With diabetes on the rise, many women are pre diabetic and don’t even know it.

Women are struggling to combat the battle with a body that feels like it is misbehaving, and no matter how hard they try somehow the body always wins and gets the better of them
It’s a shame because the solution is right at your finger tips.

I have put together a challenge that demonstrates the hidden elements that no one is talking about, because everyone is concentrating on the food being the enemy when there are much bigger influencers to the bodies ability to re configure itself.

Women’s bodies start to respond differently at around 45 to 50. Their hormones are changing fast and this has a dramatic effect on the bodies hormones, and all of a sudden sugary foods are craved more than ever and pushes the hormone insulin into the muscles for energy. Because we feel we are exhausted.

This hormone Insulin also pushes excess sugar into belly fat and the liver where it is converted into FAT. And build and builds over time. Leaving us with a problem of dealing with sugar and glucose.

We can become insulin resistant where the insulin no longer works to lower the building presence of sugar in the blood stream and then over time we can’t provide enough of it because of the surges and our inability to balance the sugar and then the complete absence of sugar driving the insulin through the roof or giving us cravings for sugar and the cycle continues over and over again.

By altering the chemical bias in our bodies and looking to a new type of fuel that matches our Body Code depending on age, and the amount of energy we need in any given day we can successfully stop the hormone insulin wrecking our bodies storing unnecessary fat around our bellies.

There are other undisclosed HUGE contributing factors to this that go unmentioned by health professionals that are left un-dealt with but have an equally disastrous effect on the body.
The antidote to curb the hormones raging is a simple and very effective one and I will unravel this for you in a flash over in Women Winning The World. Weight, Wealth and Self Worth. Face Book Group

Each week I will be covering one essential element that will see your hormones, mindset, nutrition and ability to access the fat stores back in control and you at the helm of a body that works for you

When you follow the steps as I lay them out you cannot help but be a Woman winning the Wolrd. Weight wealth and worth.

There is so much waiting for you once you breakthrough to the other side.

Feel free to PM me or send an email to fiona@fionarobertson.co to ask more about whats happening to you.

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