Release, Reset and Reconnect with your Body, a 12 week program to EMBODY the Lighter, Happier,more Fulfilled Soulful Self.

Tip the scales, reset your energy, hormones and boost your metabolism to release the weight from your very cells

What I offer

I provide a safe supportive space for you, on your 12 week journey to EMBODY the woman living a lighter, fulfilled and soulful life. This is a personal 1 to 1 journey in an open, relaxed and easy environment, where you will safely let go of the reasons your body has gained weight and drained you of all your energy. We will together explore how to strengthen your boundaries, release the thoughts and feelings that are currently influencing your physical symptoms, your relationship with food, become aware of your unique triggers to stress, release all the old out dated baggage and identity and relax and re connect to your own Body’s Wisdom, and tune into her intuition and how she speaks to you.

I offer you a unique chance, to shake off what has long been ready to be released, and boost your metabolism through the roof.

This is a complete 3 month step by step supported process that will allow you to become very aware and thoroughly conscious of your own feelings, triggers, and how your body is reacting to internal and external influence.

We will explore together via our sessions, and weekly home work, your psychology, personality and relationship with your environment, companions and family members, what you are attracting, what is yours and what is being emphatically absorbed.

This is a profound method to help you develop and overcome being influenced by external influences and become stronger and safer inside so that in every situation you are in control of your emotions, thoughts and feelings and so your body is relaxed and you are in your power.

Join me in as you EMBODY your Lighter more fulfilled soulful self, over 3 months, as I partner up with you on this step by step life and game changing Energetic Breakthrough process.

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