Super-Mum, BIZ Woman – but she hated the uncontrollably of her body fat.

Last week whilst coaching a fabulously capable woman who has single handidly raised her 3 children into teenagers, alone in a foreign country, whilst supporting herself and family with her hypnotherapy practice, she told me how ashamed she was of her body and the weight she was carrying, she wished she was just her head a shoulders and that she could just forget the rest.

She understood that there was a reason that she was hanging onto this weight, but she could not get to it, no matter how much she had tried.
What we went on to discover for her, was a way that rapidly allowed her to consciously reconstruct her body from the inside out, to see the circumstances that were causing the body to create the soft belly fat, and to put some new skills into practice that prevented the same situations happening again and again.

You see, there is nothing more responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings.

What I have noticed and what works every time is, that as soon as I or a client get the message that the body wants us to understand, and we change our mind set, and know what we want to feel instead – the physical symptom disappears, quicker than you can say Jack Flash.

When you finally realize that, you can create the physical experience of the healthy fit and energized body from the very core of you. That is what this lady went on to do, in 2 months she did the work and dropped 2 dress sizes .
That’s why as a body Whisperer I decode and decipher the messages that your body is showing you, in the physical symptoms that you get. I tell stories, I share examples and I figure out what is triggering your particular battle with your body. Join in on a 20 minute free Body Scan call to reveal your patterns and why your in the body your in.

Find out how to re set your internal mind set with the Ultimate body Connection guide and workbook, that supports you to release the patterns and thoughts, that has the body storing and creating the unwanted body fat and physical symptoms, that diets just cannot release.

The Ultimate Body Connection is just such a great tool that allows you to reset your mind to bring the necessary relief to the body.

What would you love to resolve right now with your body?
What symptoms do you hate that take up 80 {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of your thoughts and energy?

Let me know……

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