Devine timing……I say farewell to Rosie

I wanted to share with you that just last week I heard of a friend who moved here to SW France had recently died, she was fighting against breast cancer, she had also battled with her weight and shared with me over the years, all her numerous diet books and theories and her scientific reasons why this one was not the best. The last time I saw her she was exceptionally thin, I knew she was going through treatment again after discovering she had breast cancer again. We did some work together after a brief conversation as I felt so strongly that her stories 10 years on of her EX husband were still having such a poisonous effect on her. She was only willing to go so far, but her stories rang so true with me. She was eaten up inside by an old story of her EX and how when they got married he changed, and became so hateful towards her and her 2 young daughters, the way he spoke to her had her in tears most days. She had been besotted, then shocked, then resentful, but felt trapped in her relationship.


She still held the hate and resentment years after they had separated, and I could feel it in her when we connected and I scanned her body for what was at the route of her current physical symptoms and on going troubles.


I asked her is she had ever expressed her anger, or screamed her words of resentment and bitterness out loud, (I knew she had not.) We laughed about being in her car driving over the mountains and screaming all the words she had never said to her ex husband out loud and having a good clear out.

I understand more and more about not going over old stories and those heavy thought patterns, and how they affect us on the inside and how they alter our hormones, the chemical reactions and our physical ability to live in a healthy body.

Weight is often the first sign that we are carrying more than we should be around with us when we could have let it go before, if we only knew how. Yet most of the time we are unaware of it, unaware of the effect it is having on us as we have become accustomed to it, and we are unconscious as to how we can let go.

I have been guided to, discovered and tweaked a really practical and effective process, for letting go of the emotions and thought patterns that are we are allowing to influencing our body. I too have felt the bitter resentment lifted that I had towards certain people who hurt me, and now can easily stand in the same room with no stabbing pains in my gut like I had before. I am free from the bitter resentment and need to do things to avoid that severe pain. My weight has lifted, my happiness returned and a new freedom to feel safe in relationships and explore what is possible for me next.

The weight we carry is often the first sign that we have things to let go of, Imagine holding onto nothing and how the body would represent that.

When we don’t clear this up we get secondary symptoms that tells us more seriously what we need to grasp and let go of.

In the case of Rosie, and Metaphysically the Cancer is known to be the physical manifestation of something that is eating away at us. A deep sorrow and hurt, longstanding resentment and grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds.

The breasts are a sign that its about nourishment like being your own best mother, connected to the heart centre, they also represent affairs of the heart and the left breast in particular which is most common in breast cancer cases, represents deep emotional hurts.


What I propose is that it is time we take a look at the hurts we are carrying, and release as many as possible, look at where the body is showing us what she wants us to grasp and release the attached stories, emotions and thoughts we still have going on. Look at where exactly we carry the weight and look for the reason we have physical symptoms, and not just try and change our diet to lose weight, but see the real reason we are carrying a heavy feeling, telling the same stories over and over, and clear all this out so we can have the lighter feeling that we are holding onto nothing. That light bright flexible happy free feeling that helps us to feel alive and stay alive.


So in honor of Rosie, I am not holding back anymore or pussy footing around this subject of our Physical Symptoms. They are there for a reason.


What are you ready to let go of and release?


I am so excited to launch my 6 week TOP 5 Emotional, Mental and Physical release workshops. These 1 to 1 personal and intensive workshops specifically home in on your Top 5 reasons (the emotional and mental reasons ) you have the physical symptoms you have, and support you while you grasp what they are showing you, and know that it is time for your to let them go. This is a profound experience and make no mistake you will never be the same again after this clear out.


I have put together a process that works so effectively to release as much as possible, in as short a space of time as possible. With the support you need from me to create a safe and secure place where you can trust, maintain and develop the energetic state that allows these to be let go of forever. So that you never have to experience them ever again. You literally feel lighter and very different in your body, and you notice that you respond differently to situations that would normally trigger you. You are noticeably stronger and more self empowered.


For this week I am offering you the chance to jump on board with the dozens of women who have already experienced this RELEASE PROGRAM and are experiencing a lighter life. Take it all away for 1,500.00 rather than the full price of 3,000.00. This offer will remain on my page all this week and I have limited spaces for just 5 women to start in December and take the next 6 weeks to change their internal life and watch the effects on their external life.

I look forward to working with women who are ready to live an extraordinary life and feel the RELEASE that is possible for them.


Fiona X


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