regaining the same weight over and over again is evidence enough for me, that this diet or product is not the trick that you hoped it would be.

I am equally opposed to any strict alteration of food without taking into consideration of someone’s personal history, as well as what they are currently struggling with at home or in their career or what they carry with them from years of broken relationships or abusive childhood events and for many other reasons the body is seemingly misbehaving, that I won’t get into here.

But, whatever you believe, one thing is for certain: When you diet, you’re altering your metabolic, fuel, gut bacteria, hormones and your immune systems are all disrupted. So, needless to say, if you plan to diet for any reason, be sure to read the following guidelines and ask the right questions that concern you personally, and weigh up the facts about each diet option so that you can make an informed holistic decision about what you are potentially feeding and putting into your mind, body and soul

When deciding to start a new diet program does it take into consideration these 7 steps:

  1. Your personal goal, in 3 reachable & believable stages for you
  2. Your current state of mind and set out a clear step by step re training of your mind and re programming in new beliefs
  3. Your level of sleep and time to gather evidence and assimilate what you are re learning
  4. Your hormone levels and which chemical culprits need turning off to stop the hording of fat
  5. Your hormone levels and which chemicals need turning on to access the fat stored
  6. Does it feed your soul, nurture & feed your appetite for life
  7. Does it clearly have you stepping into character of that body of the healthy person you fantasize about in every detail to train your mind and experience of how life will be as a woman who has won and loves her body.

If your diet program does not cover any of these steps as well as being personally guided to which nutrition suits your specific Body Code because of your beliefs and circumstances, then you are only looking at 10% of the whole picture and missing the real juice, of what can really make your body happy on the inside and go onto create a new experience for you with Peace with Food and in the NIP.

Fiona Robertson

Soul Parnering

Feeding your soul so you never need to feed your face again

2 ways of working with me.

1. Peace with Food

Peace with Food and Attitude is a 60 day support and coaching program to see you fall in love with yourself again, in a body and mind that feels strong, resilient, FULL of energy and healthy.

We will work through this together – during the next 8 weeks you will learn how to nourish yourself again that is best to support your personal health goals. Your body will thank you as you start a love affair with healthy food, and a healthy attitude never look back.

2. Consultation Call.

Take 20 minutes to discover yourself as the healthy slim person you fantasize about becoming, with all of your fears, worries and reasons for overeating cast aside.

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