What’s Next? Who are you creating yourself to become in this next phase of your life?

Did you know that there are huge physical consequences to having just 5 minutes of FUN.

Your body is literally flooded with a hormone that will completely reshape you.


Because whenever we have FUN and have enjoyable experiences there are huge physical consequences.

Even as little as 30 seconds of the ‘FUN drug’ and your molecular structure and cells start to alter and change. Blood flows and the breath communicates and Nitric Oxide is released that turns on neurotransmitters including Beta Endorphin which in turn reduces stress, pain and creates a feeling of euphoria.

Then the Connection hormone Prolactin is released making us feel more relaxed safe and closer to others and we feel even more warm and fabulous than we did just a moment before.

This is how you create yourself on purpose, being conscious of what you create and from the inside out. This is how you can create a life that feels like a dream, the body that can alter itself no matter your diet – and relationships that work extremely well for you, no matter where you were with them before.

Choosing how you feel is your ONLY job.

OK so play with me just for a second, This is fun I guarantee it.

You have a choice today, right now to remember a time that you felt yourself having so much FUN. When you felt so amazing that no one could make you sad even if they tried. How do you walk and talk from this place? Recreate that vision

How do you hold that your body?


And you can also now feel the difference on the other end of the scale when you felt – miserable, when maybe you are just surviving, all about hard work, suffering, effort and exhaustion. How do you walk and talk from this place?

How do you hold your body?


I have a Free booklet you can down load that goes into this far more. The Ultimate Body Connection.


In our society? There is not enough respect held for the celebrations and fun we have, the frivolous and flirty times. We rarely honor the fun stuff we do.

Hence when I always ask women to give me 3 things they have on fun they get embarrassed and feel rather lost. The memory slips away unnoticed.

NOW ask about when they felt betrayal, dishonesty, disloyalty, striving for gaols, survival and they have lots of stories and conversational points. The bad that’s been done to them goes on and on.

BAD NEWS travels faster and further than good news any day.

A good drama is always new’s worthy.


When you reach 90 years of age or you are on your death bed & reflecting life on this planet.

Will you have stories of NO REGRET?

Will you have stories of feeling SO FULFILLED and achieving your life of dreams? (When you flooded your body with Nitric Oxide?)


Your SOUL wants you to have it all. You deserve to have it ALL.

The time of your life on earth. To feel ALIVE in every cell. That feeling so full you could burst with happiness.

On the contrary When you are in the feeling you are lacking that luster you will feel it inside, the feeling of empty, of lack and need for more and that wil have your insides churning. Not able to digest whats happening around you.


At 9O in your rocking chair I bet you wont be telling me the most significant moments where how hard you worked and lost your family, missed your kids growing up – and that these were the most significant moments for you. I PROMISE YOU THAT.

You’ll want to tell me stories of what mattered the most, of adventures feeling ALIVE, how your dreams realized. You played with kids, laughed out loud let your hair down, stood on the speakers at the night club and danced, Slid down the inflatable kiddies slide in the pouring rain when you weren’t allowed to? Defied your boss and did that speech in your own wild and raw kid style and rocked it. And the time you met your lover and he held you for the first time.


Every woman man and child can create so, SO much more than they currently settle for.


But first you have to know NOT just what you want?

But more importantly what your SOUL wants.

What feeling do you want to have the most?

It’s not more money, more things, more luxury items being sold to you and your ego. It’s a feeling adventure, experiences, dreams fulfilled, outfits worn, more love than you can ever imagine all around you.

These are the feelings your soul wants for you to experience, FULFILLED, SO FULL of love and DEEPLY SATISFIED that you feel and can easily say “I am a happy and fulfilled woman. I am so full I don’t know that I can take any more in. I am Fit to burst.”

Literally your soul lives for moments that. When she feels ALIVE and what she came here for and came here to experience.


There are HUGE physical consequences when we forget to have FUN. When your SOUL feels rejected and not listened to, ignored & there is NO FUN or adventures, she feels betrayed, unheard.

Yet as far as society is concened you are doing everything she has been told is good, be a good wife, daughter, mother, sister and friend, putting herself last on the list…and here is x-where your soul gives you that EMPTY feeling, the one that makes you feel starving even if you have just had a huge supper at the fanciest restaurant. She is starving and your stomach feels acidic, empty and churning. Something is missing.


There are huge physical consequences to a woman not taking care of her own enjoyment, fun and pleasure. HUGE consequences!!!.

When your body does not get flooded with Nitric Oxide it starts to produce and PUMP stress hormones into your lovely body. The consequence of that is depression, overwhelm, low self esteem, loneliness, despair …Which we have all felt at one time of another..

and what does she want to do when she feels starving?


She reaches for the pills anti depressants & pain killers, that promise to make it all go away and hopefully make her feel happier.

She reaches for junk food, alcohol, cigarettes that numb the pain and bring momentary relief – then she quits and starves herself all over again

She shops like a demon and works even harder than ever around the clock.


Its worse that that if you know that huge physical consequences also include chronic illness, disease like : heart disease, breast cancer, eating disorders, self harming and deep depression.

There is so much more available for you? SO much more when you choose how you proceed. And create what you are capable of and deserve in this life……

So What’s Next?

Who do you want to be in the next phase of your life? A woman that feels so strong and sure of herself that she puts her feelings 1st 2nd and 3rd

Who does NOT Compromise herself

Who will reinvent herself to be and feel priceless and the best version of herself in her next phase of her life.

Priceless that feeling you have that NO amount of money will make you do something that feels crappy. To know yourself so well and feel so DEEPLY SATISFIED and FULLFILLED on the inside that your SOUL soars and showers you with all things bright and beautiful.

You look and feel radiant


Prepare to let your SOUL assist you and love yourself for absolutely NO REASON what so ever.

You catch your reflection and blow yourself a kiss.

Your cheeky and flirty and enjoy every encounter.


What’s NEXT?

Do you know where you are going to?

Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Where are you going to? Do you know?






What’s Next?

Who are you creating in the next phase of your life? the real you or a ‘make do version’ of yourself.

EVENT : Strength of a woman – reinventing the best version yourself ready for the next phase of your life – STARTS 1st April 2019 £555.00

*****So sure of herself that no one’s opinion, rejection or bad behavior can ROCK HER!!!!*******

Did you know there is so much more available for you?

Around the next corner and along this short path become the woman who not only owns and values her own inner strength but finds that rock steady SAFE place so that she is utterly unaffected by the dramas that drop into her life.

This is how it works…
Firstly, You’re not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully live life, create a business, have those dreamy relationships, lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body and with your life, and that is to learn and practice the ways of Inner Strength, reconnect to your true Spirit again every day in your life.
• To reconnect and feel in control of your body and soul, and know what she most needs, wants and is lacking the most,
• To release what is no longer working and let go of the feelings that drag you back into insecurity, that go onto creating negative physical consequences and symptoms for you.
• To reset and master your mind into a creative positive set of visions and practices, that will hold and support you so strongly, making you feel invincible.
• To truly nurture and nourish yourself from the inside and out, so that you can consciously reconstruct your body and life from a molecular, metabolic, cellular and energetic level.
You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels strong, confident and invincible and to embody your own soulful, funny and wicked woman moving into the next phase of her life. I’ll show you how…..

As this wiser and consciously aware woman
*You will know what you carry around with you, and the huge physical consequences that these create for you.
*You will learn what it’s time to let go of and how to do that quickly and easily.
*You will learn how to stay focused and master your mind with a simple practice of leading edge techniques
*You will be prepared to receive the assistance of Spirit in all things
*You will learn to trust your instincts
*You will know what energy to be in that creates a better day for you
*You will see yourself reestablish all your relationships from a very different basis
*You will be clear on your true values and stay true to yourself
*You will express yourself clearly and be heard and respected
*You will be clear on what you want next and not compromise yourself
*You will reinvent yourself as a woman with inner strength and resilience who copes really well with any Drama
*You will find your SAFE place and feel so SAFE and secure inside
*You will reinvent yourself physically, watching as physical symptoms disappear once you understand what they were there to tell you
*You will say thank you to experiences that once challenged you and made you fall apart
*You will come to know, like and LOVE yourself from the inside out.

So, What’s next for you?

Do you like what life is showing you? If not change it……
I suggest that you can find all of this and more in the next few months and if you keep practicing this in the manner that I show you, then what you start here – you will find that you are quite possibly unrecognizable this time next year.

The Personal Introduction to the Real You – Reinvent yourself as the Woman you most want to be in thenext phase of your life. No Compromise –

The woman who is so sure of herself, has taken control and has an unshakable Inner Strength and prepared for Spirited Assistance.
5 months GROUP complete development course. 20 Group calls 1 personal ‘1to1’ call to deep dive and get your very Personal Introduction with your Soul.
Get to hear the messages meant for you, get clear reconnection practices.
Learn to know, like and Love you all over again.
So that you are so sure of who you are, that no rejection, bad behavior will ROCK YOU.
£200.00 x 5 or SAVE and pay £555.00 In 1 go.

Extra upgrade available for additional one to one calls for missing nutrients, clear stories and the Big 5 emotional stops and blocks. £120.00 per 60 minutes

I really look forward to meeting you and guiding you to become the real LEADING LADY in the next phase of your life.


I love this program so much its whats created me and so many women to become vibrant, slimmer, strong, phenominal women.

Hi Fi, Finished my homework!!
Wrote my letters. 
It was intense. 
Old friends saying goodbye. I never need to go there again, That feels fantastic.
My inner ME approves…

Fi, Great call last Friday, Thanks such a clearing out. I had to tell you I had a real big physical clearing out and on Wednesday I weighed in and I had lost a phenomenal 5kg in just 6 days. Is that down to the emotional clearing we did? 
Bring it on.

Fi, Incredibly productive week!!
I Met up with a soul sister I haven’t seen for couple of years. 
She asked… “What happened to you?…you are on a whole new level!” you’ve changed I love it. Tell me what your doing?
Thank you Thank you Thank you. I 

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