Following another home diet or regime again. Refusing help, has you stuck in a holding pattern, just as it had for Jeanie,

The energy of doing it all yourself when I read it is a ‘waiting’ energy, a stagnant stale and holding your breath energy. Waiting = Weighting… It has the feeling of avoiding and that means refusing to go or to create what you really want.

Last week I gave a ‘Body Scan’ to a very capable woman called Jeanie, a call where I read what is in her undercurrent and what is going on behind the scenes for her to do with her physical symptoms. Its especially difficult for you to see this but I can reveal to you what is triggering you and help you to release those triggers. Jeanie had tried to do everything on her own for years – just as I had, sticking to diets, regimes and forcing herself to eat what was on a list of accepted foods from the latest diet, not at all a delicious cocktail of foods she longed for, but a rather boring selection, which reflected perfectly her life, (funnily enough)
-‘as we are with one thing we are with all things’ –
and she was bored, running on empty and had become resentful of missing out. Juggling life, family business and relationships she was exhausted, and resentful. She felt she was missing out.

During the ‘Body Scan’ she got a brighter more detailed glimpse of what her soul wanted, what she intended to be and actually opened up to believe and feel it was possible for her, so she woke up. She saw what she had been settling for and made internal energetic decisions right there, to put in play some simple steps to make this start happening for her.

Today she is doing this 1 exercise that I am about to show you, and she is a changed woman, she is happier, more fulfilled and well on her way to feeling ALIVE rather than the dead stagnant frustrated feeling and version of herself she was in her body.
She now easily tunes in to find out what she is feeling and this has changed her decisions, directions, choices and what she believed was available for her. There is always MUCH MORE available for you.

The exercise is so simple and you can get into this state in an instant with practice.

So follow me as I show you how to do this. See the video and follow the steps for yourself.

Step 1:…
Step 2:

Step 3:

You cannot put all the pieces together or see what is invisible to you because you are too close to the story and attached, but its easy for me to put the pieces together for you.

The physical symptoms, the weight, the foods, the skin issues, the headaches the exhaustion all of it.
It makes complete sense to me. I have read many bodies and re connected many women so that they can understand the signals for themselves too. So I get it, I see and I feel it all.
I put the pieces of the jigsaw together for you, wherever you are and what ever you are experiencing physically, what ever your body is or is not doing that you feel should be different. I interpret that with you and feel the messages from the body and what she ( your soul ) wants you to grasp and what actions she needs and wants for you and so you can see what you are lacking the most.

It is a whole picture from your thoughts and emotions and how they are creating you on a cellular structure and with your physical symptoms from weight to sciatica, It is never solved by one action alone be that food or exercise alone. It is more of a concert.
Your job is to be willing to hear and receive this and feel that it can be true for you, that everything can be put right, there is hope. Then there is no point in avoiding, or confronting as you are not scared any more – there is no mystery.

You will never reach this point alone, you will need the picture put together by an expert who can show you the key corner stones.

Lifting off the heavy state of mind, the stories and the physical symptoms are all the same it’s a clearing and healing much like a detox, you will feel lighter and better from the inside out in a very short space of time.
Take out the heavy and sluggish, and dead energies, and watch what happens;
If you find it had to believe that these things are curable or fixable then take a page from my book and tune into what I healed with a complete philosophy and understanding of the metaphysical reasons I had attracted.

Sciatica (released after 2 days once I saw what was casing it)
Ovarian cysts (All Clear after I did the energy work and changed my thoughts )
Weight ( 2 stone lighter once all the stories and emotions were put back into the past where they belong)
Skin rash (Disappeared when I stopped a situation influencing me)
Cystitis ( gone in ½ a day when I see the recurrent thoughts and energy I held on to)
Digestive troubles (No more runs, when I expressed myself clearly and got clear that I was able to be heard)
Constipation (back to normal when I let go of the heavy negative thoughts and stories related to someone)
Ankle pain (cleared up when I allowed myself more pleasure and self care)
Headaches (reduced then cleared up – when I stopped over analyzing everything and expecting the worst)
Bloating (reduced then cleared up when I stopped forcing and feeling I needed to put in so much effort all the time)

What is it that you need to clear up and are still trying to do all on your own?

Fiona Robertson
Body Whisperer
Body Renewer

Release, Reset and Reconnect with your Body to become the lighter, happier, more fulfilled soulful woman..…/coaching-embody-woman-released-…/

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