The 3 reasons women don’t reach their goals of living in the body they fantasize and would feel more confident in

  1. Don’t believe its possible for them –

She says things like – “Its Ok for these other women who reached their goals, but I don’t believe I can do it”

A women who has attempted and tried everything been on a new diet every year is at a slight disadvantage to herself, however as I have witnessed she can and will with a change in her attitude make it work perfectly for her too, she will go further than ever before and sustain it.

This woman sadly has built up a pile of evidence that is working against her because she has lost confidence in her body, and her ability and has been losing the same amount over and over again and never getting it to last.

She has been there and done that got the T-shirt and that evidence piles up against them.

What’s the step she needs to take now? Simple, to believe it is possible for her, she’s done years of hard work and effort and the next step to take is a one small step compared to the hard slog of diets and do the inner work that will get

2. Have No idea what life will be like once they are living in that body.

Women have the misconception that they will feel great and have all the confidence they need once they get there and have the body they fantasize about

But, without knowing what living in a body like that entails they will certainly

A woman wants to have a baby and wants to get pregnant with her love, and then one day she does get pregnant and she about to become a mother. It takes 9 months to have her get ready and believe she is going to a mother.

She can visualize it, feel it as if it is real, she dreams and tells everyone who will listen that it’s going to happen.

The same way a woman who wants a body that makes her feel confident to stand on stage and glow as a radiant woman will dream of what its like to stand on stage with her arms out stretched not hiding an inch of herself. Talking to her audience, planning her talk and walking through the steps up to the stage in the outfit she has chosen that shows her off as the smart, sassy innovative pioneer that she is.

3. Running an old program of thoughts and self-depreciation is a program that needs reinstalled and rest urgently.

You are the most powerful computer ever built? There is no computer than can match your mind, the thousands of thoughts you have every second, the impressions that your eyes filter for you, and the sounds you filter out all in a single heartbeat. The program you are running can be in need of a serious upgrade as its telling you that you can’t each the other levels without a new set of self talk.

Your self-talk is the only element that is limiting your achievements.

One client called it running on her ‘fat brain’ and the thoughts that told her she was still stuck in the body and deserved that body even although she lost the weight she never stayed there, until she did the internal work and accepted a program upgrade and downloaded it and ran it.

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