How to move from heavy to light – physically, mentally and emotionally with the support of your inner strength and energy.


If your feeling heavy and exhausted, you’re feeling heavier physically than ever before and you’re about to blow a fuse. The problem is you are so capable and willing that you have taken on so much responsibility and your more a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Your juggling family, finances, business and have totally lost yourself in the process.


STOP right there! Ask yourself: Do you want more? Do you want to know when it is going to be your time?


I know this place – I was there for a long phase of my life, but I watched my mother and other woman get stuck in here all their adult lives and never ever escape.


I had screaming in my head – When is it going to be my turn – I want more. But every time I got a moment for me I did not know what to do but tick off another job from the list hoping to feel fulfilled but actually I just felt robbed. My life was empty although I looked like I had everything.


I got so mad wasting time on futile errands I wanted to be doing something else. I felt my days and weeks and life slipping away. I was empty and it was the most sad feeling of accepting the mediocre and settling for less and less.

I know at these times I ate, I ate for fulfillment and I was in search of some-thing a little more than I had. Actually looking back a lot more than I had but I was racked with guilt for feeling that I should want more when I had what seemed like it all.


I never spoke up, I refused to see my own inner strength, I put myself aside.


So when I found what I had been missing I was surprised that it was so easy to know that this was it…. For me I was missing a certain something that filled me up so much that no food or purchase of a trinket could have ever filled.

Once I started putting in the magic into my life I started attracting so much more. I wish I had known about this years and decades ago. That feeling of never being satisfied had gone.

I found that for me I missed adventure and that meant that I felt excited, moved, refreshed, I wend horse-riding that made me laugh, I jumped on inflatable slides in kiddy playgrounds as I missed the adventure of being naughty – I went swimming in the sea and loved it – really loved it, I went kayaking , I discovered how to feel ALIVE in my body again; You see I had in a lot of ways died.


I was overly responsible, capable, I sorted everything out, I was surviving and as I cared for everything and everyone and became resentful and angry and that energy made me attract more people who took advantage of me. I was stressed and my body protected me in the only way she could from these feelings of stress.


As I relaxed, and got energy from feeling alive, I felt like I was actually living for the first time ever. I played, flirted, felt confident and I did not notice my body, or the need to over eat I just had such a great time that my body naturally released the heavy inside and that reflected on the outside.


I felt when my body was feeling stagnant and a little dead inside and she told me to move and find adventure, she whispered to me so loudly that I was irritated if I did not get to do what I wanted. I was left agitated and unfulfilled. I began to eat and full in the gaps. I knew that I was to listen to my body and fill her up with as many feelings for life as I could.

I became more present and fun as a mother, as a partner and my business flourished.


So when your ready to totally re program your body from the inside out, release your heavy and dead feelings of survival mode, then its time to discover what your body is screaming for and put that in place.


What fills you up more than anything else?


This Total Body Reset is the ignition stage to become the woman you intended to be and will have you feeling like you are free at last to experience life as she is meant to be . When you feel truly ALIVE and enjoy your every moment in full.


My door is always open, any of my friends who need to chat are welcome. It’s no good suffering in silence.


Step 1 – Take 20 minutes to have a Body Scan and an ENERGETIC WEIGHT BREAKTHROUGH where you will: Click here to find a time that suits you best.

* Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from actually reaching your weight goals and are keeping you stuck.
* Create a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to have a body you honor, so it’s easy and a pleasure to be in your body.
*Identify the one simple step you can take immediately to get you into action


Step 2 – Look into a 6 week program that will totally reset and IGNITE you on an energetic level and reset your molecular structure

No amount of healthy foods, diets, living off salads or green juice will solve all your weight problems, you wont lose the weight, nor will it give you all the energy you desire, as I have found out.

There is a simple step by step process that is smarter and quicker than any other technique, any other diet, boring restricted regimes or mind set practices out there.


Know this that you cant diet away mental and emotional heavy weight. These need an entirely different approach.

And if you find you are feeling heavy and eating to feel fulfilled then its time to put yourself in the game of feeling ALIVE.


Fiona Robertson




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