It’s an inside job when you cant communicate very well and you are all trapped under one roof;

Michele Wilmott and I discuss how best to cope and see the ways you can change yourself and your perception and attitude so that you can be seen and heard.

The techniques we share are simple to use and make a world of a difference when it comes to smoothing out the confrontations in the house that we will be shut in for weeks on end.

It’s no laughing matter when things get heated and you fall out and can’t run away and rather than 2 hours a day in someone’s company you find that you are 24/7 under the same roof. But here is help at hand. you can do several of the techniques shared and feel the pressure lift off and practice a new attitude for yourself and experience a brand new relationship with your partner, family members well as with yourself.

It’s an inside job as the only person who can change in any situation is you

If you can’t go outside go inside – take time to reflect on your relationships and how you can communicate better with your loved ones.

Get really great tips from Michele on how to start conversations, the first words and say what matters to you.

I am here supporting women to reconnect with herself and have a brand new relationship with her mind, body and soul. You get to choose the body you create and how you reinvent yourself for the next and easier phase of your awesome life.

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