‘Whatever they are called this company, is outdated as I believe no-one should be on a weight loss diet for more than 3-5 months”

A longtime symbol of women winning with weight and then the business side of Weight Watchers changed its branding to just WW taking weight and diet out of their brand, and disaster struck in the minds of the shareholders all profits and {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} dipped.

Weight Watchers are big business (no joke 56 years of trading on women weight) and are in the business of making money on women struggling to lose weight. No kidding.

What’s gone wrong at weight watchers?  But, what of the woman who needed to lose weight? How are they doing that’s what I want to know? Are they any of them actually losing weight as the company promises? How many have done 10 + years with Weight Watchers and are still losing the same amount weight over and over again but still paying out monthly?

Women should not I feel be on any long term diet ( or medication for longer than 3 to 6 months ) except in the extreme cases of pain medication (and that comes from the natural medical professionals, not however from the businessmen and woman.)

Women only follow what they are sold to and feel that will maybe work for them because they are somewhat lost and confused how their own body works.

I feel the reason Weight Watchers worked for so many is that it held them accountable week after week. Ladies kept going back to be told if they succeeded and lost weight that week and that good feeling kept them going, or the fear of the humiliation of gained weight keeping them steadily returning to the meetings and subscribing. This I feel is what really assisted them other than anything in the food capacity.

But not all diets work in the same way for every woman, we are all different, we have all had different experiences and therefore need to be treated as individuals with personal needs, and these need to be accounted for alongside watching the food intake.

To be honest I tried Weight Watchers and for me, it was far too restrictive and preachy, so many rules and not enough personal support. I knew back in 1999 that my weight was more likely to be brought on by the stress I was under but did not know how to cope with it at the time. The reason it was not for me could have been more to do with personal taste re the leader of the group where I attended. Or more than likely where I was up to at the time. Having difficulties in my life, family members, career and in my key relationships that drove me to overeat.

You see I feel strongly that weight is not just or all about the food we eat, but far more about the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make us who we are and why we feel the unconscious urges to snack, secretly binge and overeat.

No one should be going to any form of weight class for longer than 3 to 6 months, by then you should have had the help to find your blind spots and work through the root cause to the overeating. We are not meant to stay on the same diet forever, our bodies constantly adapt and shift depending on our environment and our relationships. Our energy, environments the people in them all change as do our needs for food for fuel or food for solace and entertainment.

I am so sad to see so many women stuck struggling with weight when the solution is right at her finger tips if she could only see it or be shown what it is exactly for her and guided gently through it.

In my experience with weight and detox coaching for the past 14 years, there is always something else going on just below the surface, that leads the body to crave more and more food, hold onto weight despite endless diets and exercise or lose the initial weight only to regain it again and again plus a bit more every time.

I have met so many sad women who just want to give up, who just keep losing the same amount over and over again and are literally starving in every other aspect of their life and end up using food.

Take away the sadness, resolve the relationships let this woman grow up, so that she is no longer affected and influenced any more by others dramas and Voila! she no longer needs food in the same way ever again.

Weight Watchers is a business that pretends to care about women who want to lose weight, but they are a business lets not be fooled, just like the food industry, pharmaceuticals, fuel industry and as such just want you to keep paying and never actually lose weight.

The new Branding was decided on only to attract a more up to date clientele, unfortunate for them they bombed.

I would like to see real support for women struggling with weight in the long term, so we can see more statistics that show they are losing weight and overcome the need to turn to food. That would make so many woman happy and love Weight Watchers for real.

“Thank you Fiona, “I am Back in my skinny jeans after 2 months, and so much more awareness around food and what I feel is influencing and affecting me emotionally”

“I would never have lost this weight without overcoming my need to overeat, and that I could have never done without the BIG questions set by Fiona to go beyond the constant diet merry-go-round I was on for the past 20 years”

Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer.


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