It’s an inside job –

We are in a phase where we can’t go outside so, let’s go inside instead.

I believe we are being given an opportunity to discover what really makes us tick and what we value.

Here in France we are on day 9 and every day I am making a log on my facebook page on what I learned being isolated and confined to the house; Under 1 rood with my family

I have been interviewing wise women in my circle of excellence who have all overcome adversity and gone on to thrive and who have unique coping strategies that make a world of a difference to how you manage every day. From communication in relationships, getting over narcissistic abuse from partner or family members, keeping your energy high when everything is falling about your ears, how to survive and turn your business around.

Today on It’s An Inside Job I was talking to Katheryn Hope today all about how to stay in positive energy and not be influenced by the drama, crisis, and fear all around us. But to emerge stronger learn something new that will set you up as a phenomenal person who will navigate your world with compassion and know your self so well that no one’s assessment of you has power over you. Because no one gets to know you better than you.

It is an inside job – because the only person we can change is us, not the rest of the world.

For myself and I know I speak for Katheryn Hope too, your soul is calling for you to listen closely, tune in and understand that the physical symptoms you get or issues in relationships or the loss of work as a gift and see your soul’s intervention in your life and what’s at hand. What your soul is asking you to change, upgrade and consider doing differently, retrain your brain, thoughts feelings and get ahead of the panic by becoming a feeling being.

I have overcome many physical issues that I now see were attracting my attention to make 180° changes to my thinking and beliefs. Once I did the symptoms from sciatica, ring worm, ovarian cysts, digestion issues, ripping my calf muscle, headaches, hot flushes – all of which vanished in a matter of days.

What a great time to be doing this, to come home to yourself and discover what you really value and cherish.

If not now then when?

Your soul is waiting to say “HELLO!”

Relationship expert gives tips how to survive under 1 roof

Want more support so you can emerge as a whole new you.

Take a look here. PEACE – discover inner peace that feeling you seek where you cope extremly well. Peace with food and attitude is a 12 week program to re set and re calibrate you from struggling with everything to feeling safe and sound and in control

Stay home stay safe stay well Emerge a new you. Re born like from a Crysalis to butterfly


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