How French Women can have their cake and eat it too.


I would never have believed it was possible to be able to eat cake and stay slim, It went against all of my beliefs about food, Cake was bad wasn’t it?

After reading a recent article in the Daily Mail – female section. I knew why so many women struggled with food and ended up binging, starving and hating themselves. It was our education where I had experienced a different insight when I moved to France, A cultural difference that sets us apart in our perspective of food and the thoughts we have? This can be the make or break in any relationship. You are not to blame and yes you can have a Brand new relationship with food.  YOU CAN READ THE ARTICLE HERE ON A 20YEAR OLD GIRL’S RELAPSE  Woman-20-opens-anorexia-relapse.html

I was just 12 years old, a skinny girl sitting on the kitchen work top after school in my school uniform eating a liberal wedge of mature chedder cheese and drinking a creamy hot chocolate made with the top of the milk bottle cream. I felt so at home my body, I melted and I relaxed after the day at school. I disliked school at the time and I remember my mother was ironing, the kitchen was full of steam from the iron and the scent of fresh laundry getting all smooth under her gliding hand, when she said “If you keep eating like that you’ll get fat and you’ll never lose it, and then no one will ever love you.”


Right there and then from the next day I joined my mother on all her diet fads and in the quest to lose weight (even although I was skinny) or avoid the fear of ever getting fat and being unloved.


So when I moved to France in 2004 I was as you can imagine astonished seeing these chic, sleek and sassy French Women as they were selecting with such joy these pretty small sugary cakes to take with their creamy coffee, as a morning ritual and then sitting out on the terrace to thoroughly enjoy the seduction of le petite gateau avec une café. I took it all in and watched with curiosity as these women who felt no guilt or had any judgment of the choices they had made. They made no mention of “oh I shouldn’t, but hell I deserve it” or “a moment on the lips a life time on the hips” which is what I would have expected to hear. They took it all in so naturally and easily. They were thankfully oblivious to the stress I felt, I had refused a cake, stuck with tea and I regretted it. They were so easy and relaxed about the ritual. They even stopped and left half a cake uneaten on the pretty china plate. Making no excuses and not tempted by it what so ever.

I was in envy of their relationship with their ritual. I expected that they would refuse food for a whole week with what they had just eaten, but oh NO they ate normally, and from a whole wide range of foods I had struck of the list and named as bad years ago.


After being the detox diva for 10 years and literally rejecting 90{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of food on the planet, whilst running detox retreats to help women to wipe the slate clean not only from the toxins from food, but admittedly from the toxic thoughts we have towards food, which are if nothing else more damaging than the food themselves.

I had to re think my approach to food. I wanted to eat like like these French women, I wanted to enjoy food like I had never enjoyed before and hell I wanted the pleasure of it all too, and not have the feeling it was all going to come back and bite me in the bum.


These French Women taught me that there was no self hate or derogatory remarks about their bodies, they were in tune and instinctive about what they ate. They did not over think food, the whole experience came from the body I could tell. They were quite as they ate and were seduced by the cake, they felt every moment and took great pleasure from that moment they savoured it with all their senses, I could tell they were truly fulfilled. It was like watching several woman having mouth by food orgasms. I blushed and looked away. I bet they were like this with everything, fully present and enjoying the moment and feeling everything, no holding back. What a thought. I smiled at my wicked sense of curiosity.


I have happily discovered how to eat again the French Way, and now I too have a brand NEW relationship with food. A seductive one, I altered my mindset and perspective and have never looked back. I only eat what I utterly love, The less I think about it the better and the more I enjoyment I have. I have changed the way I eat and maintained my weight without dieting or stepping one foot inside a gym, or breaking into a sweat, unless it’s from something I thoroughly love.


That’s why I teach women how to eat again, from the inside out, to be conscious with their choices and watch their mind from wandering off onto dangerous territory, with thoughts that has your body storing and converting everything you eat as fat.

Are you curious about how to be more French with food and still lose weight.


Then help yourself to the “French Connection” 3 secrets why French Women Don’t Get Fatas an insight into why French Women don’t’ get fat. Help yourself here and start to turn around your relationship with food today.








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