A woman having her way with the world, well wouldn’t that be fun.

Today as I walked around the supermarket I did not reach for the foods that I would have 10 years ago, because at the time I felt I deserved a treat at the end of the day or that the weekend was here and I need something extra sweet or fulfilling.

It came as a shock all those years ago that I was hiding behind the mask of being happy and acting as if life was perfect and I was in control.

I know now that I can say at the end of the day ‘I am a satisfied woman’, who has pretty much the whole package, and all the ‘missing nutrients’ that once I lacked are now in place or I am consciously playing with them to ramp them up and see them arrive as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow.

Walking past the crisps and not being drawn and compelled to put these big family size bags in my trolley is a revelation to me, as I am just not attracted to them any longer. I am at peace with food as well as in my body and in my days.

Gone are the days I would crunch on these bags on the way home and hide the wrappers, just because I was dissatisfied with my lot in many areas of my life. I felt deserving of more and do you know what I was deserving of more, much more.

Discovering my ‘missing nutrients’ back in 2005 changed everything that I accepted and attracted into my life, and the opportunities I had had at my fingertips all along. I became the woman who wanted the whole package. I was being shown, nudged and guided how to improve my days beyond recognition so I could have it all.

Experimenting with the energy of attraction & being curious about the energy that you or I are in is my forte, so imagine this, when I started receiving opportunity after opportunity that I had felt would be more fun and certainly fulfilling.

* I sold my house for more than any estate agent said it was worth and in 1 weekend, once I altered my energy and thoughts

° I attracted a partner that matched every one of my desires within a couple of months, once I changed my thoughts and energy around what I wanted precisely to feel with him by my side

* I found a house that matched all the specifications I had listed, location, price, number of rooms and potential of building two studios

* I dropped 2 dress sizes and wore dresses that I would never have felt comfortable in before

* I found the exact person to help me write my book about how to play and invite in energy

* I got invited to be a speaker in a room full of women to share how energy works in business and how to attract what you desire

To be a woman having her way with the world
demands certain steps are followed…..But it is SO WORTH IT. To feel fulfilled in every area of your life and you can have that too.

Finding your inner PEACE and that fulfilled feeling is the first step to feeling at the end of the day that it was a good day and you ca, say “I am a satisfied woman and feel fulfilled”.

There is a common misconception that once you achieve the Million turnover mark you will be fulfilled, or when you have the body you feel priceless in, you will be satisfied, but there is always something missing and I and dozens of satisfied women can now testify that comes from inside you not from outside you. Not with external things that the money can buy for you or from wearing that killer dress and getting the recognition you crave.

What parts of your life need an overhaul challenge to start getting you the whole package that YOU deserve? Because you are worth it….

I challenge you to take a look at the focus wheel and fill in each section with the important areas of your life: each segment represents – Family, work, health and fitness, finances, partner, leisure time, social & friends

Then – mark each segment with the center being low satisfaction and the outer circle being high satisfaction and complete fulfillment

Take a look at the whole picture of your life and see and be aware of what needs your immediate attention.

If you spend a long time on your work and finances, yet miss health and the feeling you love your body enough to run along the beach like Bo Derrick when you go on that perfect tropical Island holiday or have yet to experience real love and a deep connection with a mate then just acknowledge that. These missing nutrients are yours for the taking.

A Woman Winning the World and having her way with the world is using specific skills that are never taught in Business College or by most coaches, because they don’t know them yet. They only know hard work, strategy and effort, not real magic of how to get real fulfillment and use that energy to your benefit.

Your next step is to be open and honest with yourself and find out what these missing nutrients are for you.

With so much love
Fiona Robertson

Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to feeling it in the body.
I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

Ready to take your self on an internal journey to find and install a new program. https://www.fionarobertson.co/peace-with-food-and-attitude/

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