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“WOW, you really rocked that stage, I mean the way you moved. The whole room was with you and your talk. Well done – you seem such a confident together woman. You inspire me”

Valentina responded with a Thank you .. and a huge self-confident grin!!”

You’re just 1 step away from Rocking It on stage – arms outstretched and nothing to hide.

It was the same day exactly but 1 whole year later, that Valentine stepped off stage feeling a Million Dollars and Sooo ecstatic. She could not believe that she just delivered the last full hour, flawlessly and the response she was now getting from the audience.

One tiny woman with a sweet face stopped her and wanted to congratulate her and thank her for her motivation.

She said “I feel like I know you but can’t place you. Did you talk here last year? ….. On second thoughts no, that was a heavy set lady, who’s fashion sense was very different from yours and her hair was much longer. Please excuse me that was not you.”

“Yes”, Valentine replied, “I was here last year, I did speak, I spoke on another topic though.  I have since lost 3 and a ½ Stone maybe thats why. Thank you for your comments”

Wow, I mean, It’s not just that you look different but you’ve got such pizzazz and you rocked that stage, I mean the way you moved. The whole room was with you and your talk. Well done – on both counts.”

“Thank you “ Valentine said quietly.

True Story of Valentine, January 2018/2019

If you are looking to walk the room and Rock that Stage or Event just as she did, with as much confidence and turn up with the energy and body that gives you the freedom to express your self just as you would like to. Then let’s see you get ready to be the woman you’ve wanted to become in the next phase of your life. Take the exact same steps that meant Valentine stopped her need to overeat, worked out her reasons why she gave up and self-sabotaged every diet.

There were a few small changes she made which led to her to find a brand new relationship with food and turning her perceptions and attitude around 180° about her body, which was all very much made stronger due to hearing her Soul’s message to her, and understanding she was not fixed, nor was this final or that her body and soul were punishing her. Tuning into what she and her Soul needed and wanted for her the most, meant that she got such strength and motivation every day. Which resulted in her never giving up on herself again. …..

You see you are in the right place!

When you do this 1 thing – You will become so sure of who you are, that no one’s opinion, rejection or bad behavior will rock you.

The woman who is in the next phase of her life and has successfully lost the weight and has become the success she always wanted to be, is NOT in that wobbly shaky place, she looks and feels utterly different ( you know how you want to feel ). She is strong resilient and confident and making changes on a heart and soul level, and that is what has helped all of my clients lose 3 stone – 50lbs – 20 kg and several dress sizes and 10 notches off their belts.

The body to me is so F#@king fascinating and that is also because of this 1# thing responds and turns us around 180° and wakes us up, so we can grow up to be our best selves every single day. When we follow these up leveling practices we will become ‘the woman in the next phase of her life starting today….

You have 2 fantastic options to take here today;

  1. Join me on a rare FREE Body Scan consultation call and let’s see what exact steps you will personally need to take, to have those same glorious moments as Valentine and how you can also consciously construct your body from the inside out.
    You can apply here for one of my 5 rare in-depth calls I ‘ll be doing in March to discover what triggers you to be in a body that   …..    a. resists losing weight and  ……        b. how to break-through and resolve that once and for all.           ……       c.You will receive VERY clear instructions on what steps you need to take next and how long it will take.
  2. You can also take a look right now at the 5 months exclusive and a Complete Development training program that I will be doing from 1st April, for an absolute snip at £555.00. (Next time around this will be £2,222.00). This course is ‘A Personal Introduction to your SOUL and Prepare you for Spirit Assistance.. This is the course content that has seen so many women begin to feel so strong and SAFE that they all become unshakable even when surrounded by turbulance, and has allowed them to drop the weight of the troubles they were carrying. 

Fiona Robertson
The Body Renewer

Let me introduce you personally to your INNER STRENGTH, your SOUL and how to get your SPIRIT assistance.

Call in your Soul to assist you with everything…… Making life so much easier.

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