Why French Women Don’t have a problem with muffins.


After reading the article from the BBC on how a muffin can take up the entire daily sugar limit. I was left feeling rather confused as to my opinion about this.


I have lived in France for 12 years and at first I was completely astounded at the ease at which the French women did not have any problem with enjoying a wide range of foods that I had been taught were bad and would make you fat. Including the sugary delicacies that every local Boulanger sold, and they took regularly with their daily coffee, sitting on the pavement at tiny table enjoying the sun.


I was confused firstly because I come from the UK, and I was taught that sugar is bad and that you should restrict having so much sugar. It was an event when I went cold turkey at age 12, refusing all sugar, sauces and cakes as I had been taught that thee would make you fat, and fat girls were not loved. Since then I have been hooked on the diet mentality ever since. Jumping from one diet to the next diet, looking for the secret to maintain a healthy body and my weight. Ruining any chance of actually having a healthy relationship or enjoying any food as it soon became judged as good or bad.


Little did I know that diets and restriction were the main cause of my weight. I discovered that the French culture have no such restriction in their attitude towards food and it is healthy and intend that you learn to enjoy everything to its fullest. There is no such word as NO, when it comes to experiencing something as delicious and enjoyable as cakes, it was something to be relished. I think Britain in particular could learn a lot from, this as the more we restrict foods the more we seem to crave them, and then avoid them which leads to so much confusion about what to eat.


What you resists persists, and any food that is classed as bad, I certainly know for myself became an addiction for me later. I craved what I could not have, you don’t have to be psychologist to work that out. That if you have banned an item or a food it will haunt and chase you down until you have so much of it you get sick.


The French don’t guzzle cakes or any luxury item, they are taken for the pure pleasure and enjoyed thoroughly, they are savored and eaten with such sensuality it is almost embarrassing to watch. You feel you want to look away as it’s a personal experience you feel it should be done in the bedroom.


So for me cakes have a bad rap and I for one wish I had never been introduced to foods as good and bad and had been educated to simply enjoy cakes and food for their pleasure a little bit of everything that you fancy.


It has taken 50 years for me to create the best relationship with food that I have ever had, and not gain an ounce or have any guilt about what I eat. I do not regret putting in my mouth any food that tastes so delicious, but that leaves you feeling so fulfilled over saying no and regretting never having tasted it.


That’s why I teach women how to learn how to eat again. Its punishment enough to have rejected all the tasty pleasures that life has to offer for so long, but to know that the sheer rejection of these very pleasures was enough to make you fat without even eating them is the worst trick of all.

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Fiona Robertson.

Body Renewer

Here is the BBC article that presented the argument about the amount of sugar content in your muffin being your daily limit.

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Fiona X

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