It’s an Inside Job – The only person You can change in You

Coming to you from behind our desks from inside our homes, Nikki Gangemi and I discuss the ways you can change from the inside out.

The decisions we made and how we got over the fear of making big changes for ourselves.

What we both strongly believe that we are being given a unique opportunity right now to make a massive change in the way that we choose to operate, the decisions we make that empower ourselves to seek out what we value and what we want most.

This is not a time to remain average and doing what you have always done just to pay your bills. You and I and we all have an opportunity in front of us right now to make the changes we have said we want to see.

NEVER settle for mediocre when you can have amazing, NEVER accept half measures or have the attitude of “that will do, and that’s enough for me’ but instead design and create your days ahead with what matters most to you.

Never before have we had the time and been in a better time to retreat and reboot ourselves as the confident empowered self-thinking and self-knowing, creative being we are here to be. Your imagination is the strongest most potent tool you have for changing your circumstances, having a new relationship with your self, others, your career and with your body and soul. You get to choose how the rest of your life will pan out.

In this interview, we talk candidly about that feeling when you reach that pivotal point and are feeling dead inside and suffocated and maybe have questions like “Is this all there is?” and then the journey to discovering that life has so much more to offer you once you decide to put yourself first.

It’s like experiencing ‘chalk and cheese’ and moving from living life in shades of grey to walking under the rainbow into the multicolored, vibrant fully sensory life, with heightened sounds, tastes, and experiences. It’s a world party just waiting for you to take that quantum dive into.

Coming home to you and recreating yourself as the woman winning the world requires you making choices and partnering up with yourself as your soul self. It can feel really scary and can feel like you are about to die or disappear, and maybe you will disappear but only as you are today. However equally, if you stay in your mediocre life you will equally feel you have disappeared and have that feeling that you have died somewhere inside too, living in that grey zone feeling bored, frustrated and you’ve missed out on the life you fantasized about.

You get to choose who you want to be for the next phase and the rest of the phases of your life.

Are you curious and ready to partner with your Soul and take a leap of faith. Only to be caught by the safety net of your Soul who will never see you fall or fail. She has you, as is the most powerful superhero you can imagine and all of that is held within YOU.

Your Soul LoVes you more than you can imagine, always has and always will.

Your Soul is more powerful than you can comprehend- its smarter than a computer and more powerful than nuclear warfare. Your soul is endless, infinite and timeless and it’s waiting for you to say Hello.

“The Soul is the truth of who we are”- Marianne Williamson

Your Soul has been with you for lifetimes and can bring to you whatever you desire. You only have to ask and show her what you desire and she will work miracles and move mountains to deliver that to you.

Have faith in yourself, you are not alone and partner up with your soul so that you get to know yourself better and better and have the freedom you seek.

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