Vicky had a very special event to attend in 3 months time and she had just the very outfit picked out. She had seen a red lace straight fitted dress that finished just above the knee and had little sleeves and a scoop neck. The perfect outfit that was sleek, sassy and professional for the event she was going to, and she wanted so, so much to feel confident and comfortable and certainly not tugging and adjusting her dress all afternoon and night.

The event she was off to was a conference where she had been invited to stand on stage and share her ideas about how business was changing and how to be a leader amongst women.

She wanted to wow the delegates and be taken seriously and still be seen as provocative and with innovative ideas.

Now I asked her not to buy the dress in the size she was but order it in the next size down or she would only have to take the original dress back in 2 months.

Huh? She exclaimed

I explained with no doubt in my mind that she would need at least one size smaller than she was settling for.

I had seen this many time before with the radical methods I was about to share with her, that she would drop the excess weight she was carrying and with that feel even more confident in doing so, and walk up on stage feeling taller and so proud.

One of the things I had her do was walk into the shop and try on the dress and feel it against here skin. To wear the shoes and bag and jacket if she had one and feel exactly the texture and weight of the material, feel the zip how it felt going up, the hem how did it skim against her knees and how did it sound as she walked the whole length of the shop. How much room did she want inside the dress as she moved, sat down, stood up and stepped up onto a stage.

We added in as much detail as possible and had her memorise this the shade of red, the feel of the lace under her painted finger nails and how it felt putting it on and walking around.

With this memory implanted on her thoughts and feelings she was ready to use here imagination and show here body what it was that she wanted to experience the feelings exactly as she wanted to experience them.

The day came and Vicky was getting dressed and in her bedroom with her nails all done and shoe at the ready, she slipped on the dress and did up the zipper.

She walked down the hall way to finish her hair and make up and glanced sideways as she caught herself in the mirror, and she stopped and remembered this is exactly how I knew it would feel to wear this dress, and this dress is loose fitting and its 2 sizes smaller that the dress I was going to order 2 moths ago. I did it! I actually did it. I stopped worrying about how I was going to look and I did it.

 The next few steps she took were slower, prouder and she grew taller.

She looked at herself in the mirror in her bathroom and she radiated a huge smile towards herself and said again “We did it!”

A couple of insane months of getting to know things about myself and understanding what was influencing and affecting me and I’ve been reborn, 50lbs of heavy pain lifted off and gone for good.

I see now that I am what makes the ultimate designer dress not the other way around. I am priceless and have re valued myself,

Just as she left the bathroom mirror she had to admit to herself that she felt priceless.

I dare you to go on a virtual shopping spree, walk into that exclusive dress shop like the film ‘pretty woman’ and try on all of those gowns that you’d love to wear and then see how they feel against your skin. Keep the dream alive.

Listening to your body is how you create the ultimate designer dress look from the inside out.

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